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As a good man, if he not only “will love you”, but also can take into account the following criteria, it is basically certain that this is a worthy trust, can be kept, intimate partner.

One. Have you in your heart, always online

Communication is the best bridge between each other, can be contacted at any time, to make people feel at peace.

When you need him, call him and you’ll be answered at any time. Even if the delay, will see the first time after the callback, reply.

“5 qualities of a good boyfriend”

Your happiness is shared, your sorrow is shared, he will be the best listener and active participant. Your words, here in him, will reverberate.

Two. Know what you need and be generous to you

Whether rich or not is not a measure of a man’s good or bad, whether he can be generous is.

He will understand your careful thinking, also understand what you desire to live, he will support your choices, but also willing to accompany you to achieve your wishes. Even if the temporary force is not caught, but insist on efforts, silently preparing for surprises.

He is not arbitrary, nor is he suspicious, let alone stingy to praise you. He was generous and frank and warm.

Three. Gentle and beautiful, always soft

No matter how good the feelings, every quarrel, the heart of an extra thorn.

He knows that quarrelling doesn’t solve the problem, preferring to whisper. When contradictions arise, he is willing to try to resolve them;

Between swearing sovereignty and defending feelings, he is willing to choose the latter, and he does not want to prove right or wrong through strength or words. Love you, naturally embrace your little temper.

“5 qualities of a good boyfriend”

Four. There are numbers in my heart, and the ceremony is full

Ritual sense is a way of life, but also a life attitude.

He remembers your birthday and knows all the anniversaries, and he prepares gifts, arranges trips, and quietly shows them to you.

He will fulfill your agreement as much as expected, will give you gentle bedtime greetings, will also hug you before you go out. And every day with him, it’s as good as a holiday.


Five. Be strong and determined and take responsibility

Making money to support a family may be a man’s responsibility, but it shouldn’t be the whole story.

He knows your hard work and is willing to pay for the trifles at home. Chaim oil salt sauce vinegar tea, and the family’s relationship with the elderly, education of children’s problems, he will not turn a blind eye.

He understands his responsibilities and keeps trying to get better, but he also gives you more to rely on. With him, you are not afraid of the wind and rain of the future.

If love can not be implemented into dressing, eating, sleeping, counting money, these real-life to go, will not belong.

As a good man, you must have made a good promise to the person you love, and you have been working hard to create a better life for your family.

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