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Dating is a very important part of the process of chasing girls, even if you chat well on the Internet, you also want to build a new understanding of girls in the real world. Many boys mistakenly think that dating girls must go to some high-end restaurants, high-end occasions. In fact, girls are willing to date you, in the heart more look forward to is the feeling of this process, during this period, you have to talk and communicate 90 percent of the time, at this time, the topic of chat between you is very important, today to tell you about dating girls what kind of topic? Everyone should collect it well.

“Talking vs dating”

First, girls like it

When you meet with girls for the first time, while walking and chatting, you can find the girl’s preferences to chat topics. For example, when your date time is time for dinner, you say to her, “What flavour foods do you usually like to eat, yes, remember the last chat you said you like spicy food?” “, after the girl replies to you, you can say, “I know there’s a hot pot shop super hot, let’s go, let’s try it.”

We ask girls about their preferences from time to time on a date, then use her reply to spread the conversation, and then lead the girl on a date. By the same say, watching movies and going to the playground can be done this way, showing both your concern for girls and letting her see that you are a boy with an opinion.

Second, family relations

When eating or shopping, you can ask the girl’s family if she has any siblings, and if the girl is willing to talk to you about it, you can talk to her about her family, and finally extend it to her parents’ work and family relationships. The biggest advantage of talking about family is to be able to quickly and girls close relationship, people are not willing to talk to a person who is not very familiar with the family, you have to do is through this topic to reduce the strangeness between you, let her feel that you are a close person.

Three, travel

Whether it’s chatting online or on a date, travel is a topic that’s always worth talking about. Take the initiative to tell the girl about the tourist attractions she has been to in the last six months or a year and share some of the anecdotes from her trip. If girls also like to travel, then the topic between you will continue, let her take the initiative to share with you, and express a strong sense of interest and identity. If the girls don’t have much time to travel, you can say to her, “There’s a place I’ve always wanted to go, I’m going to play recently, I’m going to take you with you”, and you can make a vague invitation on the topic.

“Talking vs dating” 

Four, work

In dating with girls, the topic of work will inevitably be talked about, but many boys chat about this topic, usually ask, you are at work, specifically do what, working hours, similar to check the hukou-style series of questions, in fact, such a chat will sometimes really make girls feel impatient because girls and you dating is a relaxed, pleasant process, we want to let her forget those cumbersome, make her stressed things.

This topic of course to chat, but pay attention to the way to chat, you can very simple to ask the girls to do what work, and then to her work to do some simple views, and then guide the topic to their own work, career, tell girls why you do this line, as well as the future of your planning, the topic of work sublimation to your career planning and dreams, so that, like girls show that you are a dream boy.

Five, hobbies

You can ask girls what they like to do when they’re not working and where they like to play. Share your spare time, hobbies, and let her know that you are a rich life, not a boy who can only play games at home. When you understand her hobbies and habits, it will also be convenient for you to make your next offer to her.

Six, emotional experience

This topic must not be in the beginning to chat, we must always judge and girls dating chat status, if girls are willing to export topics to you, to taste the end of the involved.

Talk about the emotional experience is actually very easy to touch the hearts of girls, at first, you can tell girls about your school time anecdotes, take the initiative to tell her then and your favourite girl’s anecdotes, guide girls to share their emotional experience, once the girl originally intended to open this topic to you, your emotions are easy to go one step closer, on the contrary, once the touch, girls will instinctively resist, resistance.

“Talking vs dating”

If the girls are resistant to this topic, no matter how hot your chat was before, stop the discussion immediately and move the topic.

And girls at the meeting should talk about what topic we understand it, but pay attention to the point is that dating chat is different after all and network chat, you in face-to-face communication, so everyone’s voice, body movements must be natural and generous, facial expressions to keep smiling, so that girls feel that you are generous, graceful boys.

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