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In fact, I very much do not recommend too fast sex, which is not half the benefit of your long-term relationship. In my mind, the role of sex is a way to deepen emotional connections, not a weight to win the other person’s heart. In other words, when you try to use sex itself as a bargaining chip that makes him love you more, you’re on the wrong track.

Having a relationship is just another shift in the progress of your relationship, and if you want to deepen his love for you and make your relationship better, all you have to do is put more experience into building your own charm: 1. Refuse to belong permanently.

“What he thinks after you sleep with him” 

First of all, you should change your mindset. Whether it’s a girl who tries to get the other person’s love in a sexual way or a girl who wants the other person to love herself or love herself more, inevitably, I’m already his person, I’m completely his, and my happiness is entrusted to him.

Therefore, no matter how cold the original goddess, and then become a good wife and mother’s sweet sister, even if the original independent progress, and then will become a sticky kitten.

And such a change, not only will make men feel that they have been eaten, will not put a lot of attention on you, but also give boys a potential pressure so that boys have a sense of escape from responsibility.

So after an intimate relationship, it’s best to have an independent mindset and continue to get along like before.

“What he thinks after you sleep with him”

2. Do the opposite

Zhang Ailing once said, “The place that leads to a woman’s heart is the vagina.” ”

Many men, in this sentence, very agree, feel that conquered a woman’s body, also conquered a woman’s heart. Many girls do confirm this sentence, once the relationship, with the previous, sent a huge change.

Everywhere stick to men, all kinds of active contact with men, even all-round good for men. And such a woman, the result is often gradually bored by men, feel no freshness.

So, the right thing to do at this time is to keep our original pride and do the opposite for him.

Normally, girls, this time will stick to the boys, you do not, after the separation, he does not take the initiative to contact you, you do not contact him. Even if he contacts you voluntarily, don’t be too enthusiastic.

“What he thinks after you sleep with him”

Usually don’t always patronize and boy dating, in addition to being with him, and friends should go out, play, in short, everything is the same as before, even more than before not stick to him.

That’s when he realizes that he’s not at the center of your life.

You behave differently from most girls, and he wonders if he will be attracted to you, how can you be different from other women? Did you do something wrong yourself?

So he will continue to pay attention to you, chasing you, this is a kind of energy investment, because the investment increased, and then he will love you more.

3. Make rules

Some girls, because of the first relationship with boys, so later when the boys ask for a second, third, nth time, become extremely obedient.

Because in their eyes, after the first relationship, the sex of this layer of window paper, has been broken, so the back should no longer have boundaries.

Such an idea, after a long period of time to make men feel that there is no desire to conquer and challenge, will do little to help your feelings, because you have been completely tamed by him, at his mercy, then why should he spend more energy on you.

The right thing to do is to remain independent and make rules for him in the heart.

For example, for every three times he asks, you only promise once and refuse twice.

Every time he agrees to your request, let you really feel that he is no less understanding, excellent performance 3 times, you meet his wishes one.

Of course, we do not want you to do this as an “equal exchange”, but for him to set up a reward mechanism, let him realize that from beginning to end the decision-making power of this matter is tightly in your hands, want to get you, he has to work hard to chase.

4. Build multi-dimensional attraction

In the absence of sex, men in love secrete large amounts of dopamine because of sexual attraction and novelty, and large amounts of dopamine can maintain their strong feelings towards women.

Once sex occurs, dopamine levels naturally drop after the sex gao tide, to levels lower than previous dopamine levels (women’s sexual attraction decreases, there is no freshness), and the favorability of women naturally decreases.

But if your attraction to a man is not just “sex”, but based on a multi-dimensional basis, then a single dimension of sexual attraction is reduced, the overall goodness of the impact will not be too great.

If a woman is good enough, no man will love her for having sex. On the contrary, only love more.

When a man discovers that he needs a woman more and more, more and more inseparable from her, this woman will bring him countless things he thought of, and unexpected benefits, his relationship with her is not just about physical pleasure.

So if you want a man to have more and more love for you after having sex with you, first you have to make yourself attractive to men in multiple dimensions.

This attraction can be any of your skills, such as cooking, financial management, relationships, social status, or a personality trait, such as being positive, peaceful, encouraging, and so on. In short, it’s something you can and he can’t, something you can do well, and he just needs it.

A man loves you or not, never just because of sex, know how to build their own charm and value, will let men can never leave you.

In summary, any man and woman who steps into love will have a relationship, a process of physical integration. This is a natural emotional connection and sublimation.

But my advice is that such emotional connections must take place after sufficient mutual understanding and attraction. And after it happens, you also need to keep maintaining a quality relationship so that you can take a longer-term relationship.

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