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They say men like to take risks and pursue stimulation.

Well, while some women can sustain men’s interest in them, some women behave in a way that will keep men away from them if they want to.

This is not to say that men don’t have their own ideas and can’t decide for any reason not to be interested in a relationship.

However, you will know that in this case, their decision has nothing to do with your actions.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid”

But what behaviours will make him lose interest in you?

Here are six things that can make a man lose interest in a relationship: 

1. Being too sticky can cause fatigue.

When you’re too “obsessed” with him, you can’t be alone, or you’re not happy without him.

You want him to call you every minute, every second to ask if you’re okay, every day to see him, to be a source of worry and concern.

It’s a good thing when you care for your man or want him to take care of you; While it’s okay to crave his attention, over-pursuing can be annoying.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid”

You can’t have someone. You can’t lose what you don’t have. Suppose you have him. Do you really love someone who doesn’t have you? Do you really want someone like that? Will he break down when you walk out the door? You don’t know, do you? He doesn’t know either. You gave him your whole life. Your whole life, girl. If it means to you that you can give it up and give it to him, why does it make sense to him? So he doesn’t value you more than you do about yourself. ” – Toni Morrison

2. Insecurity

As a woman, you should feel calm and relaxed when you are with your man. If you don’t, then you may be in the wrong boat.

In addition to the fact that insecurity will make him feel that you don’t trust him, I assure you over and over again that you are safe with him, that he is everything to you and that you are tired. You’re always afraid to let him out of your site, and you want him to assure you of his love every minute, and when he talks to any woman, your heart beats faster, even if they’re friends.

You constantly compare yourself to the woman in his life, and you want to know if you meet his standards. You live in fear that one day you will wake up and he will disappear from your life. All of this can be emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting.

“Is he losing interest or am i just paranoid”

Although we all feel insecure, it’s important to remind you that you’ve had enough. You deserve to be loved and cared for, for all your faults. If you feel insecure about your feelings, it’s important to find out why. Find and deal with it and don’t let your insecurities ruin a good relationship.

3. Possessiveness

If he were really your man, no one would take him away from you.

A woman who claims to own her man and monitors every move he makes is suspicious just because she doesn’t want him to be with someone else and unknowingly pushes her man away.

A little bit of possession is fun, but excessive possession can send the wrong signal to men. When a woman tries to take full control of a man, he gets bored, which makes them lose interest and walk away. It’s easier when you have your own life, not just an interesting one. It keeps him interested in you and makes him want to be a part of your life because you love your life with or without him.

“When a man sees that you’re happy with him, but you can have nothing to do with him, that’s when he doesn’t want to leave you.” Shirley Argive

Being too possessive means you’re insecure. Let the man breathe. Let him have his own life and enjoy a healthy relationship with others. You’re not the only one in his life who needs it.

You also need to take a break and enjoy a healthy relationship with family and friends because you need them. Your man is not the only one you need in your life.

4. Despair

I encourage women to know what they want and then fight for it, never to waste time.

However, if you’re with a man, especially when you’re just getting to know each other, you just want to talk about marriage, marriage, marriage. He will lose interest.

Forget that what a woman wants is love, and what a man wants is a mantra of respect. In any love relationship, I am in favour of mutual love and mutual respect.

Men also want to be loved. They want to make sure you love them, not just the relationship.

They want to make sure you’re interested in them, not just in a relationship.

I know it’s hard not to despair, especially when age is a big badass, but take the time to enjoy the relationship and not despair.

Despair is not the problem, but what can despair do for you?

If you think you’ve been together long enough that your relationship should move on to the next stage, but he says nothing, then, of course, he has reason not to.

5. Excuses

One of the qualities of an attractive woman is sincerity – sincerity, being yourself, not trying to impress others by being yourself.

Sincerity will make men love the real you. He knows how to love you because he knows the real you and your motivation.

If you pretend it’s not you and he feels like you’re playing a trick, he may lose interest in you because he doesn’t know the real you, so you can’t be trusted.

It’s hard to believe someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with himself.

Vulnerability is possible but faces the reality.

6. Don’t have your own ideas

Many of us have been taught from an early age to believe that “submission” is the way to acquire and retain a man.

Well, I think obedience is one of the most misunderstood words in the world today, especially when it comes to relationships and marriages.

Being in love doesn’t mean you can’t form your own opinion on the problem.

Crying out loud, you are an adult with a terrible brain and personality. You have your own unique experiences and preferences. You shouldn’t abandon it all and become a clone just because you want to please him.

In fact, real men are attracted to smart women who know what they want and can remind them when they’re going in the wrong direction. A real man appreciates the woman who can take care of him.

Men are more likely to lose interest in women who don’t have a point and say “yes” to everything he says, wants, or suggests.

He doesn’t even trust or respect you because he knows you’re going to say yes, even if he’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

I’m not saying you should make unnecessary difficulties, I’m just encouraging you to be yourself. Be unique to yourself.

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