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If an old man is single, he always likes to date, fall in love, or even get married to a woman much younger than himself. The reason is not only that “as long as it is a man, whether 25 or 52 years old, like young beautiful women” this article, but also involves five men psychological deep-seated reasons.

For the man’s face

Men love faces, especially older men, who love faces more. They worry that they are old, uncharted, ineligible for love, afraid of being compared to young men, ridiculed and looked down upon by those around them.

How do you prove that you’re still male- and male-attractive? The most direct and effective way: there is a woman who is much younger than herself.

If you fall in love with a woman who is much younger than yourself, it shows that you are no different from the young guys.

Young women can make old men’s male self-esteem burst.

1. Young women ask for less

Compared with older women, young women are not deeply involved in the world, more simple, they are willing to be with the old men, likely, it is really only because of a certain aspect of the man’s personality charm attracted, really just because of worship and love, there will be no excessive consideration and requirements.

Old men and young women get along more easily and without much burden. If happy together, unhappy will be happy to separate.

Many young women are open-minded, they feel young and have the capital to play, and they don’t want to settle down so early. They fall in love with old men, perhaps just for happy memories, do not need men responsible. This is also particularly attractive to men.

And older women and young women’s timely fun psychology is different, their attitude towards feelings will be more serious, in the initial stage of love, they set a clear goal and long-term plans, resulting in the loss of a lot of love fun.

2. Get back the feeling of youth

Admit it or not, after a certain age, everyone will have a mid-life crisis. In the face of the mid-life crisis, the old men on the one hand because they are no longer young and anxious and depressed, on the other hand, want to grasp the tail of youth, eager to return to the young years.

And with young women, can be subtly infected with young people’s thinking, perspective and mentality. This is similar to the “near Zhu red ink black”, and the closer the young people, the more like a young man, to smoothly recover the feeling of youth, return to old age and children, to a certain extent, to get rid of the middle-age crisis caused by their own panic.

3. Want children

Whether or not there were children in a previous relationship, once a new relationship and marriage began with a new woman, men wanted to have another child.

If you are with a woman of the same age, the woman is likely to have passed the golden age of childbirth, it is difficult to get pregnant again, even if it is not easy to get pregnant, the risk to the health of the child will be higher. Young women, on the other hand, are more likely to achieve the goal that men want to have children.

4. I was hurt once by a woman my age

For example, a divorced old man, and his ex-wife of the same age marriage is not happy, so gave him the impression that women of the same age and their wives are similar, have the same world view and attitude towards marriage. Once bitten by a snake for ten years afraid of good rope, by the same age of a woman injured once, dare not look for a woman of the same age.

As a result, older men tend to look for women who are much younger than themselves, feel that women at this age will be very different from their ex-wives, and feel that younger women will ask for less and have less trouble than women of their own age.


In fact, age is only a number, although the old men will be because of the above five psychological reasons, tend to find a much younger woman, but a long-term harmonious relationship between men and women, relying on mutual respect, trust and love.

The age gap is really only a very small problem, do not be too obsessed with age, but should focus on how to operate the relationship between men and women, how to establish an equal and harmonious atmosphere is more useful.

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