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1, make the necessary contacts preferably classmates, classmates, professional, with the community and so on, so that you have a roughly inseparable link between you in, you can develop a closer relationship on this basis, this foundation can also help you a lot, such as you can easily and very properly add to his contact information, and you will usually have a common topic, lay a good foundation. If it is not the ordinary life circle of people, the main first step or how to get contact information is more appropriate, otherwise, no contact is equivalent to the game has not started at all. Here to remind how to introduce yourself after adding contact information, because if there is no proper reason to say, the other side has been eight or nine not far from ten feel that you are interested in him——— in guessing where things are going, do not scare the snake. Once you’ve got your contact information, you can start some interaction.

“How to get your crush”

2, look at their own image will be heart-to-heart, for our own pursuit will inadvertently consider the value of this element. Not to mention that men are visual animals. Externally you need to keep improving yourself, at least you have to look fresh and clean. There’s at least one flashpoint — such as good skin, very white skin, or big eyes, or a good haircut, and so on. Leave at least one not-so-bad impression in his mind. Internally you can enrich yourself, learn other knowledge and skills, and enrich yourself. He likes the hobby you’d better be able to understand one or two, even if you can’t say on his like, at least when he talks about it can talk about a sentence or two. Here to remember a big taboo: I see other answers have said to learn to mutter cute, to pretend that children simply ignorant, pretend to be strong or something, I think people do not like you now, play so much is still very dangerous. Don’t let yourself deliberately pretend to be what kind of person, in case he just likes the way you would have been natural? Love is mutual attraction, not your alone attachment. I encourage you to be a better person, not a more fake person.

3, the establishment and adjustment of mentality you and he also have a certain connection, based on the first impression, I believe you have a lot of understanding of him, at this moment you need to ask yourself, still want to continue to like him? Let him really like your process may be very hard, you still do not want to shrink? After understanding his character story, is he really a person you think will miss it? If you are still wobbling, then I advise you to stop, because you may not really like this person, you prefer their own comfortable circle, so that in the process of following like him a little less than you will want to give up in the heart. Let him like you is a bitter process, the time required also varies from person to person, if you are sure it is him, then to do a good job of fighting a long-term war, the length of time does need specific analysis, but you want to be quick, the effect generally will not last.

“How to get your crush” 

First of all, you have to remember, now you like him, he may not like you, it doesn’t matter, now is just a one-sided process, we can’t take morality to expect a person to make the same response to you; In like a person when we will often be blocked by this kind of good feeling of the right-thinking ability, one of his actions is handsome, he back to you a thing affect your emotions, such a state of mind I can understand, but we must remember to calm restraint, not to suffer gains and losses.

4, breakthrough his defence relies on not to give him pressure based on the third point I want to extend out a very pay attention to the problem. You may not know, but sometimes invisible actions can put pressure on him, especially later, even if you don’t confess to the other person can already feel that you are interested in him. At this time, he may have deliberately to keep a distance, or you chat good has been about to be together, no matter what do not give up, because you have not been together, can not take the couple’s standard requirements for each other, he snubbed you or anything, are normal, you can feel sad, but can not make a small temper to ask him to give a statement. For example, there have been boys who like me, in my clear that I do not like him, will send good morning and good night every day and all kinds of sentences to talk about the day, this is nothing when everyone or friends can still speak, I hate is the kind of threatening statement “since you are so cold, I am sick can it?” I’ll never bother you again. “Then blacken me out and ask for it back in a few days… Things like that can make people stressed.

“How to get your crush”

5, “vote for its good” (men and women apply) here cast its good is not simply to find common topics, other answers also have a detailed, I do not repeat. I’ve found one of the most practical ways to pursue in a relationship – to provide what she needs, to say simply, “If the woman you fall in love with is a gold worshipper, you have to have the money for her to splurge on.” If the man you’re in love with is a prodigal son, you have to say you don’t mind him flying the flag. (Just, for example, don’t make suggestions, don’t imitate easily) Deep down, he’s lonely in his heart, so you have to be able to accompany him day in and day out. In her heart he is a very lack in care and love, then you have to use warm care to impress her. The piece of her heart that cares most, if you find out, and only you can do it around him, then he will suddenly find: Hey, it may be good to be with you. It’s easy to make a boy like you, but it’s much harder to love you. He will like you, probably because he is lonely, he feels guilty, he moved or some sudden emergence of vague feelings, but this feeling is not long, so we often see a lot of people around, soon together, but once the passion fades, people come to their senses, feelings will soon be over. And he loves you, is that it is you, not you can not, you are the most suitable. So I suggest you find what he needs most, and only then does he think of you and find that no one can compare with you in this respect. A lot of people in the comments ask how to understand, I can only give you away, how to understand is to you to explore. This approach won’t be 100 percent successful, but it will give you a better chance of success. How to do it: You need to combine all the information you know and what you know about him to combine your judgment. This judgment is not necessarily perfect and correct, so you can’t rush to tell him, “I know you’re such a person, I know you need someone to do this to you, and I’m the one”, you’ll scare him away.

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