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To judge whether a girl has a favourable feeling for a person, in fact, you can observe some details of their contact. To distinguish between self-indulgent and indeed good signals, today Hongsan to take stock, girls have a good feeling for a person when the five typical signals.

“How to know if she really loves you—-girls like your five signals”

She laughs when you say anything

When a girl has a favorability for a person, subconsciously increases the intimacy of two people, will maximize positive feedback.

For example, you made a dish, she even boasted deliciously;

You show a point of knowledge, she a face of worship;

Even if you tell a very boring joke, she still laughs back and forth, then, most of you have a good feeling.

2. Do not exclude physical contact with you, and even take the initiative to create physical contact

When a girl doesn’t like a person, she is disgusted by frequent contact with the opposite sex because she feels embarrassed and unnatural.

Only when her heart belongs, the body is extraordinarily honest, some small body access such as patting the head to pull the hand, she will not resist.

“How to know if she really loves you—-girls like your five signals”

Fans used to ask me:

I like a person, want to confess to her, but not sure if she likes me, how to do it?

And my answer is:

Don’t be in a hurry to make a statement, like you take advantage of crossing the road when secretly holding her hand, if she does not exclude, then, your opportunity will come. 

“How to know if she really loves you—-girls like your five signals”

3. Be weak in front of yourself.

Perhaps she is a decisive woman at work, in life is a self-reliant woman, but, when they meet people they like, they will also be weak as a kitten.

Even the things you’re usually particularly good at may become impossible to do because, in the process of getting along with you, she volunteers to play the image of the weak, and the positioning of the strong to you.

For example, usually, she may have repaired the toilet herself in exchange for a large bucket of water.

In front of the person you like, you can also become unscrewed with the bottle cap of mineral water.

So stop laughing at the women, because they just don’t show you the weak side.

4. Will dress up for you

If a girl is alone with you, she always dresses up well.

Carefully cured hair, delicate makeup, full of hormonal perfume, then congratulations, that she cares about the image in front of you, mostly to you.

And if every time she sees you, she’s face down, and even her hair doesn’t bother to wash. Well, congratulations, you’re one of the few good friends she can see without washing her hair.

5. WeChat response frequency

Girls care about you, in fact, through WeChat reply frequency is easy to judge.

Here’s one thing:

The girl who likes you says she went to the bath and will continue to talk to you after washing, rather than your girl as if she were dead in the bathroom.

Because she doesn’t like you, she is always busy, always inconvenient to talk to, always goes to the bath.

And really have a good feeling for you girls, your WeChat information is generally seconds back, because, she is looking forward to communicating with you.

If you’ve read the above and still don’t know if she likes you, you might as well ask.

A lot of times we are too sensitive in our feelings, clearly, two people who like each other, when they get along with fear of the end, want to express when suffering from gain and loss, and thus miss.

Oversensitive character is the death hole in love, how many people think too much action too little, the heart is higher than the sky life thinner than paper.

Too much care about other people’s eyes, a little frustration will be infinitely enlarged, a friend a look, like a person a negative signal, afraid not to want, so that the feelings turn negative.

Afraid of receiving harm so dare not pay, afraid of failure so dare not try, now there are so many leftover men and women in society, imagine, how many people are really chased rejected, how many people simply dare not go after.

May you all be true to yourself and dare to pursue love.

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