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What should I talk about after my first date with a girl? And the girls in the initial contact stage is very important, many boys and girls on the first date are very excited, in the stimulation of dopamine want to further develop with girls, if you want to further promote the relationship with girls, then the follow-up chat on WeChat is particularly important.

Now I’ll share with you what to talk about after your first date with a girl. I hope the old iron can hold hands with the girls they love to succeed.

First, the first time and girls after dating home every 10-30 minutes to chat.

“Talking vs dating—-what should I talk about after my first date with a girl”

Why start a chat again every once in a while? Mainly use this time to reduce your sense of demand for girls, “need sense” is to kill a relationship the most violent poison, but also many boys chasing girls “seek not to” the root cause, so no matter how happy you and girls date, how happy, after the dating chat must avoid the excess need.

If you’re in a hurry to contact a girl after a date, the girl subconsciously thinks “you need her”, you take the initiative to break the social balance of the relationship, the girl takes the initiative in the relationship, and in a relationship too easy to get but will not cherish, may eventually become a spare tire or be issued a good person card.

Second, chill each other

After the initiative and girls can initiate a chat, after all, girls need men to take the initiative to lead, if, to maintain their high profile, the end of the date day did not send a message to girls, girls agile sixth sense will feel that you do not like her, which will affect your relationship after the promotion.

1, can be based on whether girls go home safely for the reason of initiating a chat, such as can say: “safe home when giving me a message back.” In fact, this is also a gentleman, warm man a kind of embodiment.

2, you can share the feeling of dating with girls, such as can say: “today and you date very happy.”

Then patiently wait for the girls to reply just fine, do not rush to the girls to add messages, do not false praise, please girls.

“Talking vs dating—-what should I talk about after my first date with a girl”


Third, chat to control the rhythm.

Some boys after a date will be eager to make the next invitation to girls, the poor pursuit will only reduce your attractiveness to girls, to create too much pressure on girls will be counterproductive, so the first date after the chat to slow down, use this time to focus on raising the mood of girls, interval once again to make an invitation is no harm.

Fourth, let the chat develop in an ambiguous direction

As long as the girl after the date back to your message, indicating that the girl to you has a window and expectations, the next chat can rest assured bold chat.

1, you can talk about the atmosphere of your dating place;

2, you can talk about your date fun anecdotes;

3, you can chat to share your little secret to girls;

4, can talk about her constellation, figure, wearing, etc.

5, you can talk about your next work arrangements;

6, can chat about fun places, delicious restaurants, good-looking scenery and so on;

7, you can talk about your previous emotional experience;

8, you can talk about the recent release of television, movies, variety shows, etc.


No matter what you end up talking about, connect the topic to you so that you can continue to increase the sense of connection between you and the girls so that the girls to your heat continue to increase.

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