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He just wants to prove one thing to you: “This relationship, he didn’t lose completely.” At least after the break-up, he earned dignity. “Seeing a lot of people in the comments section saying, “After a boy breaks up, it’s just a man’s reason to be cold and desperate.” To put it very truthfully, a boy’s reason is never a spontaneous consciousness, but a product of his sense of responsibility and belonging in the relationship between the sexes. In other words, boys before the age of 28 are actually like girls, most of them are a group of “emotional” creatures. They will also lose their minds for love, and they will fight for one person. At this time, they are not rational at all. A man who has just come into contact with love is, in essence, just a little boy. You will find that the boys in love are actually very childish, they will also learn to petite, they will also be wronged in front of you like a child.

“Why do guys go cold after breakup—–after breaking up, why can the man be so unfeeling, as if he never loved”

But “what made this small group of boys start trying to be rational?” There are two ways to do this. A kind of he in this love, has been the girl should pay attention to and recognition, when his inner sense of need is satisfied, his sense of responsibility and belonging will grow more and more. When he begins to realize that “he can’t get stuck in the present, but also give girls a better life”, then his thinking will gradually mature, began to rationally examine and plan for the future of life. Another: is a failed feeling push boys began to become rational, but this is not to say that every boy after the break-up will be instantly rational, but through a long period of time on this failure of precipitation and reflection, gradually understand “what kind of feelings are their own want.” So the boy in love, a short period of time to your indifference, in fact, is not rational thinking drove him to do so. Many times, it was the boy who had had enough of his disappointment in a relationship, and he began to realize that “need to love himself”, the “indifference” he showed was in fact nothing more than an act of self-preservation. He knew in his heart that he couldn’t go back to each other, so what’s the use of entanglement with you? He had long understood that this relationship would only allow him to repeat the same mistakes, so why give each other a damn fantasy? So most young boys in the break-up, the expression of indifference, you don’t have to think so complicated, feel that “his indifference to you, is a form of rational expression.” In fact, it is very simple, these boys after the break-up of the show of love, not that he did not love you. But in telling you, tell Zhou Wai people: “This relationship, he did not lose thoroughly.” At least after the break-up, leave some face for yourself. ”

“Why do guys go cold after breakup—–after breaking up, why can the man be so unfeeling, as if he never loved”

This also shows that many boys simply “not as rational as you think”, he showed a desperate feeling, because he can not put down his face, feel that this time should not be their own initiative to look down to find you, so calm, pretend to be cold. Of course, the premise of letting boys pretend to be cold is that he is neither a scum man, he really loved you. You also haven’t done anything disloyal to your feelings (e.g. cheating, splitting legs, etc.). So I often say, a lot of times a real love of your boys, they break up, in fact, waiting is just your one-time main movement, your one-time communication. If at this time, you do not understand a boy’s emotional needs, his indifference as ruthless, and even blame, question them “Why are you so cold, you have never loved me?” “Boys in the break-up, in fact, the most expected is “can release pressure from you”, but this time you put pressure, but will push him farther and farther. So when his so-called goodwill once again occupy the highlands, they will follow your words and say, “yes, I just didn’t love you at all.” “Why do we often say, “Although girls mention break-ups much more often than boys, once boys take the initiative to break up, then this relationship is mostly to the end?” At the time of the break-up, a boy seems unusually ruthless and unsettling on the surface, if he really loves you, his heart is actually like you are turning the sea. Such a break-up attitude, often boys nature of the love role. In fact, men in love will produce more sense of responsibility for roles, which also prompted them to produce a “protective personality”, naturally they are difficult to make up their minds to abandon their protected objects.

“Why do guys go cold after breakup—–after breaking up, why can the man be so unfeeling, as if he never loved”

But when a boy begins to make up his mind to break up in an apathetic manner, it means that his sense of love and role is closer to 0. Even if he still loves you, but in the face of this time’s bad emotional contradictions, as well as unable to adjust the personality conflict, this makes him not choose not to break up. A boy who really loved you, “love” is true, and “love” is actually he pretended. 

So if you don’t have any compound will, it doesn’t really matter what kind of attitude he takes towards you. And what we have to do with each other is – stop entanglement and embrace the future. But if you still have a compound will at this time, then you want to unfreeze the boys of this layer of indifference, you have to do is not entanglement, questioning and pressure, which will only make the boys more resistant. And what you really need to do: figure out what the character flaws boys once had are, and make positive changes. If it is the same you, standing in front of him again, then he must think: with each other’s torture, may as well become their own love and indifference, break each other’s thoughts, but also to become their own, for your last responsibility. So girl, do you understand? If you don’t have the will to compound, then what kind of attitude he has to you, in fact, has nothing to do with you. Since your ex didn’t have the idea of being friends, you didn’t have to go up the bar to maintain the friendship.

But if you want to recover, then his indifference to you must be the establishment of “he can’t stand one of your character defects for a long time” if you have not done the minimum change, then he has any reason and courage to regain enthusiasm, let oneself turn back? Don’t overestimate a boy’s reason, and don’t underestimate his patience with you. How much enthusiasm a cold boy has for you is not how much he once loved you, but whether you have changed or not, and you are not worth his return.

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