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Boys are different from girls:

When a girl really doesn’t like you, most of the time she will be more explicit: don’t let you take her hand, won’t agree to your unreasonable request, clear boundaries, and even directly into the cold palace;

In contrast, when a boy knows that two people are not possible, he is still in the mood in the spirit of “do not take the initiative, do not refuse, not responsible” strategic approach, consume your feelings, do your best to enjoy your “benefits” to him – this performance, will always be trapped in the girls as “sweet”, to continue to pay, and repeatedly disappointed, and continue to repeat the same mistakes.

“Signs he’s not attracted to you anymore”

In fact, it is not the boys too fine, and the girls do not have enough experience to distinguish the boys “do not love you” that performance, simply list a few points for everyone, give the girls a wake-up call, once found problems, either, (1) take action to reverse the relationship;

1. Contact you with little or no initiative

“He won’t contact me, but every time I look for him, he replies, does that like me?”

Don’t be silly, if he never takes the initiative to find you, even if every time you look for him, he chooses to go back in seconds – mostly out of subconscious politeness, or boredom, rather than having a crush on you – he can think of this moment as if he were anyone else, and he would do so.

“Signs he’s not attracted to you anymore”

2. Play hard to get, a lot of tricks

Seriously, the vast majority of straight men are not too complex emotional veins, every day with you around the psychological war, the enemy retreated me into, the enemy stationed in my disturbance.

Especially those who like you, once they are sure they are not hated by you, will carefully maintain the relationship, gradually close, for fear of making mistakes.

On the contrary, those two-day fishing three days netting, cold-blooded skills, step-by-step strategy, because not enough like you, so always rational;

Of course, there are individual exceptions, boys are their own love experience, have been more mature, so know how to get their favourite girls happy.

3. Keep in touch only with you, fear to let outsiders know you exist

The contact between the two men was never made public by him, and even became an act of fear. Contact with you is like an underground party joint that will not be discovered by anyone around him.

4. Resistance to physical contact

Psychologists have shown that people resist physical contact with people they hate.

But just because he hates you doesn’t mean he’s been in close contact with you, it’s like like you.

5. It’s not worth the law: be generous to yourself, but be nice to you

Many girls like to use the money to measure boys’ love for her, which may seem unreasonable, but there is also a certain psychological basis.

“Spending money for you” is an investment.

When a boy feels that the relationship can be maintained only by perfunctory, without perfection at all, his subconscious will not find ways to invest in it – it is a psychological “not worth the law”: not worth doing, not worth doing well.

6. Pay more attention to your feelings and remember very little about you

Even if he doesn’t like you enough, he doesn’t rule out playing in front of you – even if the atmosphere is up, there’s going to be a sea of vows or something.

But there’s one thing you can’t hide: when they’re together, he pays more attention to his feelings and subconsciously thinks about himself in any detail. And this behaviour, often also ignored by girls.

“Signs he’s not attracted to you anymore”

7. Do not pay attention to personal image:

You can roughly screen out the vast majority of boys who don’t like you with this in mind.

Especially in the early days of acquaintance, when the two are not sure about the relationship, in the ambiguous stage, if he is too smart, not taboo to show his personal shortcomings – don’t fool yourself into saying he is a “straight man”, he just cares more about his comfort level than care about the image in your heart.

8. Take an evasive attitude towards your invitation and initiative

Most of the interaction between two people starts with him, and he always refuses certain invitations or requests that you offer for a variety of reasons.

This is because: he only when bored, will think of you as this “alternative”, and then take the initiative to go over to touch you, you will be a fawn bump;

And when you “come back” and go to him, the odds are that you won’t be bored, so any reason is to put your “alternative” behind you and stuff it over.

Like what:

You: Are you free for the weekend, would you like to have dinner?

He: Oh, work overtime on weekends, I’ve been too busy lately

Remember, when you’re busy, men who like you enough will take time out. 

9. Will not share, show absolute “straight man”

It’s not so much no, it’s not like you don’t want to.

Or that truth: standing in someone else’s point of view, understanding someone else’s emotions, is essentially a process that requires a little effort to get through – and someone who doesn’t like you is like a poor student who doesn’t want to get a high score, drawing two strokes on a volume at will, writing much more lazily, and not bothering to move his mind.

People who love you, will certainly take into account your feelings, where is there any steel straight man? People who like you will try their best to love you.

Maybe his behaviour will be awkward, but he cares that you can definitely feel it

10. Very low level of inclusion

Everything you do is wrong, he can easily be angry with you, you only need to show a little dissatisfaction, he is more than you have a fire. Usually, it is rare to coax you.

11. Cold violence against you

Often cold violence against you, there are contradictions, you want to solve and communicate, he often avoid or cold violence, with what you say, as if the fist hit cotton as weak and hard.

12. Get along with the details, do not feel they care for you

The details of getting along are also enough to tell if the other person likes you enough.

Take chat, for example:

If he doesn’t take the initiative to explore common topics, you’re not curious about yourself, rarely ask questions about your personal life (and it’s about the character), and focus on your habits: such as constantly fiddling with your phone, cutting off their conversations at any time and bowing back to WeChat, in short, showing all sorts of distractions.

Never mind, it’s not that he’s acting, it’s that he really doesn’t care.

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