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Love has magical magic, love, will make one person, willing to pour all for another person. When a woman falls in love with a man, she will see him as everything in life, willing to give everything for him. When a man loves a woman, he will give her all he has, and love her more than he loves himself.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-the man who didn’t give you these “things”, let go”

Some people say, why is my love not so beautiful, not so great. Well, I can only say that your love is false love, that “love” of your people, is not sincere love you, so, you can not feel the beauty of love, but also do not feel the greatness of love. 

You should understand the truth, that is, you deeply love the person, do not necessarily love you, you think he loves you, but in fact, he is deceiving your feelings, just play with you.

After a woman falls into love, she can easily be overwhelmed by love, and can’t see the truth of love, can’t see the man’s heart. Remind a woman, the man who hasn’t given you these things, let go, he’s just playing with you.

1. Didn’t give you “company”

Accompanying is the longest confession, really love your man, will give you companionship, he does not want you alone, he is reluctant to let you a person sad. Because he loves you, so he will be as close to you as possible, even if there is no time, will find time for you, not always let you alone.

And a man who has not given you company, never spent time with you, always let you be alone, to put it bluntly, he just doesn’t love you enough, will always be busy with you, and can’t spare a little time for you.

Even if you beg him, “can accompany me”, he is also pulling a face, tell you no time, if you beg twice, he will be bored, will lose your temper, never care about your feelings, you are always cold.

Women must understand that the man who does not want to accompany you, would rather spend time drinking with friends, to accompany others to do things, is not really love you.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-the man who didn’t give you these “things”, let go”

2. Didn’t give you “inclusive”

Love a person, must be willing to accommodate her. No one is perfect, no one will be perfect, everyone has such shortcomings, there are many unsatisfactory places, but because of love, so will not go to care, but can accept the other side of all bad places.

Love your man, never care about your shortcomings and faults, even if you have a little temper, like unreasonable, he can endure, he will use his love, to accommodate you, do not care with you, but know how to cherish you.

And a man who has never given you tolerance, always used to stare at your shortcomings, always clings to your faults, and even always picks bones in eggs, is not to love you, even if he mouths love you, his love for you, is also false.

Especially when quarrelling with you, his attitude is more indicative of everything, if he loves you, can not be so fierce to you, can not and you cold war, can not coax you, can not look at your tears indifferent, all kinds of things, are enough to show that he does not love you.

3. Didn’t give you “money”

Money, the most test of a love of truth and falsehood. Because money is a very important thing for everyone when you compare it with money, you know that the man’s heart, is you important, or money is important.

For the man who loves you, of course, you are important, in front of you, he feels that his money is no longer important, so he is willing to give you money, even willing to give you money, no matter how you spend, he will not be distressed.

And for a man who doesn’t love you and just plays with you, you don’t have his money, you don’t count like his money. He can’t bear to give you flowers if you spend more points, he is not comfortable, so always because of the money, and you quarrel.

In fact, money is outside, love is the spiritual food of people because there is love, life is happy, will be beautiful, love is much more important than money. A person who hasn’t given you money is too mean to you because he doesn’t love you at all.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-the man who didn’t give you these “things”, let go”


In this vast sea of people, can meet a person they like, but also really love their own people, how rare. It is precisely because of the rare, so not everyone can have a sincere love, a lot of people’s “love”, in fact, is false.

If you love people, not really love you, advise you or put down it, because such false love, simply can not give you happiness, not to give you happiness, rather than will, it is better to find it again.

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