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The way of love in the world is all-encompassing, but the expression of not loving is surprisingly consistent, that is indifference. If he loves you, how can he hide it, if he doesn’t love you, how to pretend to be like that.

As soon as a person falls in love, he will be foolish. Don’t know whether the other side likes themselves, don’t know the other side in the end don’t care about themselves, the heart has ten thousand thoughts, every minute in the feeling of loss.

“5 signs he’s losing interest through text”

Today I’ll summarize the 5 manifestations of not loving.

1. Your message is seconds back, his message is the reincarnation

Did you find that his reply was particularly careless and that the frequency of the reply was particular? Alive you share life with him, share all the fun things you’ve ever seen, and he’s indifferent?

If you are always waiting for his response, waiting for his news, then don’t struggle, he just doesn’t love you.

He also said he was busy, was he really busy? We look at our cell phones no less than a thousand times a day, and he waits hours to reply to your message.

A person in a relationship is always looking forward to a response, in fact, that person is not loved just ah.

2. Stop paying attention to your movements

No longer curious about your life, don’t want to know how you’re doing today, he doesn’t care about anything that happens to you.

When he loves you, he will hurt your pay, will hurt your tears, will hurt you over time, will be distressed to find any trivial things in you.

“5 signs he’s losing interest through text”

Don’t love you, even if you die in pain to live, a person moved, a person to do surgery, he will not look at you more, but also do not think you do.

Think about the key moments in your life, what attitude he is, and you’ll know the answer.

You are planning for the future, he is planning to leave

Do you always look forward to the future life of two people and get married? How many children will you have? Where will you settle?

But when you ask him about the future, you’ll find that he doesn’t have you in his plan. Not only that, but he was ready to flash away at any time.

What is love, love is the present, in the future?

If he doesn’t put you in the future, don’t guess at all, he won’t love you.

You have no mutual friends after being together for so long

He won’t post you in a circle of friends, and he won’t introduce you to his friends. You have been together for so long, do not know his brother, do not know how many friends he has, in your cognition, his life will always be a mystery.

Your love affair will never be known, and no one will know you exist.

He doesn’t care what you think, he always goes to bed without saying anything when you meet, and he doesn’t want to do anything with you except go to bed.

Admit it, he doesn’t love you for a long time.

“5 signs he’s losing interest through text”


You don’t know if he loves you or not

When a relationship falls into a state of right and wrong that requires someone else to help you, you should admit that he doesn’t love you.

Boys don’t have girls, they’re simple and rough, and they’re straightforward. People who really like you can be clumsy, unsealed, and childish. Can’t you see a person’s special feelings for you? If you can’t see it, it does not love.

If he loves you, how can he hide it? If he doesn’t love you, how to pretend to be like that.

If you’re not sure if the boy likes you or not, he just doesn’t like you.

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