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Many women only regret marrying the wrong person, love when a good person, why after marriage have changed? In fact, not a man changed, but you do not know him thoroughly enough, a person how to disguise, the characteristics of the bone is not disguised.

A man to you is not good, after marriage, you see how he is to you know, to know that your husband is not qualified, look at his performance of these will know.

“Qualities of a good boyfriend—-5 performances of a good husband”

Do you know? A good husband has only 5 performances, two of them, it means to marry the right person.

First, quarrel, no matter whose fault, Ken bowed his head first

Men are the good face, are a bit masculine, some things, even if he realized the mistake, he will because he can not wipe down the face and refuse to admit mistakes, which is also a lot of family quarrels, women more and more angry reasons, in fact, sometimes women quarrel is just a man to admit the wrong attitude.

Couples spend a lot of time together, to experience a lot of things together, each person has their own way of dealing with things, so there is inevitable friction.

“Qualities of a good boyfriend—-5 performances of a good husband”

A better temper, willing to take a step back, can be resolved through friendly consultation. But a lot of people are already short-tempered, edgy when encountered, if both husband and wife are short-tempered, then it is a little more on fire.

So a lot of people at home, husband and wife quarrel is a normal thing, as the saying goes: husband and wife quarrel, bedside quarrel bedside and.

But remember, a home is always a place of reason rather than reason, and many of my fellow men know that if you talk to a woman if you win, you lose her. Women quarrel with you sometimes just value your attitude, not the right or wrong of the matter itself.

If a man is willing to give up his face for his wife, then this woman must be married to a good man, love his wife more than love himself.

Second, willing to share the housework

Like in Russia, men do housework will be friends joke, men if they want to help their wives share the housework is also secretly done.

Although this is not the case in China, deep-rooted masculism has led many men to disdain to do housework, they think this is what women should do, otherwise they marry their wives is what.

But what I want to say is that there is nothing shameful about helping your wife share the housework, and now people are happy to see a husband who is willing to help his wife share the housework.

And the husband is willing to take the initiative to help his wife to undertake housework, the wife is very moved, husband and wife mutual understanding, mutual help is a good phenomenon, husband and wife is already a community, all glory, damage.

A wife-loving, wife-loving man, certainly does not want his wife to be tired, would rather be a little tired, but also to help his wife to reduce a little burden, such a husband is a good husband.

Three, willing to give you money

Many men before marriage are willing to give up their money, to catch up with a girl, even if they gnaw bread, eat kimchi also want to find ways to give gifts to the girl of their choice.

But have you ever noticed that a lot of these men change when they get married because he’s poor when he gets married?

“Qualities of a good boyfriend—-5 performances of a good husband”

Indeed married, the pressure of men did become greater, but more because they feel that they are already their wives, and can not run, so they will not bother to accompany their wives, but also reluctant to give their wives some small gifts.

They think it’s better to buy a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of wine, or a skin on the game if they have that spare money.

But please recognize reality, the wife must be with you for the rest of your life? There is a root grass around you, maybe it is a treasure around others. You don’t want to be pampered, and naturally, someone is willing to pamper.

Someone who gives you money doesn’t necessarily love you, but someone who doesn’t want to spend money on you doesn’t love you.

Four can tolerate your small temper

Whether men or women have their own small temper, can we always unconditionally tolerate a person’s bad temper?

Many boys with girlfriends hate their girlfriends, every day all kinds of demons, but you have to know that your girlfriend will only do this to you, this is no one else can get the “honour.”

If your girlfriend matures and sensible, doesn’t get angry with you, doesn’t depend on you, gentle, generous, then nine out of ten she doesn’t love you.

Because women love a person will be unbridled, challenge each other’s bottom line, want to attract each other’s attention when she does not love a person than anyone is mature and sensible.

We all have our own bottom line, when you start to tolerate a person’s bad temper, even if the other side is hurting you, you lick the scars can continue to smile at him, continue to be good to him, then you must love the bone.

5. Treat your parents with the same respect as your own parents

In marriage, there is also a lot of people who will make mistakes, always their parents and each other’s parents are very clear, open mouth is “your parents…” “my parents …”

It chills your other half because this simple term shows that you know your parents clearly.

In marriage, it is very important to respect each other’s parents as much as their own.

In fact, sometimes we do not specifically say “your parents…”, “my parents…” but to distinguish, but this unintentional small move will also make the paranoid other half think more, of course, this many times can not avoid.

A good husband, know to the old man and husband mother-in-law good, is good to their own daughter-in-law, but an unqualified husband will not know, afraid of their daughter-in-law to the mother-in-law, take advantage of their own cheap.

When you have a good husband, he will think more carefully than you, goodwill not forget his wife’s parents, this move also makes the wife warmer.

Good husband has 5 performances, quarrel, no matter whose fault, Ken bowed his head first; willing to share the housework; willing to give you money, can tolerate your small temper; your parents with their parents as much respect.

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