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Breakthrough a man’s psychology, not his aesthetic.

They know how to release an IOI (interest indicator) to a man who thinks he can catch up with her as a girlfriend.

“How does a man pursue a woman”

What is an “interest indicator”?

Simply put, it’s a kind of good signal that a woman sends when she’s interested in a man, and it’s in a woman’s subconscious, and when you like a man, you can’t help but show it.

Some girls are just too stubborn, when she likes a man, the man can not see her favourable signal, that man may feel that you have no interest in me, thus missing a good relationship.

Women just pay attention to this indicator of interest, it is easy for men to catch up with you.

Of course, if your face value also has to pass, this is basic. If you go out without makeup and your clothes don’t match, put them on and go out. Then it’s no use saying how men release their favour.

Some people say that as long as they are beautiful enough, there will be a large number of men chasing, which is not necessarily. Men for beautiful women will only ask, see, first observe, will not immediately pay action to catch up, because he felt that beautiful women are not good to catch up, they can not catch up, want to catch up also need to pay too much.

“How does a man pursue a woman”

On the contrary, those who look ordinary, general body, general work, general conditions of the girl, men are more willing to go after. (This is also a common phenomenon around us)

Because the men feel that I have given up the beautiful woman, back down, I can certainly catch up with her.

Men are very good at weighing the pros and cons, they will not do things that are not fully sure about.

Let’s give you an example.

A man’s fondness for women you can think of as the relationship between a hunter and prey, but also to take into account the hunter’s ability, the hunter’s ability is a man’s excellence.

If a young and strong hunter (a man over 7 points) sees an elephant (a beautiful woman over 7.5) 50 meters away from himself, and he has a shotgun in his hand, he will wait for the opportunity to take the prey down, and if he sees a rabbit (a girl of about 6 minutes) at a distance of 50 meters, the hunter will give up, because a rabbit is not worth wasting a bullet.

If the woman he meets is not very beautiful, he will only casually say, eat together, will not be very concerned about whether the woman will agree.

It’s like if a rabbit runs at the hunter’s feet, the hunter grabs the rabbit and takes it home. If the rabbit wants a man to chase him, it may not be realistic.

Then this elephant is a young beautiful girl, the hunter thinks he has enough ability to take the girl down, he will take the initiative to pursue, if the young beautiful girl did not release any kindness to him, then the man will not take the initiative.

Not a beautiful girl is like a rabbit, if a man chases, a man will not do so, if this is a girl sent to the door, then the man will not refuse!

If the hunter sees a lion 100 meters away, the hunter will wonder if I will be eaten by the lion if I rush to attack. If the hunter finds out that the lion is injured, the hunter will take the initiative.

If the lion than a beautiful woman, then this beautiful woman to release more than the elephant’s good feelings, the hunter will attack because the hunter to assess his success rate, if the hunter saw a lame lion, he will take the initiative to attack, this lame lion, is to release a good feeling of beauty.

Men are the same, they take the initiative to chase a girl, will first judge their chances of success!

A man asked me before, he is chasing this girl seems to be chasing a lot of her, but her condition is not particularly good, why?

I said it was because she had released enough favours for the men who chased her, released enough “interest indicators” to clearly and explicitly give men a “progress bar”, and these men felt they had a play to go after her.

Therefore, a woman, the number of people chasing her does not depend entirely on how beautiful she is, how good, but depends on how many men she has released enough good feelings!

This kind of girl is the man who will take the initiative to pursue.

People are more likely to like people who like themselves, which in psychology is called the “love compensation effect.”

If you know someone likes you and gives you a certain amount of favour, and you don’t hate the other person, you may like each other after a while.

Why is that?

Here’s a good explanation for this:

Being liked is a very happy thing, it is a compliment and recognition, will make dopamine secretion, will naturally lead to our physiological response. If this physiological response is not properly explained, we will slowly give ourselves this hint: Isn’t it, I like him, too?

Because each other’s likes will enhance your self-confidence and self-identity, but also to a certain extent to satisfy your sense of accomplishment, so you are very comfortable, so you also have a good feeling about TA.

And this kind of kindness deepens your desire to know each other, and you unconsciously begin to pay attention to each other.

For example, pay attention to each other’s online dynamics, see if the other party has made any statements, is not all related to you…

It further increases the likelihood that two people will get to know each other and get close to each other, laying the foundation for love or closer friendships.

This process is actually the process of generating more emotional investment in it, you find more advantages of Ta, and this process is the process of slowly liking each other.

So if you want someone to like you, you need to take advantage of this effect.

In addition to casting his good to resonate with what interests him, praise and praise him more, but also learn to release a little IOI, ‘pretend’ to like him, stimulate men more motivation to chase you.

So, how to release “IOI” to men?

The IOI (Interest Indicator) can be divided into three categories depending on its strength:

1. Weak IOI (Language Goodness Release)


The same, the use of ‘mirroring principle’ storytelling.

He said like music, you respond I also like, I like to listen to music relax, to eliminate the day’s mental fatigue.

Didn’t expect you also like Jay Chou, his ghostly creation is my favourite.

When your chat involves deeper topics, such as family and emotions, you can also share a particular experience with the other person in a story-telling way.

These are all ways that resonate more easily.

B, to express approval.

He showed a lot of love, such as very good care for small animals or children, you said: “I didn’t expect you to be so loving, my future boyfriend must have love, this is very manly.” ”

When he takes care of the details of the appointment, you can say, “You’re so careful, I appreciate the careful man.”

2. Moderate IOI (emotional goodwill release)


A. When you’re dating, as long as you’re happy or he’s making you happy, you can say:

“Next time don’t make me happy, every time I’m with you I’m happy, I like this feeling very much, if one day you are gone, I may not be happy.” So I have to give up the feeling you give me. ”

B. When a man chats with you, no matter what he says, you can finally look at him gently and say:

“It’s really nice to chat with you, how nice it would be if I had met you.”

Increase the heat index with a sudden release of goodwill.

C, you can also mischievous some, petite selling, occasionally add a little material, he has sufficient motivation to maintain your pursuit.

3. High IOI (good feeling release on the limb)


A, get him a bottle of water after he unscrews it for you. You touch his arm (stay for 2-3 seconds) and say:

Why can’t I unscrew it, sure enough, you’re a little stronger.

B. On the way to the mall, I saw a dessert or afternoon tea shop. You can naturally gently pull a dress on his wrist:

“This dessert is good, I love it, we used to taste it.”

C, after he helped you with the physical work while doing paper towels gently wipe the sweat off his head while saying:

You see you’re sweating, you must be tired. Don’t move me to wipe you.

D and the ambiguous object to eating dessert, two people order is not the same, you take a bite, issued a compliment:

“Wow, I’m a great taste!”

Then, naturally, a spoonful was reached to the mouth of the ambiguous object:

“It’s really delicious, don’t believe you taste it!”

Many small tips release IOI (interest indicator):

You often laugh when he speaks.

You finish drinking water and put the cup next to his cup;

He said bad things about you or teased you, you flirtatiously reached out to hit him;

In front of him do more hair, touch the ears and other feminine movements

Walking close to him, about 20 cm (the distance of a palm);

Group activities, every once in a while to stare at her smile, repeated many times;

In short, everything is showing a man an attitude: she seems to like me yes! I have to hurry up and catch her.

A lot of times it’s not that you’re not worth enough, it’s not that you can’t chat, it’s not that you’re a man.

A man needs a little hint that he has a chance to pursue you before he has the motivation to continue.

And all you have to do is give the man the motivation to release the availability and let him know that he has a chance to catch up with you.

So, if you want the person you like to like you too, you should also release some interest indicators appropriately.

People are more likely to like people who like themselves.

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