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1 Body is just an excuse, good-looking is the most important thing

We should all know that human beings are a kind of pursuit of beautiful creatures, for all the good things we are full of curiosity. Do you know? Men are even more of a leader, for men, their first impression of women is to see the appearance of women. Maybe you’ll hear a man say what he wants from a woman’s figure, don’t believe it. In fact, as long as women are beautiful, the figure is really nothing to them.

As long as I like it, body size doesn’t matter at all

Feelings are really complicated things, it’s never as simple as we see them. In this world, although we have been struggling to find love, often difficult to get true love. Sometimes, before you know it, love comes to us. I know that a lot of times we have infinite expectations about our other half, men think about what a woman’s figure is going to be, but when you fall in love, you find that everything is empty. As long as you get used to it, the figure doesn’t matter.

“Skinny vs curvy what do guys like”

2. I like to be thinner

Thin, not only a kind of embodiment of spirit, thin down after it appears that the whole person is tall, but also more temperamental. No one in this world dislikes spiritual people. Men, most of them like their own women can be thinner so that it will look more beautiful, they take out to have more face.

3. I like to be a little fatter

In this era of rapid economic development, our life is getting better day by day, many people’s figure with the improvement of living standards and day by day full. Women often pursue thin, feel thin a little more beautiful, at the same time can attract the attention of men. Actually, you know what? Men actually like a little more rounded woman, such a woman in their eyes is full of blessings, winter picks up is even warmer.

“Skinny vs curvy what do guys like”

4. Front protruding back

Men are actually very greedy creatures, they not only ask women to have a beautiful face, but they also hope that women can have a front and back of the body, elegant. This should be the needs of most men, women with such a body not only attract the attention of men, but often will also get their favourite.

5. Petite

Men are possessive creatures, and they are also a species with high self-esteem. They want to see their admiration for themselves in the eyes of the woman they like. They also want to be able to give women an absolute sense of security and to protect them all the time. At this time, they can’t hope that the woman they like is petite and delicate, which is more conducive to his play their manhood.

Indeed, feelings have never been as simple as we thought. In this world, women often want to be able to get men’s likes, they have been working for this. But you know what? A man’s mind is hard to guess, and you never know what kind of woman he likes. You may have heard that men have high demands on a woman’s figure, but do you know what kind of woman a man really likes? Come and listen to the six words of the man’s heart, and you’ll understand.

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