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After sex this time, the domestic now used to be called “sage time”, into the “sage mode” of small partners also have different feelings or habits, there are two words to describe this experience in the domestic network widely circulated: “pop before masturbation like magic, crack after the Holy Buddha” and “with the body shaking, everything becomes tasteless”, like smoking people will often come to a “smoke after the event”, many people are interested in this topic, I would like to know what to do.

The topic was raised on Reddit on July 17, 2020, and has now been followed more than 500 times. I happened to see this on Reddit, asking men. I’ve extracted 100 follow-up posts from it, and I’m going to present it to my little buddies in two installments, and we can also see what men abroad will do after the fact, starting the first season now.

I always hear people hugging after sex, which sounds great, but I can’t enjoy it. I need a little cold wind to cool my body after sex. I’m not attracted to women’s bodies, I don’t like hugs, kisses and physical contact. It’ll last about an hour, and then I’ll be happy to hug my girlfriend again. It seems that my body needs some lonely and calm time after sex. I feel lonely, what do you like to do immediately after sex?

“What to say after sex—-what do men want to do after sex”

1. net friendNoctheMighty

My wife and i knock boots then I turn the fan on, she lays on her stomach and I put myhand on her ass and we pass out. Cuddling and all that is for ppl with time.

2. net friendistilldontreddit

Thats the speech of a man who’s enjoyed having sex with his wife for a long time.

3.net friendEpicBlinkstrike187

I always thought cuddling after sex meant “spoon for 5 mins as you both fall asleep”, Is that wrong?

4. net friendLonelyNC123

That is the speech of a man whose wife still has sex with him.

5. net friendsucculent08

Sorta same, but clean up is necessary as well as a smoke after.

“What to say after sex—-what do men want to do after sex”

6. net friendwhatistrashpanda

Agree with this, except I pee before passing out. We know we love each other, no need to get hot and uncomfortable to prove it.

7. net friendAtomicJugular

It’sweird and it’s only been this way with my current gf but cuddle, then talk for a long time. With my past partners I’d just get dressed and continue doing what I was doing. My gf now loves hearing me talk and talking to me in general so I’ve hit the jackpot. It’s great having a smart person to talk to and also fuck.

8. net friendldacc3334

Dude I feel the same towards my girlfriend. She’ll ler me talk for hours and I love it! Best part is she actually listens.

10. net friendHrekires

Go to thebathroom

Clean off

Go backto the bedroom

Straightenout the sheets/blankets

And thenlay down + cuddle

11. net friendLoanedPurr

Way to make me feel like abarbarian.

12. net friendLeFlyingMonke

This has been my exact processfor years. Getting up let’s you cool off too, so you can actually enjoy cuddling without creating some kind of swamp monster.

13. net friendKnittingOverlady

Gotta get that cum off and out, otherwise you stick together xD

14. net friendreb678

bring back a wet warm hand towel to wipe up you partner is always a good idea if you are the first out of bed, or wherever you did the nasty.

“What to say after sex—-what do men want to do after sex”

15. net friendpentrical

Could not have said it better.

16. net friendchestyCough94

You really have your shit together. I usually go straight to step 5 haha.

17. net friendOnoudient

This is the way.

18. net friendholyydiver32

Are you watching me and my wife? How do you know this?…

19. net friendgirraween

I had a girl who thought I hated her body because I didn’t want to cuddle afterwards straight away. I want to have a shower and wash everything off.

20. net friendFlutterByCookies

IS this not the only civalized path ?


21. net friendBerserkBoulderer

I usually get myself a glass of water, afterwards I’m always hot and thirsty.

22. net friendJohn_Wick_Detroit

Eat therest of the chicken wings.

23. net friendthrowaway03748302028


24. net friendLoginn122

Why you do this to me it’s fuckin 4am and i am hungry as hell …

25. net friendIHateMakingUserName3

Yep haha 


26. net friendnotasulga

“ I can have sex for three minutes! Then Ineed eight hours sleep.” – Richard Pryor.

27. net friendspyagent01

Play the piano until she goes to sleep.

28. net friendCock-nBallTorture

That’s actually really wholesome.

29. net friendHawtpizzuh

i wish a guy would do that to me.

30. net friendhandsomehorseman

Ling Ling can sex and practice at the same time.

31. net friendJonBoah

I usually wake up after sex。

32. net friendJack_108_Frost

Whos fucking you in your sleep, it’s illegal if you didn’t give consent you know.

33. net friendLEIFey

Cuddle, maybe round two, maybe round three, then it’s time to snore gently into herhair as we spoon.

34. net friendldacc3334

You know I always convince myself I will go for a round two, but never end up doing it. My mind and body are just never interested.

35. net friendDanceFiendStrapS

Ooooooohhhhh Check out Mr magicpenis with his numbered rounds.

36. net friendSamuraiguy747

Please tell me how you snore gently into her hair. I never have the gently part down.

37. net friendplausibleturtle

We turn the fan on for the cooling down + window open. Bathroom, cuddle, smoke a joint, sleep. Unless it’s morning, then replace sleep with coffee.

38. net friendKingWithoutClothes

My wife usually runs straight to the shower. I lie in bed alone while I wait for her to get done and contemplate life. Once she’s finished, she hollers, I get up andjump in the shower myself.

39. net friendBillymays76

Why not take the shower with her?

40. net friendActingNormalYt

Why not contemplate life withher?



41. net friendSamuraiguy747

When I read the title I immediately thought “Eat ice cream.” But then I thought it was a silly thing to say- I am a little strange. However, as I read your post I changed my mind and thought I will tell you. I guess a scoop of icecream, sherbert or ices is my way of cooling down. She likes to join me, too.

42. net friendldacc3334

You know what I think the samegoes for me! I love ice cream after sex.

43. net friendJuan286

Pay theNice lady.

44. net friendCock-nBallTorture

God damnit I was going to say that.

45. net friendwe_en

Eat; either more of her or food.

46. net friendel-papes

Book an Uber / browse Reddit.

47. net friendTerminalOrbit

Cuddle and pillow-talk.

48. net friendunlovableloser91

Clean up/go to the bathroom. Drink water. Cuddle and watch tv.

49. net friendCrazyguy332


50. net frienddaylight_comes

Smoke ablunt and then get right back at it.

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