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In the relationship between men and women, chatting and sending newsletters is an important means to enhance feelings. However, when you send him a message, the following situations can only mean that he is not interested in you.

First, the information reply is not timely

We’re talking to someone, and if we’re happy to talk to him, we’ll respond to every message he sends because we don’t want to leave him a feeling that it’s difficult to reply to information in a short time.

Busy people live a busy life, and now people don’t keep their cell phones all the time. But strangely, when you text someone, if they don’t immediately return your message, the excitement freezes instantly. And if I receive their message, I will reply immediately, so that the chat will be interesting, this is what the chat should look like. Instead of contacting someone every time, someone else makes you wait hours or even a day to get back to you.

“Signs he is losing interest—-there are several signs that he doesn’t like you”

Blue information accounts for the majority

When two people chat, your information will show a blue background box on QQ and a green background box on WeChat. If you two chat, blue or green information accounts for the majority, it means that you put in a larger proportion. In other words, you are more interested in him than he is in you.

Three, buzzing text messages

Buzzing here is actually a pun. He went out to have a good time and then chose to contact you at this time, but he never contacted you at any other time, so he must not be interested in you.

Fourth, only interact on social platforms

If a person interacts with you on social media and doesn’t reply to you on your phone, such as texting and calling, stay away from him. Because he’s not interested in you, and he’s just kept some interaction, maybe he’s a kid opposite the phone?

“Signs he is losing interest—-there are several signs that he doesn’t like you” 

V. There is no firm plan

If he’s the kind of guy who just sends a message and doesn’t call you out, I’m ashamed of him because he’s probably playing with you. If you’re the kind of person who keeps giving him back messages, even if he calls you out, you’re ashamed.

‘If you’re waiting for someone in a pub, it’s best to have your back to the door, because if you wait for someone who doesn’t come, even if it’s no use looking at the door, it just makes you more focused, ‘ Mr. Gurung said. This context is now, that is, never hold a mobile phone and wait for a person’s message. All waiting is the beginning of disappointment.

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