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Big-chested women can first visually kill a man’s eyeballs, otherwise, how can there be a ‘career line’ to say, the implication is that men have a preference for big-chested women. A big-chested woman second in the rowing room can be a man’s pleasure, this pleasure is to say that men in the rowing room need the feeling of meat, and, a big-chested woman in men’s eyes is the embodiment of a good body.

“Benefits of dating a plus size girl” 

1, women because of the big sexy chest

The biggest difference between men and women is the size of the chest or not, breast-sized women tend to be more charming, softer, more beautiful, more beautiful lines softer, richer female taste. And these characteristics are often a sexy theme, causing the visual beauty of the opposite sex, which often becomes the main source of sex appeal to the opposite sex so that men can not stop. 

“Benefits of dating a plus size girl”

2, the chest has the advantage of reproduction

Big-chested women have a unique breeding advantage, estrogen-rich, easy to conceive. The pelvis of a woman with a small chest is also proportionally small, and with it comes the narrowness of the birthday. Subjectively speaking of this man naturally likes, but the narrow birth path will lead to fertility difficulties, children are squeezed in the narrow passage after birth, after a painful long march, children born easy to face yellow muscle thin arms and legs lack nose and less face and so on. Therefore, God arranges for men to like big breasts, but also no reason. Also, women with large breasts are abundant in breast milk, breastfeeding is best suited for young children’s development. 

“Benefits of dating a plus size girl”

3, chest larger and more maternal

Born into a poor family, men who grew up without maternal love like big-chested women. This part of the growth process, lack of mother’s care, or lack of other women’s care, their psychological development lags, adulthood often retains the childish nature of children’s psychology, large-chested women can often give their mother’s love to meet the psychological implications.

4, deep-rooted aesthetic

Since ancient times, women with big breasts have been the darlings of men. And women, also often through drugs, food breast augmentation, breasts and other methods, find ways to make their breasts appear fuller, to win more men’s attention to the eyeballs. The aesthetic concept of breast beauty goes deep into people’s bone marrow and is passed down from generation to generation, so it is not surprising that modern men love women with big breasts.

5, hunger awareness

From a collective unconscious point of view, hungry men like big-chested women. In the ancient flood years, when humans hunting for a living, nature’s environment is bad, human beings face hunger, human beings would prefer to have a strong body. At that time, men were hungry, and women with big breasts were a symbol of food abundance, a symbol of strength, and hungry men liked big-chested women.

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