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1 Be patient

Patience why so important because most girls in the feelings are slow to heat type, they only in the boy’s patient companionship, will produce a stronger and stronger sense of dependence, in fact, this is what people often say the long-term love.

Also, there will be a small number of girls by testing the patience of boys, to judge whether boys are single-minded and reliable.

Because now boys can through a variety of social software, know a large number of girls, so most of the boys, will be in the form of a wide net courtship, if the chat for a few days did not get a girl response, will change one.

Therefore, a small number of girls, even if they like a boy, will not show up too early, because they need long-term observation to see if the man is really single-minded and reliable.

“Qualities of a good boyfriend” 

Combined with the above, if you really want to catch up with her, then take out patience, go after.

In fact, patience is also the characteristic of good people, because in this impetuous age, can be patient to do practical things only a few people.

2 Understanding people

People want to fall in love because love can give him a warm harbour when he needs it, the other half will give him a unique hug in time, or empathetic spiritual comfort.

If you want to be thoroughly understanding, you need to be good at finding beauty, when you can always find beauty, you will let the next thing, all in a good direction, after all, people in positive energy, will handle things better.

“Qualities of a good boyfriend”

So how do you find beauty?

For example, on a date, the other person arrived three minutes late, then, you should be in this matter, the good impact to find out, wait to meet can be used as a reason, and the other side slightly flirted, so after the meeting can say: “I originally intended, if you arrived on time, I will tell you a secret, now you want to know, you have to boast about me first.” ”

For example, when chatting with each other, the other side always expressed feelings, that in this matter, what are the good effects? For example, the other person must have a lot of funny expressions, I can let the other side send me, so I can say: “You must have a lot of interesting expressions, send me.” ”

For example, looking for each other to chat, the other side did not reply, that in this matter, what are the good effects? For example, the other party just happened to be busy, so I waited and read more time.

“Qualities of a good boyfriend”

3 Take the initiative as much as possible to take on the problem and then solve it

If you want girls to rely on you, you have to take the initiative as much as possible, take the initiative, and then solve the problem.

As long as she’s alive, she needs to solve all kinds of problems, and I give some examples.

For example, she goes to the restaurant to eat, to Iceland travel, all need to use money;

For example, if she wants to design a plan that she has never been in contact with, then she needs some advice;

For example, if she needs to learn English, then she needs professional guidance;

For example, if her family needs to change the light bulb, then she may need a man who can change the light bulb to help.

If you can solve problems like this, she’ll be more and more dependent on you because you can make her live and reproduce better.

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