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The most intimate moment

groping on him

Look for hidden pleasures

Sweating and panting

Still can’t play

Essential “G” chords

The heatwave at the mouth wraps around the ears

Warm every corner of the body

Love words are the real aphrodisia

Sexual well-off is not only do out

And by mouth…

“What to say after sex—-what are you talking about”

1. Literature

Love dogs are wet people, love (love) this is an elegant thing, with love words, feel moisturizing, spring rain gradually floating in the room, more and more anxious …

“I want to be a fish and swim around your ocean.”

“They say Sweat is salty, why do you taste sweet?”

“Hot good coincidence!” I’m going to take a shower with sweat.

“Trotting a kilometre with your house.”

You’re not fat, but I’m overwhelmed by you.

“I’ve got size, but I’m messing around.”

“Give me some air you breathe.”

It’s going to rain later, I’ve put up my umbrella for you.

2. Foreign language

After years of ear-to-ear dyeing, the soundtrack is easy to stage, crackling when interspersed with different Chinese words can always make people think of, attractive and sexy …

To make physical communication borderless, let’s start with a wave of international lingua franca:

“yes… yeah… good… oh yeah… yes…“

(For entry-level players or master of body language)

“stop it… I am lost… no… harder… deeper…”

“I am coming“

High-energy alert: The use of “I am coming” and “I am so hot” in everyday chats can lead to strange question marks and unkind smiles.

To avoid the embarrassment of the East Effect, JJ foreign language class vocabulary as far as possible in the crackling speak.

3. Role-playing

Because of the difference in endurance, the time of sprinting creates a gap, and the same frequency resonance is the common goal of all physical sports.

Life is like a play, good acting will narrow the gap, let you say goodbye to depression, breathe fresh air, get strong…

“Student, there’s a question in my heart that I want to ask you.”

“Okay, let me ‘Bang’ you solve the puzzle…”

“What to say after sex—-what are you talking about”

(JJ is just a prop, dare not give too much advice, you are the screenwriter)

High-energy warning: don’t go too deep into the play, first of all, to protect yourself and your partner, this is a big play about love.

There’s nothing to say

Love to the depths, lose control of yourself… The tremor at this point is just the body’s instinctive response:

“en… en… en… a… I… want… a… aaa……”

High-energy warning: Pay attention to the rhythm and frequency can not be too neat, will be mistaken for the most important time to touch the fish.

The joy of a burning moment is not because of what you say

The point is what he wants to hear

Maybe there’s nothing to say

Taste the rich taste of love

Perhaps silence

It’s good to stare affectionately.

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