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Good feelings are worthy of people’s affection, good feelings are worth pursuing.

But most people are not lucky, in the pursuit of feelings, always bumpy, this thought they can find Prince Charming, I do not know, found is only a play with feelings of the scum man.

Really is the most expensive thing, a thousand dollars is difficult to change. Don’t casually give heart to a man, because some men simply don’t deserve your sincerity.

When dealing with the opposite sex, pay more attention, some men may be sincere to you, but some men just play.

Some men seem to treat you as if he were just using his skills to trick you into jumping into his trap.

So, some men in the feelings just play, they are most commonly used in these three skills, don’t be fooled.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-he is just playing. There are three common skills. Don’t be fooled by women”

1. Be good at using sweet words and say better than you do.

For a person’s good, should be from language to action. Speaking of such things, but the upper lip touched the lips, who will say, sweet words can make people let the flowering of joy.

So what some men do best is use body armour shells to make you feel so close to each other.

The so-called sugar-coated shell, that is, he will only say nice things to you but never use an action to express concern for you.

But do not know how many people he said to you at the same time, but also with how many people maintain ambiguous contact, such a person said better than done.

When we fall in love, we should listen to our hearts, do not always believe in their ears and eyes, what we see is not necessarily true.

In the world of love, any action is more effective than words, don’t be fooled, don’t lose.

2. Be good to yourself and stay in the material and express yourself with a gift

Every woman likes romance, wants more surprises in her life and wants people she likes to give herself some gifts.

Behind the gift is the material, the person who is good to you does not necessarily have the money to buy you a gift, but, some scum man is good to you, but also only stay in the material.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-he is just playing. There are three common skills. Don’t be fooled by women”

They will use all kinds of gifts to express themselves, to vote for their good, hoping to make you happy. Every holiday or important holiday;

He always never forgets to give you a gift, but all this good to you, all stay at the material level, not at the spiritual level.

If a person is really good to you, then money can’t be exchanged. People who are good to you should care about your emotions and not give up to make you sad.

When a man chooses to play with feelings, when dealing with you, always use intimate titles, it seems to be the appearance of a bullying president, but in real life, where there are so many overbearing presidents, two people are real.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-he is just playing. There are three common skills. Don’t be fooled by women”

3. Like to say I raise you, but behind the back hate you are not independent

Money is not erroneous, but it can’t be said without money. In today’s world, equality between men and women is advocated by everyone;

So this society for women’s requirements, more and more high, not only to get the hall, down the kitchen but also a certain degree of economic ability.

But when a man chooses to play with feelings, he will not consider you at all, he is always very sweet to say to you, I will raise you, baby, you do not need to work. 

But they never speak from the heart, and when you really choose to give up your job, they will turn their backs on you for not being independent.

Not anything a man can say is credible, and choosing economic independence as a woman is the most fundamental thing.

In the emotional world, only if you become good enough, you can be fearless, whether you meet a man who is sincere to you, or a scum man can easily cope.

All in all, when a woman is in love, she must be careful.

Don’t always think of yourself as the heroine of a love drama, after all, a film and television drama, art comes from life, but different from life.

Is to polish their eyes, do not always be confused by the surface of the food phenomenon.

A lot of men are good at disguise, they seem to give you the love in front of you, in fact, they are just playing with feelings, do not put you in mind.

So, some men are just playing, they most often use these three techniques to fool women, so don’t be fooled.

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