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Breaking up is very sad and painful for both of them, especially the party who was broken up. In the face of sudden changes in intimacy, the broken-up party is difficult to accept, often emotional breakdown, crying. At this time some people will be eager to save each other, to do some excessive behaviour.

“3 signs that why do guys go cold after breakup”

For example, many people break up after the most common thing is to fight with each other, go to his company or his house downstairs to find him, lower their self-esteem humble begging him.

But such behaviour is often the boy’s ruthless refusal and bad language, the more humble you are, the more he looks down on you, the more entangled you are, the more he wants to escape.

Does his ruthlessness to you mean that he doesn’t love you anymore? In fact, these have nothing to do with love does love you. He still has a love for you, because of a true commitment to the feelings, no one can suddenly put down. It was only at that moment that he felt that continuing to love you was more painful than giving up on you, so to get rid of the pain, he chose to give up.

“3 signs that why do guys go cold after breakup”

If you’re struggling at this point, you’ve tried everything you can or haven’t saved your boyfriend. Or he is indifferent to you, do not reply to the news, do not speak, you do not know what you did wrong, but how to save nothing. You can not accept the results of the break-up, also do not willing to put an end to your story, then you can click on the following “1v1 professional emotional counselling”, tell me your specific situation, I will be based on your situation for you to develop the best recovery plan, greatly improve the success rate of recovery.

So is there any chance of redemption? In fact, whether we can save it depends on the specific situation to judge. We can infer by observing some of the boys’ behaviour that you still have no chance to recover.

Many girls curious boys break up every day after normal work and even go to K song, they are not sad. In fact, not, they are also very painful, but because of the face, they can only bear their own, their own silently carried down all the emotions. So, here’s an analysis of what your boyfriend’s performance means he still loves you.

1, cold and hot for you

Boys are very rational, if you put down, will be particularly indifferent to you, absolutely will not care about you. He is cold and hot to you because he is tangled, the heart can not put you, at this time do not know whether to continue, want to give up you but reluctant you.

So don’t worry too much about his behaviour, it just means he still loves you.

“3 signs that why do guys go cold after breakup”

2, did not delete your contact information

The average boy is not particularly angry, is not easy to delete contact information, so did not delete contact information, indicating that he still has feelings for you, you are not disappointed. This contact information allows you to contact you in the future. So he didn’t delete you, which means you still have a chance to save it.

3, life has not changed

You see that his life has not changed, work, travel, entertainment, what to do, life has no impact at all, and even appear more elegant and comfortable than before. Don’t worry, the calmer he is, the more he ignores you, but on behalf of him not put down, he did everything is for you to show, he wants to tell you: I do not have you, life is as good, even better than before.

In fact, these are he can not face the present life, temporary escape and numbness of their own behaviour, he simply can not let you down.

So if you’re still hesitating, not sure if the other person loves you or not, fear that you’re putting down your body and begging him to just insult yourself. Let’s look at the three points I said above and see what he really thinks.

If you want to recover, you have to learn the right way to get the other person’s attention again, so how to do it?

1, stabilize the mood, properly disconnected

After the break-up, the vast majority of people will be emotional, in fact, the appropriate venting of their emotions is understandable. But always emotional, even to harass the other side is the wrong way, such an approach simply can not solve the problem.

The right thing to do is to properly cut off contact with him so that your relationship doesn’t get worse. After the break-up of his mind is a bad impression of you, you go to save will only let the other side look down on you, and even feel that you no longer unreasonable, feel that leaving you is the right decision.

Find yourself something to distract yourself during a disconnect, rather than being immersed in grief all day long. For example, go shopping with friends and learn some new skills. 

2, self-improvement, change the way we get along

There is absolutely no unprovoked break-up, every love break-up has some reasons. Most of the reasons girls break up are these:

Too done, every time quarrel boyfriend to coax you for a long time, a long time he tired;

Insecurity, always glued to his boyfriend, let him feel very stressed;

The mood got out of control and he started to get angry with his boyfriend, making him afraid.

Everyone should have a comfortable relationship, if this relationship makes him feel unhappy, then he will not hesitate to give up.

During the break-up, reflect on the real reasons for your breakup and what you did to hurt him during this relationship.

If you can’t stand your bad temper, you can try to change it, including the tone of speech, the way words are expressed, and so on. If it’s too much, think about whether you’re too wayward, and learn some communication and getting along skills through reading.

If you also want to change their communication skills, improve their emotional intelligence, remodel their charm, let the boyfriend see you take the initiative to turn back, you can click on the “1v1 professional emotional counselling” below, I will teach you how to change yourself, improve yourself so that men love you love can not help themselves.

1 to 1 professional emotional counselling, teach you to easily compound feelings

3, show yourself, secondary attraction

When you were able to be together, you were able to show that you had some advantages that appealed to him, so to be attracted twice you had to show a whole new self.

After you break off the connection for a while, his negative impression of you will be somewhat reduced, he will miss some of the good moments you are together, so at this time can properly care about him, then contact him, he will not have much antipathy.

So you can show your changes via WeChat or by the meeting. For example, show off your latest baking experience in a circle of friends, and share some interesting books you’ve read in recent times to share your thoughts.

If you can create opportunities to meet, you work together, you can meet from the makeup, dress and so on to show themselves, let him have a bright feeling, and then look at you.

When he notices your change, he will re-evaluate you, and at this time he will not put you in his heart, see your change, he will be heart-tinged to you again. At this time you also don’t worry about compounding with him, you can take the opportunity to interact with him, let him have a new understanding of you, so your compound is only a matter of time.

Compound the most important thing is not to always give the initiative to others, so that they are in a humble state, but to re-establish attraction, their own grasp of the initiative.

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