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1. Don’t disclose your relationship

A boy who really loves you, he wants all his friends to know you, hate to announce to the whole day, you are his, will also share his joy with friends, but do not love you, in this relationship, he will also choose to cover up, do not let others know you, such a boy, is no doubt, so the girl left early!

Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid—-getting along with the opposite sex: if a boy has these “three performances”, he is just “playing”

2. Never surprised you

Life is full of ritual feeling, a boy who loves you, he will always create surprises for you, let you enjoy the sweetness of love. As we all know, feelings are never a one-way pay, if you often buy gifts for boys, but this man has never made a surprise for you, that proves that this boy does not like you at all, so girls break up with him early. 

3. Always talk to you in the evening and ask you to meet

If a man just wants to play with you, he will often ignore you during the day, only chat with you at night, meet you, and will deliberately delay time, drag until very late, and then invite you to his house to sit, women at this time must be careful to protect themselves because such a man is actually just playing with you when he gets you, will treat you like grass mustard, very indifferent.

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