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Almost every husband who has had sex with a woman has this question: “Why did my wife become like this?”

“Sexual problems are the elimination of sexual physiological conditions, and then the treatment of sexual psychological parts. But the ‘psychological’ problem is often not just one person, but the two sides co-exist. How to find this common problem is the key to solving the problem. ”

However, most male friends encounter a partner’s sexual apathy, the first reaction is to find answers from themselves or the other person. A better person would think, “Doesn’t she love me anymore?” “Am I making her unhappy?” A little bit of an extreme person would think, “Why isn’t she sexually interested?” Is menopause coming? “Why am I so unlucky to find a wife with a cold personality?” How can a problem be solved by looking at it in such isolation?

“My wife loves me but doesn t desire me—- sex experts give you advice”

If your partner is found to be showing signs of sexual apathy, you can suggest that male friends can look for reasons in the following ways:

1. Feelings are not harmonious

In past consultations with the Sexual Management Centre, almost every case of female sexual indifference mentions that she and her husband have marital problems. Sex, sex is based on love. Sex with love is enjoyment, sex without love is desire. If the relationship between husband and wife is not good, the same room is just to solve the physiological needs, how can you expect to have a good libido? If your partner ignores you, you should reflect on whether your feelings are in red light.

2. I’m in a bad mood

We have all had this experience when the mood is bad, appetite will decline, eat is also tasteless. Sexual desire is also the truth, when people are in sadness, anger, sadness and other negative emotions, libido will be significantly affected, the solution to this problem is to digest these negative emotions as soon as possible so that libido will return to normal. If you find your partner in a negative mood, don’t force her, the priority is to help her out of the emotional shadow.

“My wife loves me but doesn t desire me—- sex experts give you advice” 

3. Physiological reasons

The physiological cause here is not a disease, but the effects of nutrition, age, drugs and lifestyle. For example, malnutrition can cause depression in women, leading to decreased libido; in women who drink heavily for long periods of time, alcohol can lead to reduced vaginal secretions, causing pain and lack of pleasure; and certain medications such as leukopenia, Prubensin and some anti-cancer drugs can lead to low libido and even impair sexual function. As a husband, should you care more about your wife to see if her sexual apathy is caused by these factors?

Unlike other diseases, sexual problems are more of a psychological problem than a physical one. This “heart disease” is not a temporary annoyance, but a long-term accumulation of emotions. Frozen three feet is not a day’s cold, husband and wife evil is not a moment to start. For a relationship, love is the foundation, and communication is the key to maintaining the relationship.

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