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A few years ago there was a saying that:

“Marriage is like a grave of love.”

When many women hear this, they are disappointed in their loved ones, disappointed in their marriages, and even some who are not married are afraid to get married.

Women sometimes want a man who is particularly good to herself, a man who is responsible for her marriage, and a man who is responsible and has a good temper.

“5 qualities of a good boyfriend”

Marriage is like a second birth, you think, if you two get married, you are going to live with this person for the rest of your life, not only with this person but also with this person’s family for the rest of your life.

So, marriage is like volunteering, you decide your future in a day.

Of the five qualities of a good husband, more than two are married to the right person, and the woman will cherish it.

1. Be responsible

A good man is a responsible man, this man and others after falling in love will never fail to live up to and love with their own this person, naturally married will also be responsible for their wives.

If a man has no sense of responsibility, imagine, after the wife has children, the wife takes care of the children herself, men do not care about the children, sometimes the parents are sick, the wife a person to take care of their parents, men do not care about their parents.

In this way, sooner or later a woman will be driven mad, or even forced into a woman.

So a woman in the marriage must see whether the man has a sense of responsibility if this man does not have a sense of responsibility, must break up with such a person, otherwise later to suffer is their own.

Responsibility is very important for a man, of course, for a woman, if one of your colleagues is not responsible, you will find that working with such a person is very tired, not to mention a man to live with you for the rest of your life.

“5 qualities of a good boyfriend”


If a man is good, this man’s temper must be good, some men learned to hit women, such a man to keep for the New Year!

There was a philosopher who said something like this:

“People who have skills, people who have no temper, people who have a little cry, people who have no skills have big tempers.”

When a person has a big temper, it actually proves that the person is not confident and has no emotional intelligence.

So, if a woman meets a man with a good temper, there is no doubt that this man must be good, even if the man does not have much money, but you and such a person together, you will be very comfortable.

Some men because of bad temper, so at home when women do not have a good day to live, sometimes women do the wrong thing, men feel that the sky has collapsed, pointing to women to do the wrong thing do not let go.

Imagine if a woman lived with a man with a very good temper, even if two people lived in poverty, but you two will not quarrel, you are in a good mood.

Many women’s many diseases are because of a bad mood, so will be sick, so the mood is very important, plus a good-tempered man will maintain a good mood.

A man has a good temper, not without manhood, but precisely because the man is calm, this person has the plump.


A man to pursue progress, only when men pursue progress, women have a good life, so a good man must be the pursuit of progress.

If a man does not pursue progress, playing games all day long, then the chain oil salt in the house depends on the woman alone to make money.

Imagine a man who doesn’t have the heart to do anything at home and doesn’t work outside.

“5 qualities of a good boyfriend”

Many women at home sometimes for love, feel that this man loves their own, they also love this man, so married to a man, when two people fall in love is to play games together, married after finding that men have been playing games, two people have no house and no car, just have children.

When your life becomes a problem, and your husband doesn’t pursue progress, women will collapse sooner or later.

So, if a man is good, this man is certainly the pursuit of progress, sometimes men may forget the existence of women for their own career or learning, but it is because of this to show that men have the heart, will not be fascinated by beauty.

Of course, if men for their own career, or work, or study, completely forget the existence of women, this time women should be careful.


Treat feelings more exclusively

An indispensable trait of a good man is to be emotionally single-minded. Imagine, men are excellent, but when the feelings are not single-minded, women are also insecure, some women in their lives in search of a sense of security, when women in the feelings of insecurity, this marriage can not continue.

So, if you meet a playboy before you get married, be sure to break up with someone like this, just like the rich second-generation Wang Si Cong now, although there is a lot of money, everyone will not last long.

When a woman marries, be sure to marry someone with a more specific feeling, because when you are with such a person, you will find that life will be very stable.

Imagine if you married a man who was not single-minded, and such a man, married, two people had children, but the man betrayed you, then where do you go at this time?

Don’t just look at the surface of things, the eyes must be long-term, must see clearly this man’s attitude towards feelings.

Once a girl said to me:

“My boyfriend loves me because he broke up with his girlfriend for me.”

When I heard this sentence, I think this boy is very scary because in the order you can break up with your girlfriend, one day will also break up with you for someone else.

But many women feel very accomplished, feel that they did a junior three, do the wind and light, and feel that they won.



If a man has the characteristics of filial piety, don’t blame this man as a mammoth man.

Of course, a man filial words, not that this man has to listen to his parents, but when his parents are sick, men to take their parents to the hospital to see a doctor, when parents need men, men can take care of their parents, this is sales.

Some men in their own parents sick, never to take their parents to see a doctor, but also feel that their parents are very troublesome, such a person even their parents do not care, who is willing to marry this kind of person, who dare to marry this kind of person.

Many women say that if a man is too filial, may marry themselves, men will stand on the side of their families, imagine, a man is already very filial, and three views are very positive, and such a person together, how can women be wronged?

So, if a man filial piety, the heart is certainly very beautiful, this kind of man is often sought-after goods, must grasp.

A good husband must have these five characteristics, if the two words show that this woman, are very blessed, must cherish.

A lot of people who are in the blessing do not know the blessing, and then lost to understand the old regret, but it is too late.

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