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First, afraid of being a bad person. Used to follow the rules to walk in the field of public opinion, before the fear of wolves after fearing of tigers, to “meet the flattering high emotional intelligence” proud, rights and interests are invaded not squeaky, the scene was occupied without response, fear of a little carelessness in the hearts of others heinous: “It turns out he is like this.” Causes the death of a famous man.

“How to not care what people think of you”

In fact, the “good people” in everyone’s mind are the most worthless, because “Good”, on behalf of your pay, is not worth it, others get and will not cherish it. Over “good”, it is easy to be unproven, when touched on the “stand team” “core circle”, will be feared. So you don’t have to have everything, you just need to be clear about your position. Three suggestions: 1. Dare to establish their own framework, rights and interests should be violated when the voice to maintain. 2. When others ask, you should weigh yourself. Small help can help, big help (need to consume their own great energy) should inform them to ask for difficulty, or give back or decisively refuse, otherwise it is easy to help because of grievances. 3. Strong heart, maintain life comrades (family, partners, friends, colleagues, etc.). Do not take the initiative to complain about comrades-in-arms bad or do not participate in the outside world about their right and wrong public opinion, when necessary to protect their rights and interests and reputation, always remember to lose everything. Follow your heart, when a firm position of the “bad guys” will be great integrity, to obtain the admiration and respect of others. Second, the right to judge their own value to others. Self-evaluation is extremely negative, feel that they have no undercard surplus, no positive value, no flash quality, extremely lonely, hope to see their own value from the “positive evaluation” of others, so it is easy to be due to the changes in the outside world and cup snake shadow, others a sigh can also be their own into the bottomless abyss. In fact, where your strength goes, where you can fight, only you know, how others say, the scene words can not be taken seriously. If the strength is not enough, even if they are touted as smallpox dragon and phoenix, after all, there will be no bottom to support the virtue of the aura of dissidence. Therefore, in the face of other people’s evaluation: 1. Judge whether the evaluation is nonsense or sincere. If the sincere evaluation will certainly give you a “period able” advice, put: The reason for this evaluation – Continue to be so flawed – Combine your own experience with your views and suggestions I’ll let you know. In this case, according to their own intention to have a change, no encouragement. Instead, just say, “You can’t.” “It’s not good.” “Are you still young?” And the intention is to knock you down, it is just to prove to you their own sense of cheap existence. When you ask him: What? why? how? He probably couldn’t say so.

“How to not care what people think of you”

2. Understand that other people’s evaluation has its limitations. Everyone has his own blind spot and limitation because he or she grows up in a different environment, experiences are different, classes are different, and people are different. Therefore, other people’s evaluations of you may not be fair and objective, perhaps you have not been recognized because you are better than others, they do not understand your vision and level. If so, it is better to be brave, leave the cage, to find their own prairie, 3. Self-continuous refinement. When your skill level reaches a certain irreplaceable position and hierarchy, there is a natural bottom line and you are not afraid of others to evaluate it. Third, all fall behind people. Care about other people’s evaluation, it is likely to be afraid of their own inferior to others, in public opinion fell behind, but you have to understand that everyone has their own growth schedule, any success and road is difficult to replicate. Two suggestions: 1. Focus on yourself and find the right place. Learn to be open-minded and know what you are suitable for to try your best to win on your own court. Just like: – Dare to fight to act decisively and be creative, you can try to start a business to sit on your own. Happy and unsatisfying change but attentive, on the specialized in an area, so that the extreme can be feng shui up. The head is flexible and does not like to bind love freedom, but also can engage in freelancing. All in all, small soldiers can also make great achievements, according to their own temperament preferences to persevere will eventually be desired. 

2. Allow yourself to be lazy occasionally. It’s no good doing anything, why send an end to your life? People do not have to keep an eye on the “imaginary enemy in the mind”, tight nerve charge, many times inspiration, thoughts, masterpieces, in the past is in an extremely relaxed and happy state was born.

Therefore, extremely sleepy when you want to play strange upgrade on the strange upgrade want to eat, drink and play on eating, drinking and playing, perhaps at a certain node you will suddenly epiphany: “Well, this thing can also be solved in this way.” Relaxed, happy heart, to play on their own home ground for a long time. All in all, you don’t have to pay too much attention to others, you live your life, in their own world glow fever is also a kind of success. Four, afraid of broken dreams. The crowd will feel uncomfortable being tied up, but because of the fear of being found their own “true face”, such truth will lead to the mind of the self-made high drama instantly disillusioned.

“How to not care what people think of you”

Two suggestions: 1. Be who you really are. Don’t always put yourself in a high court, force yourself to keep your bright mouth sweet, you only have to be true to yourself: succumb to anger, miss on the contact, afraid of black on the lights. to attract people who really fit in with them. 2. Disagreement does not amount to opposition to negativity. Other people express different opinions are not the same as denying you, as long as his original intention is good, you can try to be compatible with the adoption, break their own “false narcissism.” The so-called “shame” and then brave, so that you can make yourself more complete. V. Excessive negative presets. Too concerned about other people’s evaluation, it is likely to be “born not quick to die first”, has not yet communicated with people lost the mentality, constantly negative presets: “He will not think of me so.” In fact, a lot of times it’s just “you think so” rather than “he thinks so.” Three suggestions: 1. Dare to make a point. Dare to state your positions and opinions and understand that you are “transmitting ideas” from the inside out, not to win the favour of others. So when the “transmission of thought” this thing is complete, how others do attitude actually does not matter. 2. Don’t randomly judge others. The outside world is the appearance of the heart, sometimes feel that others will say to themselves, precisely because they will do the same. Therefore, not judging others at will is a good beginning for self-interest.

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