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Having sex feels like it’s coming, without a bit of defence. After all, “the most important thing is to be happy.”

But after men and women are happy, there are some things you should pay attention to, otherwise, hurt their own body.

Why do girls take a bath right now?

Why do girls have to go to the toilet right away after the fact?

In fact, after sex boys smoke, is the most impermissible, is why?

In fact, there are still a lot of things to pay attention to, you know?

Today I’m going to tell you about the precautions after sex.

(a) After urinating this matter, boys, girls should pay attention to how to do it?

“What to say after sex—-you must know”

1Girls are good for their health to go to the toilet after sex

Girls have urine afterwards, don’t wait, please go to the toilet right away!

Where there is oppression, there is urine

When having sex, two parts of a girl are visibly squeezed. One is the mouth of the urethra and the other is the bladder

The urethra mouth and the vaginal mouth are very close, Tintin in motion, it is easy to squeeze into the urethra mouth

The urethra mouth to squeeze and stimulate is instructed to produce urine, which then goes to the bladder.

During sex, the bladder is also squeezed, resulting in increased internal pressure on the bladder. Produces urine

It’s good to urinate immediately afterwards

Because of the different physiological structures, women have shorter urethras than men and are more likely to develop infections.

Bacteria can get into a woman’s urethra while having sex.

To urinate immediately after sex is equivalent to timely flushing and removal of bacteria


2 Immediately after going to the toilet, for boys is fatal hits “chicken”.

Boys after the fact if there is urine must slowly go again, you see the male urethra, long and curved

After sex, Tintin is not completely weak, the sponge will still compress the urethra, making urination unusually laborious

The point is that if you are hard to urinate, urine with bacterial and metabolic waste can easily reflux back into the prostate, causing prostatitis.

(2) What should be paid attention to afterwards?


1 You can’t take a bath right away

Bathing afterwards, seems clean and comfortable, but it is very harmful. After sex, the pores on the whole body open to help dissipate heat. Immediately after the bath and the water temperature is cold, prone to lumbar acid bloating. It also causes blood vessels in the pelvic and lumbar muscles to constrict, and blood does not flow fully back to the heart

When the water temperature is hot, blood vessels throughout the body expand and lead to a decrease in blood supply to other vital organs.

When the blood supply to the heart and brain is reduced to a certain level, it will show symptoms such as panic, dizziness, nausea and, in severe cases, sudden death.

“What to say after sex—-you must know”

2 You can’t smoke right away

First of all, it’s disrespectful to women, giving them a feeling of being discarded.

Second, after sex because of the dilation of blood vessels throughout the body, nicotine and other toxic substances in cigarettes are more easily absorbed by the body, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Finally, nicotine also stimulates stimulation in the brain’s center to reduce Tintin blood flow to suppress erections.

3 You can’t sleep upside down

It is understandable to want to sleep after sex because, after orgasm, the body releases a variety of substances that make you drowsy.

However, if you fall asleep immediately, you will be tired until the next day and will not be able to regain your energy more quickly.

Girls should clean their private places in time

In the clouds and rain, men and women will secrete bodily fluids, contaminated with body fluids in private places.

Wet, breathless, bacteria like this environment best, so go and wash it right away.

The above is an afterthought note, although sex is happy, there are many people therefore “hanging colour”

(c) What should be done if such a phenomenon occurs afterwards?

Whether it is boys, girls may also be abnormal after the event, if these phenomena, if the short time can not recover on their own, be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible to see a doctor.

Some boys have sex after the body will appear some strange phenomenon. Are these phenomena normal?

1 urinate fork

The semen left in the urethra dries out, preventing the urine from being excreted and opening the bow left and right

If it recovers soon, it doesn’t matter, but it’s always so “magical” to consider whether there’s a stone or an infection

2 Urinating pain

Normal situation urine is not painful after sex urine has a tingling sensation, maybe inflammation or stones, hurry to the hospital to do a check-up

3 Waist knee acid soft

People will understand this performance as kidney weakness, in fact, after sex, feel temporarily tired and depressed is normal. If you’re still tired and panicking after 24 hours, consider whether you have thyroid disease or diabetes

heart disease, etc.

4 Tintin discomfort

The foreskin is too long, after sex will indeed have a feeling of hidden pain, but if there is already prostatitis, cystitis, etc., Tintin will be due to congestion and discomfort.

5 headache

Because of the emergence of euphoria, transient blunt pain, there will be no major obstacles belong to the tension headache

And there is a sense of throbbing, cracking headache, belongs to the vascular headache is caused by cerebrovascular disease

6 Eye discomfort

When having sex, the amount of blood the body supplies to the brain decreases, leading to a lack of blood supply to the eyes.

Generally, rest for a moment, swelling pain, blurred vision and so on will disappear.

If you haven’t recovered after a break, it is recommended that you take a trip to the hospital

It’s not just boys, it’s girls whose bodies may also be warning signs afterwards

“What to say after sex—-you must know”

1 Private pain

Some people because too anxious, the foreplay is not enough, sister did not have enough lubrication to force in

There are also some couples with a particularly high desire, the action is extremely intense leading to the sister spasms

The worst two scenarios are gynecological inflammation or reproductive tract malformations, both of which can only be treated in hospitals.

2 itchy

The first consideration is inflammation, in addition to the original inflammation of the girls themselves, some boys because the foreskin is too long, hidden a large number of foreskin scale, in the sex of the foreskin scale, into the girl’s vagina caused inflammation

Another cause of itching is allergies, and a small number of girls are allergic to semen and condoms.

Light itching heavy rash and have a systemic reaction

3 Bleeding

Lifting bleeding is bound to cause panic, which is a symptom of cervical cancer


Don’t worry

There are many reasons for bleeding afterwards

These four questions should be considered first when bleeding

1 Isn’t it your first sex life?

2 Is it Auntie?

3 Is there inflammation?

4 Isn’t the action too intense to cause?

Cervical cancer was considered only after these four factors had been ruled out.

I remind women that regular cervical cancer screening is necessary.

Regarding the afterthought of sex, it is summed up that women two want men four do not.

Woman: To urinate immediately, to clean in time

Male: Don’t urinate right away, don’t take a bath right away, don’t sleep upside down, don’t smoke afterwards

After the discovery of physical discomfort, first combined with the situation of sex to consider, if it is no 100 percent sure, it is recommended or as soon as possible medical treatment.

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