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In the relationship between men and women, we often encounter all kinds of problems.

For example, men do not want to chat with you, chase you to half do not chase, and so on.

In fact, these are small problems, very good solution, today Daisy teacher said to you, encounter these circumstances how we deal with it in two sentences.

“How to attract a man physically and let men like you more and more”

1, let each other curiously

One of the men’s top 5 weaknesses is a strong curiosity, so we’re going to take advantage of that and make him like to chat with you.

In fact, this trick you often use, especially in the chat with honey, for example.

I always thought the lipstick I was using was the best, and who knew I was shopping that day…

I thought dieting to lose weight is the most effective way to lose weight, but I met a food that day, and delicious not long meat, the last half-month dinner are eating it, really lost 4 pounds.

Do you know? Before we went to that hot pot shop, we always thought it was the best, who knows the last two days a friend took me to another, wow, this hot pot taste is simply too good, more than 2 times better than the previous one.

“How to attract a man physically and let men like you more and more”

When you hear this, is there a great curiosity to know what lipstick you have encountered, what food can be reduced so much, at the end which hot pot shop taste so good?

Then you must especially want to talk to each other now.

So when we talk to a man, we should make more use of his curiosity so that he always wants to talk to us.

When you want to talk to your boyfriend, don’t ask what you’re doing in the first sentence. What are you doing, you really want to know what he’s doing? No, you just want to talk to him.

Then you can say this: there will be a beautiful woman looking for you, she wants to ask you something.

At this time he must be curious, which beautiful woman is looking for him, but also instinctively very alert back: looking for me for what?

That’s when you don’t pit him, answer him: she’s hungry and grunts, want to ask you when to leave work, she’s good to accompany you to dinner.

In the back, you just have to let him know that the beautiful woman is you.

When do you say that, is it easier to make him want to talk to you than to ask him directly what he’s doing?

You can also use contrasts to arouse his curiosity, just like chatting with Honey.

Today would have been in a good mood, who knows what happened, I am particularly angry now.

Good mood and anger are the contrast, so listen to people will be curious, what happened to you, let you from happy to angry.

You can also just talk about the results and not why, and make him wonder what the reason is.

“How to attract a man physically and let men like you more and more”

A beautiful woman to find you, want to ask you something this is the result, this time he will be curious about what is the reason, why beauty to find me?

You can also say this: you will be very happy in 5 seconds. That’s the result, and he must be wondering why and why I’m happy in 5 seconds.

Then you go on: Because your little cute came to you to chat with the duck.

Next, he will certainly say you stinky farts, stinky beauty or something, you see this day do not talk?

2, exclusive vocabulary dialogue

There’s a passage in How to Make Someone You Love Fall In Love with.

I used to want to date an English guy named Charles.

The first time I saw Charles was at a party when he was telling a group of friends about his climb the snowy mountains with several other friends.

Charles told us that he and his companions walked a few hours to a hill with steep peaks and lots of loose rockfalls.

None of them wanted to climb the dangerous snowy mountain, but the men, including Charles himself, were vain and no one wanted to admit that they were timid.

There happened to be a big pot of hot tea in Charles’ backpack that day.

Looking at the group of brave outdoor athletes staring half-convincedly at the cliffs, as if frightened little boys, Childs suddenly offered a suggestion, and he said in an obvious English accent, “Oh, let’s have a cup of tea first.” ”

That’s great! Everyone rushed to him and sat down. Then, sitting on the stone, chatting over tea, we finally decided to take another safer route.

Charles didn’t say it explicitly, but the central idea behind the story was that he had saved everyone’s lives that day by avoiding danger;

And this feat, just because he said: “Oh, let’s have a cup of tea first.” ”

Late at night, Charles suggested that bar owners turn on the TV and watch English football matches that night.

Everyone thought it was a bad idea, and I winked at Charles and said, “Oh, let’s have a cup of tea first.” “He laughed and I felt like it was the first time he had started paying attention to me.

If you’re the story’s hostess, then you’ll meet a storefront that doesn’t taste good, and you’ll look at him and say, “Oh, let’s have a cup of tea first.”

That’s when you two will look at each other and leave the store.

And this “Oh, let’s have a cup of tea first” becomes the exclusive private word between you. Only if he can understand you, you become a unique girl.

So, when you’re talking to a man, you’re going to capture this word and use it in a similar situation, and it’s an exclusive word that only the two of you can understand.

He will certainly feel better about you and want to talk to you more and more.

3, key node dialogue

Many people at key nodes, such as to determine the relationship, or have sex with men too quickly, do not know how to say, to let the other side cherish and really treat themselves.

In fact, just don’t quite understand the key node, men’s psychology.

A pursuit period is getting colder and colder

A lot of men chase and don’t chase, probably you haven’t figured it out yet, or think you’re too fast. So if you don’t respond to him, or if you don’t, it can make men get colder and colder on you.

If you’re really interested in him and think it’s going to take a little time, then you can say this to him:

“When I first met, my feelings for you were 20 points, now it’s 60 points, and when I feel 80 points about you, maybe I’ll say yes.”

Here are a few layers of meaning, my feelings for you from 20 points to 60 points, indicating that you have done so much or effective.

Why didn’t I promise you? Because it doesn’t feel like it’s 80, you can get to 80 by 60 now.

The final 80 points in the end how to judge, the decision is in your hands.

But for a man, he understands what he has achieved and where his goals are, and then he has hope and will try harder to catch up with you, rather than halfway through.

B, have sex too soon

Some girls like to pursue their own man, so in the first contact not long, and the other side had a relationship, after the relationship regret, feel that they should not be so early by him to get.

So she wanted to do something, say something to save it, then how should I say it at this time?

That’s when you have to understand what a man thinks and answer it according to what he thinks.

Men will think this time: although I like her very much, she and I so soon had sex, then a different person will be like this? I’m so worried.

Once you understand what a man really thinks, you can say with a little grievance:

“People have always been a good girl, listen to their parents, listen to the teacher’s words, but after meeting you, it seems not the same, because you are a little special to me, so after that day I was afraid, afraid that such a relationship came too soon, afraid that you do not cherish me as before.”

Be sure to dispel the idea that he feels casual, you are because he is special so can not help, rather than casually change a person, you do the same.

After dismissing the idea, he will come to you like a normal male and female friend.

C, determine the relationship

In the man’s confession, some girls like him very much, and he dated for so long is also very good, but can not immediately accept to become male and female friends, after all, the time to know is still a little short, but also do not want to miss him.

Then refuse him, afraid he will not chase, accept it, that immediately become male and female friends are also a little unacceptable.

What should I say at this time? You can propose an “internship period”.

You tell him directly:

“I like you, but now to be a male and female friend still owes a little, we need to get along a little longer, so that you first do my 3 months internship boyfriend, perform well, 3 months later turn right.”

You both affirm the man’s pay, but also show that you like him, can accept to be a male and female friend, just because the contact time is short, need to spend some more time together.

This allows a little more time to get along, but also allows men to have enough motivation to continue to be good to you.

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