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To please you, everything goes with your boys, does not mean like you, may also be to meet themselves.

Sweet talk, promise a boy, does not mean that he likes you, may also be training you into a trivial spare tire.

Even if a boy personally said “I like you”, does not mean that he likes you, it is likely that he does not know “what like”, but the atmosphere arrived, had to say a word.

You’ll find that whatever “likes” men and women say in their relationships can’t stand scrutiny. The last-second also said “like you”, but the next second is still my way, do not want to pay for this love.

To say a very true word, why did the person who said “I like you” in the first place, now go to hurt you without mercy, betray you, leave you?

Does he like you? No, by contrast, he prefers himself. Be with you just to satisfy yourself.

“Signs he’s not attracted to you anymore—-A boy who really likes you will have these 7 performances”

So what does it look like when a boy really likes a girl?

1, inexplicable inferiority

Boys who really like you often worry about falling in love:

“Fear of your ability is not enough to give you the life you want.”

Even if he was once a brave and active person, but in front of you, there will always be a desire to say and stop the inferiority. Such inferiority can also be understood as a potential sense of responsibility.

Boys’ inferiority psychology, is never their own not good enough, but they can give girls better but did not do.

He saw other boys buy heart-tinged gifts for female tickets, and secretly blamed themselves;

He saw other boys buy cars, take female tickets to the self-drive tour, and secretly low self-esteem;

He saw other boys improve, give women tickets better-living conditions, and secretly determined …

Low self-esteem is the norm for boys to fall in love, but it doesn’t make a boy who really likes you passively fall. But see the gap, always push yourself “to let you live into the envy of others look like.” ”

2, sincere love

A boy’s like is an unsensible instinct.

This also means that a boy who really likes you, will not use you with tricks and techniques, because he does not want to use the old oil bar means, tarnish their pure like.

He may pretend to be calm, but what he says and does is careful with the fear of getting bored with you.

Really like your boy, at the beginning of love, you will find that “he will have a kind of if nothing shy and nervous.” He will take care of your feelings and try to be what you like.

I really like your boy, he will care about your feelings. On the contrary, the boy who doesn’t like it so much and just wants to play with you, how comfortable he is.

“Signs he’s not attracted to you anymore—-A boy who really likes you will have these 7 performances”

3, respect your wishes

There are a lot of boys who want to untie your button, but when you say “no”, it is worth your trust and trust to tie the button for you and continue to hold you warm.

To tell you the truth, whether a boy likes you or not, he will have sex with you.

But just want to soak up your boys, they will show anger, indifference, and even anger when you refuse a sexual request. Because the ultimate goal of being with you is to sleep and never think about your future.

And a boy who really likes you, they think, “They’re the last people to get to the end anyway, it doesn’t matter the day before, the other day”, and in the end, they don’t want to do what makes you bored.

So whether a boy respects your wishes, especially sexually, can actually reflect “his real intentions on you.” The boys who want to play with you are sleeping with them all over their heads. And a boy who really likes you is thinking, “Would you like to do something like this?”

“Signs he’s not attracted to you anymore—-A boy who really likes you will have these 7 performances”

4, future planning

If a boy has been with you for a long time, but still maintains a state of “over and over, comfortable with the status quo”, to tell you the truth, he is not without thinking about your future, but never thought “his future will have you”.

And a boy who really likes you, if he does not discuss with you “the future development of each other”, and even lying in bed, always like and you look forward to the future of marriage matters, this is alike you, and want to be responsible for you, what it should look like.

But sometimes the boys who want to play with you make promises to you about the future one after another.

And the difference is, a boy who really likes you, you will feel that “every word he said is silently realized”, and a boy who only wants to soak you, make a commitment is like playing on the lake stone, let you move for a moment, then the stone sank to the sea, no sound.

Action – is an important criterion for testing whether a boy wants to have you involved in the future.

5, sensitive and thoughtful to suffer gains and losses

In fact, it is a boy who really loves you, more sensitive than you, more afraid of losing than you are.

If you casually say, “It’s too hot, I don’t want to eat”, they will begin to involuntarily reflect on “is not what you said wrong” and “is not yourself making you unhappy again.”

Although there is a trace of dog licking psychology, for most boys, if he really loves you, he will care about your small emotions. Although sometimes can not be pinched, sometimes also speculate errors.

So girls, meet you like, and really like your boys, in fact, the best way to hurt them is to “have something to say straight”, don’t let him guess your mind, but directly to say how you feel.

When you can give him transparency, he will be more dependent. And when your tacit understanding is cultivated, his anxiety and sensitivity naturally disappear, and instead, with one look in your eyes, he understands your caution.

6, do not defend you

Really speaking, a boy who really wants to fall in love with you may mature and strong on his surface at first, but as he gets along longer, you’ll find his unknown softness and childishness.

Boys are actually reluctant to show this to others unless the person deserves their trust and absolute trust.

So you will find that a mature and strong man will also have a tender tearful side, a warm and outgoing man will also have a non-smiling side.

That is to say, the boys have a corner of their own, he will not easily let a person into, but he wants to be in love with you sincerely, he will be from some of the details of life constantly passed to you, this is a sign of trust and dependence.

But a man who wants to play with you for a long time, you will have a clear feeling that “there is an invisible sense of estrangement between each other”, you can feel him in disguise, he is always unwilling to show his truest self.

7, really love you is to do your best want to play is to do your best

A boy who wants to fall in love with you sincerely will give you his scarce resources, for this relationship to pay, he can do his best.

And a boy who wants to play with you, he will not easily put scarce resources for you but will be their own surplus resources to you, to create their own love of the look.

For example, a rich second generation to buy you lipstick to buy clothes, which shows that he really wants to talk about love, this money does not give you, he will also spend on games, spend on entertainment, you are just another form of excess value.


But a poor student is willing to save money to create surprises for you, in front of you to be strong “this is nothing”, this is a sincere desire to fall in love with you a kind of performance.

A person is willing to come up with scarce resources to manage feelings, this kind of psychology is actually to judge whether a boy really or not one of the important criteria.

So women, do you understand?

A boy really likes the way you look, he can sometimes like an old father, pet you, accompany you, for you to shelter from the rain, but he will never be without the bottom line used to you. Sometimes will be like a little boy, to you petite, will cry for a hug.

Boys like, not the mouth out of the affection, but can not hide the sense of mission and responsibility.

Remember a word: the boy’s like is hidden, these love are hidden in time, details and action, as long as your heart to experience this relationship, his love is real and false, in fact, you will have the answer.

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