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How can he be taught the right way to communicate in bed?



Coincidentally, some scientists have studied the problem and issued a bedtime communication guide called Rolling Sheets: Conversational Surveys of Young People’s Sexual Behavior.

“What to say after sex”

They selected 319 young Americans between the ages of 18 and 32 and asked them to complete the survey within two hours of having sex.

About “bad communication”, these two aspects were investigated separately:


The translation is: there is no sexual process to express the good feelings and love for your partner, such as: “love you”, “good want to hold you all the time” and so on;

2, the participant’s communication is one-way or two-way?

The so-called “two-way communication” is to ask the partner’s feelings, together to improve the sexual experience of two people, such as: Is this OK?

“One-way communication” means simply to make yourself happier and happier, and not to care about your partner’s feelings.

The “fatal three questions” at the beginning of the article are typical one-way communications.

“What to say after sex”


Based on the participants’ responses, they got some interesting conclusions:

A positive response is very, very important! The more willing people are to express their love, the easier it is to orgasm in sex and has higher relationship satisfaction;

Two-way communication is easier to reach orgasm than one-way communication, and relationship satisfaction is higher;

The effect of positive communication is already great, and the effect of expressing love carefully is even more incredible, and it is easier for the other half to reach orgasm;

Women who achieve orgasms prefer positive emotional responses to men who have orgasms.

– Analysis of positive emotional responses, orgasms, sex conversations, relationship satisfaction –

Read this, do you understand what to say to your other half in bed?

To be clear is confession! vindicate! vindicate!

Tell your other half well, you love TA, you care about TA’s feelings.

If you want to name the effect of several bed-sharing methods, then it must be positive emotional response> two-way communication> one-way communication.


Many partners are in love, but traditional Chinese sexual attitudes are more introverted.

Many people in the daily thinking are afraid to express “full of love”, not to mention in bed, always feel very ashamed.

“What to say after sex”

In fact, at this point, Americans are not as open as we think.

In the study, only one-third of Americans shared their feelings with their other half, while the remaining one-third were just trying to keep themselves happy.

Tragically, one in 10 people does not communicate at all when having sex, leaving one in 10 people afraid to answer the question.

In short, the scientist told us: If you want to orgasm in bed, or make two people’s relationship more stable, you should express more love for the other half!

In fact, sex is not only physical contact but also the exchange of the mind.

Orgasm is mutual, only feel the true feelings, to give back the true feelings.

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