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In this materialistic flow, continuous development, continuous progress of the era, and the past is very different, from the past life is only enough to love a person, and now a mobile phone can communicate with countless individuals, people are not as at first sight as before, because a little careless may be cheated, so everyone has a more defensive heart. So in love, how to judge whether a man really loves you? Below we chat about men once emotional, these 4 points will not refuse you, if not, then he is just “play”!


1. Won’t refuse to let you see your fragile side

Everyone has a fragile time, a man fragile time more like a big boy, childish, and eager to be loved, men vulnerable will also want to find comfort, find a reliance, confide in the inner grievances, but the world seems to be the man strong, so they never show these in front of outsiders, and if a man is willing to let you see their own fragile side, indicating that he wants your comfort, he will treat you as a confidant, hope you also, do not feel vulnerable to you, Even crying in front of you is weak, encouraging, crying is not a woman’s prerogative, men have a fragile side.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-once a man is in love, will these four points refuse you? If not, he is just “playing” 

2. Will not refuse your frequent concern

Maybe everyone has been cared for by people they don’t like, and that feeling is painful, even annoying, because they don’t want to be disturbed by someone they don’t like. And you care about a man, he does not refuse words, that he is moved to you, ordinary friends will not care frequently, he must understand your intentions, and he also enjoys the feeling of being concerned by you, if he also responds to your concern, indicating that he has you in his heart. If he refuses, it means he doesn’t like the care and has been disturbed.


3. You will not refuse to communicate frankly with you

No one wants to waste time on people they don’t like, let alone chat with you, because there is this time is better than reading more books, more sleep, to enrich themselves, if a man is willing to talk to you every day, for you to solve problems, you keep hushing warm, indicating that he moved your heart, and deeply like you.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-once a man is in love, will these four points refuse you? If not, he is just “playing”

4. I won’t refuse to make eye contact with you

A study shows that a person in a very happy, laughing will inadvertently look at their favorite people, if he is happy to see you, it means that he has you in mind. If you look at him in the ordinary, his eyes are dodged, or show some impatience, indicating that he does not like others staring at him, and do not like you. And if he accepts your vision and responds to you with a very gentle eye or smile, congratulations, he likes you as much as you like him.

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