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You’re separated from your wife. You all know it’s time to take a break, but it’s easier said than done. You miss her, you miss sleeping next to her, making her laugh, and facing every day with her. You’ll be better together, all you can think about is how I can get my wife back after separation.

What you really miss is the days when you got along, and there’s no mustard between you. Unfortunately, your marriage hasn’t been like this for a while. They’re both tired of arguments and negativity, and that’s why you’re separated.

“Make your wife miss you during separation”

In the early stages of your separation, you keep telling yourself that I miss my wife, that you are constantly thinking about how to win back your wife, and how to make your wife love you again. You’re thinking about what to say to get your wife back, and how to make your wife fall in love with you again after separation.

If you’ve been apart for a while, hope everything calms down. Both of you can clear the sound you hear and assess how things are going. Time does heal some wounds, but not all of them. What else do you need to do to get your wife back after separation?

Here are some helpful tips on how to get your wife back after she leaves you, and how to get her to love you again after you’ve separated.

1. Give her space

How to regain your wife’s heart after separation, first of all, to understand why you separated in the first place. You may not want the separation to continue, but if that’s what she needs, give it to her. Anxiety will only spoil your chances of getting back together with her. She may miss you and want to be with you again, but she may need more time to solve the problem. Respect that. Don’t put pressure on her, and don’t give her an ultimatum or timetable.

“Make your wife miss you during separation”

2. Restrain the urge to quarrel

Don’t fall into the way you used to argue, even if she’s defensive or has a fight with you, it won’t make her want to be with you every day – it’s something you two escape. Moreover, her anger may not be true anger, but sadness or fear. She’s afraid, she’s afraid of losing you, she’s afraid of what her life would be like without you, she’s afraid of facing it all alone. If she yells at you, listen to her. 

3. Listen as you’ve never heard before

Women just want to be heard. But it’s not just what you hear, it’s about really finding out what’s going on behind it. Help each other, that’s what she wants. Part of the reason you’re apart is undoubted because she doesn’t feel your listening. If you want her back, it’s a big thing that has to change. When she talks to you, don’t try to solve her problem – just listen. She’s smart enough to figure things out, and all she needs is your listening and encouragement.

“I’m sorry, dear,” “I understand,” “you can do it” should be phrases you remember and use frequently. Don’t listen to her response, listen to her voice, really listen to her voice. It’s going to make a big difference. The purpose of this is not only to get your wife back together after separation but also to ensure that you can be together.

“Make your wife miss you during separation”

4. Apologize (even if you have already apologized)

You say you’re sorry, you’re sorry – when will that be enough? The problem is that what she really wants to hear is how you feel after apologizing, saying you’re sorry or pretending to be sorry doesn’t explain how you really feel to her. Let’s face it – it’s rare that you’re not the kind of person who often says how you feel.

Whether you like it or not, you have to say it. Say you’re sorry because you never want to hurt her, you miss her, you can only imagine living with her. It’s a little boring, but you know. It’s good to acknowledge your apology, but explaining the feelings behind your apology will help you win your wife’s heart again.

5. Marriage counselling is recommended

Women support marriage counselling, and if you make suggestions, you’ll definitely be on her side. But agreeing to go is one thing, and putting all your energy into the process is another. Treatment is not easy, especially for men, there are a lot of emotional topics, this is definitely a woman’s strength, not a man’s strength. It doesn’t matter, the effort you put in is the key.

So go every time, listen to the therapist, listen to your wife, share your feelings. Through this process, you will learn more about your wife and even about yourself.

6. Never give up

Even if things look bad, don’t give up hope that you two can mix, it all depends on your attitude and mindset. If you’ve given up on your heart and mind, she’ll know. A woman is sensitive to other people’s feelings – especially the man she loves.

Hope is the choice you make every day. So wake up every day, say something encouraging to yourself, and think about something that encourages you. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. She’s your wife, you love her, and you’ll win her back story.

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