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1. Boys want to seduce, you put a brain together, men’s natural hunting psychology will be broken. So I think the most important thing is to make yourself attractive and let him see you so that he can have an impression of you over other girls. Then cultivate a habit, let him get used to you, can chat for a while and then do not look for him, he will be lost. There’s praise more.

Go on, chasing a person is not so difficult, is to let oneself into his life, and how much interaction with him, so that he is impressed with you. 

“How do you get your crush to like you—-how to catch up with a boy and make him interested in himself?”

2. Unintentional physical contact is really great, the skin has memory function, you touch him may feel different to you. You can also observe his attitude towards you, generally do not hate your words, or are willing to contact the opposite sex.

3. Another is to praise him more, men are very much in need of encouragement. It’s good to ask him questions or ask him for help.

Well, it’s also important to show weakness and be like a girl! Don’t motionless and call yourself a woman, okay? No boy likes a woman in his bones!

“How do you get your crush to like you—-how to catch up with a boy and make him interested in himself?”

4. Usually to deliberately create some can meet the opportunity to let him see you, but you can not let him see that you are deliberate, pretend not to care from his eyes, let him impress you some.

5. Chat must keep a frequency with him, he said what, you have to think differently, learn to praise, praise, although the heart may say I rely on good stupidity, you can not show ah! There’s still a sweet smile on your face!

You say your text message to ask the question is very sensitive, indeed very purposeful, change is someone else, for this kind of question will not want to answer, it would be better to change his mind to chat, do not think of him as a male god, when the general friend, and he chatted about some small things, interesting and happy, let him know that you are a positive and optimistic girl, to deepen your feelings.

Sometimes or specific problems to analyze it, after all, everyone’s personality is different, can not be general, there are any questions welcome comments, I will continue to add.

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