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In the course of heterosexual communication, some girls may have this kind of trouble:

In the ambiguous period, why do boys suddenly have no enthusiasm for themselves before?

In fact, there are such troubled girls, mainly you give each other too many available signals, therefore, the boy’s heart will appear such an idea:

“Signs he’s not attracted to you anymore—-why do boys suddenly lose enthusiasm for you”

First, he did not feel the sense of crisis, feel that the early confession of the evening confession is too late;

Second, he feels like you’ve given yourself to him and lost your sense of anticipation.

In other words, you give each other too much sweetness, such as holding hands, hugging, and even kissing, before you formally determine the relationship.

Moderate sweetness, will arouse the other side’s interest, let him want to get more, but too much sweetness will make the other side feel tired, feel less expected.

So, in this case, what do girls have to do, to let each other again love themselves like fire?


Mild chat, don’t disturb

If you still maintain the habit of chatting on WeChat, then we should pay attention to reduce the number of WeChat chats.

If they’re used to be a fixed morning and good night greeting, then stop them and make him feel uncomfortable.

People are often like this, before every day there are things, will not feel precious, but suddenly one day no, he will feel uncomfortable, suffering from loss.

At the same time, you reduce the number of times you actively contact him every day and properly cool yourself up while chatting.

For example, before you send one, you can’t wait to go back to seven or eight, that now just back one or two, and to control the use of tone words.

If you initiate a chat, the other party is very busy, then you quickly leave, do not disturb also do not want to contact, and so he took the initiative to contact you and then resume the chat.

“Signs he’s not attracted to you anymore—-why do boys suddenly lose enthusiasm for you”


Create a high-value circle of friends

Next, if you want him to come to you on his own initiative, you need to increase your value.

Do your show, let him see that you have a lot of high-quality people around you, your life is not without him, let him have a sense of crisis, and to your heart.

During this time, you can take back the energy you put on the other person and put it on yourself.

You can meet friends you haven’t been in touch with recently, party and have fun, and then put these carefully edited in a circle of friends so that he can see your colourful life.

When you get better, he tends to like your friends more often.

“Signs he’s not attracted to you anymore—-why do boys suddenly lose enthusiasm for you”


Remember the good old days

At this point, you can step up your efforts and start to remember the good memories before you in the circle of friends.

For example, when the night is quiet, only you understand the whisper, if you feel really embarrassed, can be set to only he can see.

You can also take a picture of the gift he gave you before, or the scenery of the place you went to play together, in short, it is only you understand the terrier.

Then add some nostalgia, as well as reluctance to put down the words.

When you’re done like this, he’ll often know that you still have him in your heart, just don’t say it.

The reason may be that you hold on, or it may be because he is not doing well, seeing this he will become complex and stupid. 


Give a mild response

When you find that he began to give you frequent praise, this matter has been half successful, this time do not delete the other party’s WeChat, but keep him, but just do not talk, hold him.

After a while, he’ll start to worry, see how well you’re doing, and don’t take the initiative to find him. He began to doubt his charm and wanted to come to you for a chat.

Mild response, expressed willingness to accept, but still want to see the meaning of performance, at this time do not give the other side too much pressure, do not say their own principles or anything ah.

He is more emotional at this time, don’t let him fall into a rational atmosphere, push the boat down the water on the line.

But if he is still unclear, you can spill a little, the spirit together is certainly very good, no longer also do not regret the attitude, greatly square.

Finally, sum up, if you want to rekindle the enthusiasm of the other side, the mentality must be adjusted, the time to spill, the emotional time emotional.

Don’t let the other person feel that you have been eaten by him, and don’t let the other person feel that you have completely given up on him, this scale requires you to slowly experience in practice.

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