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Introduction: In this very fast era, young people call for equal love, those who quickly confirm the heart of the couple, with a little sincerity?

Sometimes, boys and you, not really like you, perhaps he just want to find someone to accompany, especially in the dark of night.

So how do you tell if he thinks you’re a bad man? On this issue, we would like to consider the following aspects:

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-if a man has these kinds of performance, that he is not sincere to you, just want to play”


Don’t be deceived by the appearance.

You think you’re good, and the man you meet will follow you with your heart? wrong!

Male is want to go on you or want to be serious with you together, with you good or bad, has nothing to do with, he as long as he is essentially scum, and then the good girl he will spoil.

Here’s what you need to know about men: does that top beauty put her to sleep with a sense of accomplishment, or does she catch up with a sense of accomplishment? Most men choose the first one.

You are very white and beautiful, all aspects are very good, men come together not necessarily want to chase you, it is likely to be you as prey.

If this boy is very elegant, all aspects are very good, this is more careful, it is likely to be the gold paint toilet outside the light, more likely to be a bad man.

For example, now the literary and artistic youth fool people to all set up a set, forced themselves to make a very high, very elegant very thoughtful but does not mean that he is emotionally positive, but there is more bad men theory to wash the girl’s brain.

For example, we want “open relationships”, that kind of traditional love model is too old-fashioned, boring.

Can put everywhere about P on the feelings of infidelity said so magnificent, you care too much about these and “old earth” “can’t play” suspicion, also literary youth can do it.

You two have sex, you love me, he didn’t lie to you, I didn’t give you any promise, you volunteered. In fact, he is under the guise of falling in love to sleep with you, not necessarily completely bad men, but you are not willing, feel that they have been played.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-if a man has these kinds of performance, that he is not sincere to you, just want to play”

In the eyes of boys, gunners are gunners, girlfriends are girlfriends, gunners will not pay feelings, and girlfriends are definitely true love!

Gunners are like disposable cups, throw when you run out, girlfriend is the crystal cup at home, use will also wash and scrub!


The boy’s attitude towards you.

The most important thing to judge whether a man is more important than to treat you as a bad man is to see how this man treats you. Especially the attitude towards you in front of the people around you.

So how to judge, to name a few of the simplest examples:

1.He told you you were his girlfriend. Did you treat yourself like a girlfriend? For example, in the circle of friends to take a picture, he is not in that state of love? If not, be careful.

2. Whether he really thinks of you as his girlfriend, but also to see if you have entered his social circle, if his friends you hardly know, his circle you can not integrate, no doubt, you are only he as a temporary bad man.

3.Isn’t it too obvious that he will only ask you out at night and let you rest at home when he learns that you are not physically handy?

4.Does he usually contact you on his own initiative? Even if you travel to the field will report to your peace, come back will bring you a small gift? Do you think of yourself no matter where you are?

5. Have you ever planned your future? What does your family want, how many children do you want in the future, and does he have your presence in his life plan?

If a boy is not willing to spend money on you, do not spend money to create romance, never care about your preferences, such a man is definitely kidney-free, you as a bad man!

6. When you encounter sad things, need someone to accompany, he is the first time to come or find all kinds of excuses to stop? Does that mean you’re working overtime for a meeting or come and accompany you without saying a word? If his affairs are always more important than being with you, there is no doubt that he absolutely regards you as a bad man!

He told you you were his girlfriend. Is to treat you as a long-term bad man, and not responsible, do not give money.

What if you meet a bad man?

The problem with a bad man is not that you’re not attractive enough, the problem is that the other person doesn’t intend to fall in love with you at all.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-if a man has these kinds of performance, that he is not sincere to you, just want to play”

Here the most important problem is the sense of responsibility, this awareness not only boys have, but girls also have, but girls also began to understand the responsibility of what is going on, just know what is responsible for the man, screening men’s standards will begin to change, will be more responsible for themselves, no longer easy to be deceived by the other side’s glittering appearance, how many women are planted in those who look gold and handsome men, wrong pay a lifetime, is because when young there is no such basic consciousness.

A man’s mind will unconsciously classify each woman: this woman can be a wife, that woman is a girlfriend, this woman is a gunner, that woman is an ordinary friend.

Once identified as a short-term relationship, as long as the impression does not change, no matter how hard you try, can only become a short-term relationship.

So how do you change that impression? First, you have to learn to refuse.

He asks you out, and you promise, which creates a sense of cheapness, such as he asks you two or three times, you have to learn to refuse once, you have to refuse a date after ten o’clock in the evening, even if you go out on a date, you have to go home at twelve o’clock in the evening.

When it comes to being too ambiguous or wanting to have sex, turn him down: we haven’t gotten to that point yet, and I’ll just leave my best self to my boyfriend.

The point is this: I’m a very strict girl, I don’t just hang out. Whether a man is looking for a girlfriend or a wife, hope that women have their own bottom line, know how to refuse, such a woman is not easy to bring their own green hat.

If you had sex with him so easily, if other men came to you, you might have had sex with someone else as easily. 

So it’s not really an old-fashioned way for women to hold on, it’s to do it so that men can reposition you, and if you’re easy to have sex with boys, you’re going to be left in the “short-term zone” by him.

Therefore, to know how to refuse, to camp themselves into a bottom line, principled girl.

A person really likes a person’s appearance, there is no a little way, only a lover’s sincerity.

He puts you on the tip of his heart, but the most romantic thing he can think of is one small detail after another about you, even if holding you and doing nothing, it is as if he has the whole world.

Haizi said: You come to others, you have to see the sun, and your sweetheart, walking hand in hand in the street.

That is love, is one of the best things in the world, is by and you look at the sun, and you hand in hand such a beautiful little detail piled up.

Stay away from those who think of you as a bad man and just want to sleep with you, their words, their words, their ignorance of the little things you care about.

Everyone is very precious, it is worth encountering beautiful love, worth being treated with care, careful care, those who do not care so much about you, just want to sleep you, the farther away the better.

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