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Q1: Do boys really feel the same about who they marry? Why?

A: No, but when a man says this, he doesn’t expect to get married, so it doesn’t matter who he is. 

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-under what circumstances will a man lose interest in a woman?”

Suppose you’re locked up in a secret room and you’ll never see the sky.

Every day 3 meals someone will open the door to give you a fruit box, from which to pull out a fruit to eat.

Today is all pumped apples, you can look forward to tomorrow will not have pears;

Tomorrow is full of apples, you may also look forward to the day after tomorrow will not have bananas;

But the day after sunset is still pumping all the apples, then you may not expect, because you know, you will only pull out apples.

At this point, this box is just a tool for you to feed and feed, and what’s inside doesn’t matter anymore, because you know you’re only pulling out apples.

Why does a man feel the same as anyone married, because marriage is like a box is just a procedure for his marriage, and his wife is like an apple in a box, no matter who has the name on it?

This is the most fitting marriage at the moment.

Maybe your parents are urging, maybe your brothers and sisters are urging, maybe your honey is getting married and you’re in a hurry.

The result becomes, I like you do not matter because I get married, I should get married, as long as you are the most qualified to marry people on the line.

Marriage at this time is not so much a marriage as a tool to accomplish the task.

In such a case, anyone who is married is OK.

But don’t forget, we’re human beings, we’re high-class animals, and of course, there’s something different.

We long for love.

There are a lot of girls who feel that first get married and then fall in love, later can slowly like each other.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-under what circumstances will a man lose interest in a woman?” 

But for a man, never get married first and then like this statement, as long as the man did not like it at first, let you get along for many years, he still does not like you.

So in such a fit marriage, the woman will more and more like each other, or even can not leave each other, and men are still the same before marriage, do not like is not like.

If a man thinks you are, then he is no longer interested in you.

So, if you can’t make a man like you in the first half, he probably won’t like you in the future.

But don’t forget, in addition to the basic survival and reproduction needs, there is still a need for love.

Then a man will go to other people to find the love you can’t get, and one day he’ll run away from this marriage and find the one he loves.

So now, do you think men are the same as anyone who gets married?

Q2: Mr. Gu Feng, my boyfriend and I often quarrel, originally thought to be ready to get married, you can make the relationship more intimate, can make the quarrel a little less, but still quarrel is very fierce, and I will often because of a little thing and he is angry, and then he said I do, he also said: If I continue to do so, perhaps our feelings will be affected, or even break up. I also know often because of small things quarrel is not good, will affect feelings, but I can’t help it, what I should do?

A: Often quarrelling means that you are very involved in this relationship, input can let you experience, every love process.

But often quarrelling will make you feel pain, feel the pain of life, the pain in the relationship, and get along with each other pain.

So what do we do?

In fact, when you are in pain, you can try to pull yourself out and look at your relationship at another point in time or another capacity, so that you will have new experiences and new understandings.

This will reduce the frequency of your quarrels.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-under what circumstances will a man lose interest in a woman?”

So how do you pull yourself out?

1, the perspective of the future

Let’s look at the problems you’re about now, 50 years from now, that is, assuming you’ve been married to him for 50 years now, you’re going to get into that role.

Now it’s 50 years from now, what do you think of you 50 years ago?

That’s when you’ll find that 50 years ago and some of his little noises were actually a way to improve your relationship. There will be some small quarrels because they don’t know each other.

But some behaviour is to destroy feelings, such as you often unreasonable, clearly, nothing is to find something to make a fuss, you will find 50 years later, look at this behaviour will feel like theirs, no wonder you often quarrel.

When you re-look at your relationship in this retrospective timeline, you will understand your relationship better.

You’ll also understand whether something should or shouldn’t be done.

2, the third perspective

Assuming your soul has left the body, you now look at your relationship from a third perspective, as if you were watching a leading actor and actress in a TV series, so that you can see better.

We all say that the authorities are obsessed with bystanders, and now take a good look at your relationship and what kind of person your character is.

At this time you will understand that the original behaviour should not do, that day I should understand him a little, no wonder our relationship is getting lighter and weaker, forgive because of XXX, XXX behaviour.

When we watch TV dramas, it is easy for us to see each other’s situation.

So when you’re confused and don’t know how to get along with each other, or when you’re in constant conflict with each other.

You can look at your relationship in the third way that the soul knows.

3, God’s perspective

If the third perspective is watching a TV series, then you can’t control the behaviour of the people in the play, then God’s perspective allows you to design the main character’s script.

What do you mean?

If to assume that you are God, how would you operate this heroine so that she can fall in love with the hero for the rest of her life?

The heroine is completely under your control, the script is written entirely by you, and you’ll think a lot about it.

For example, the hero has been playing cell phone theft recently, you will design the heroine to quarrel with him, said he cheated.

Or design the heroine and the man said: What fun paragraph do you seem so happy, and I share it?

When the hero calls the woman to get up, you will design the heroine angry said: what noise, but also let no one sleep?

Or design heroine Sajiao said: people have to hug to get up. Then wait for the actor to hold the heroine and pull him out of bed, and then say: Let’s sleep a little longer.

When you hesitate about something you shouldn’t do, whether you want to do it or not, look at it from God’s point of view, and you’ll design the heroine to do it, and you’ll find the answer.

Couple small quarrel is inevitable, after all, there will be some small contradictions and small friction between the two people, but often quarrel is not good, not only will destroy feelings, but also consume each other’s love for you.

If you don’t know what to do and what not to do, try re-experiencing your role with a future perspective, a third perspective, and a God’s perspective.

Then you will have a new understanding of yourself, a new understanding of your relationship, then whether to quarrel, is you can control things.

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