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Have you ever encountered such a situation: Whenever you test his feelings, he began to avoid; clearly you think you have a play, he clearly still has a response, why once the key, he began to avoid, make excuses, and then all kinds of fear, fear, do not want to advance your relationship? Sometimes you even feel like you can’t see through him and don’t know what’s going on.

“How do you get your crush to like you”

There may be many reasons for the “don’t want to fall in love” mentality. Maybe he likes you, but before some bad memories or injured; Perhaps he had experienced his family forced to break up early lovers; perhaps he felt that your future is not stable enough, are students; Maybe he has a good feeling for you, but good feeling is not enough for him to be desperate with you; Maybe he’s in love; Maybe he’s the one who wants to be with, but that’s not you. … So it’s not necessarily that you’re unattractive to him, but that “your attraction isn’t enough to attract him to action or overcome his inner fear.” At this time, some boys will say “I don’t want to fall in love” “this time there is no such mind” “I don’t want to spend the family money in love”, then how to do? Here are three steps you can refer to. 1. Know more about him, when his solution flower solves the problem first to understand the problem. If you don’t know him very well, then be nice and say less and listen more. So what’s happened to him before, you know? Has he ever been in a relationship before, or has he had someone he likes? How did his past feelings affect him? You have to understand his feelings, his stories, his growth, his past. People like to talk about themselves, then you guide him, and himself as his “hold”, to be a beautiful listener and reconciliation flower. There are two advantages to this, one is to make the other person feel that you are really understanding, is a girl who understands him, will increase your feelings of kindness and enhance your intimacy, and the other is that you can learn more about his real situation and mental state through this. At the same time, you can also GET some information. For example, does he really have a girl he likes now, what happened before?

“How do you get your crush to like you”

If, this boy has always had a favourite girl, just don’t want to fall in love with you, also must not become a “spare tire” and “friendship zone.”

2. Understanding the people you like may also like you, but he has been injured before, or have a shadow of feelings, was split, betrayed, separated by parents, banned by the school, by brothers robbed of girlfriends and so on, resulting in his feelings are now full of fear. So, he thought maybe, “Will you do it again?” “I really don’t understand women.” “Now still a student, if the family began to teach again, how to do, or calculate” “We are unstable anyway, the school and the city may not be the same later, rather than the pain behind, long-distance, it is better not to start now.” Although I like you, love is really good trouble. “Yes, maybe it’s over.” For example, if his previous pain was due to long-distance love, then the girl’s infidelity betrayed him, leaving him heartbroken. What he needs most, then, is the commitment and comfort of a close sense of security. This promise can be, you can tell him, you will give him peace of mind, you are a single girl, you will not leave him, even if the school is not the same, but it is not a problem. When you have time, you can come to his school to find him (of course, this is not with him when the reason, two people together must still be each other), you love him very much, although he had some unpleasant memories before, you will slowly accompany him, accompany him out of that haze. Let him know that you are a good girl who is conscious and knows how to to comfort others. you can “fill” his vacancy. Of course, these words can be said to export, but after saying remember not to let their image appear “inconsistent.” To give a similar example of “consistency fracture”, some people date and say that they like small animals, but if you really meet small animals but hide far away. This is how “consistency breaks”. If you don’t agree on your trueness, your words, your actions, your trust will become empty. That is, you have to make sure of yourself, “say it, do it.”

Otherwise, if the words and actions do not agree in the future, it will let the other person’s feelings for you plummet, for your relationship buried hidden dangers. 

3. Straightforward and euphemistic testing Many times, girls will be so vague about the state of boys expressed confusion. I don’t know what went wrong between you. You’ve been ambiguous for a long time, but is that still the case? If the relationship doesn’t go on, why does he have such an attitude? Why has there been no way to enter into normal communication? So the solution is to “talk to him.” If he knew very well that you liked him, he still didn’t react. You can honestly tell him about your confusion and your thoughts. And this “say” is also away. It’s not about letting you “talk straight,” it’s about getting you to “talk back.” “I really like you, but… I really… I tried very hard. … Do you know? … You like this, fear of feelings, fear of acceptance, will also make me feel afraid… I’m really tired, so hard, so, but this may be our last message, I love you. …” Of course, with that in it, you’re likely to “lose” him completely, and it’s possible that he won’t return the message. However, if this person really does not mean anything to you, you can also use this information to test his true psychological intentions, then it is best not to waste time on him, because if he does not have a little point to express, it does not love you. Give up a do not love you, do not continue to entangle with him, is the best choice. And if he replies, “Actually, I love you too.” “Or send something that means, “Don’t let this message be the last message between you, he likes you.” Well, congratulations. To sum up, there are many reasons why he doesn’t want to fall in love, but essentially your attraction isn’t enough to get him to act or overcome his inner fears. So, if you now have a live connection and a certain contact, then you need to know more about him, more comfort him, understand where his source of fear is, and then crack one by one when your relationship reaches a certain level, you have to learn to back down, to judge the other party’s true intentions, and then to determine whether you have a chance to be together. Therefore, sometimes, when the other party’s intentions are not clear, we must first understand the situation, and then judge what the other side means. If you like him, his attitude is ambiguous, first, know more, is always right. But if the other person really doesn’t like you so much, please protect yourself and learn to turn around and leave.

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