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While loitering on the Internet, I found that middle-aged women were fooled by young men. This is by no means an example, but a fact that exists on a large scale.

“Older woman younger man meme—-young men: killers of middle aged women”

Why would such an outrageous thing happen? I think it’s caused by psychological loopholes in middle-aged women. Step by step, analyze how middle-aged women fall into the trap of young men.

A woman needs a man to care about love, to be pampered, and to take her seriously.

During a relationship, a man is in a low profile, to please his girlfriend, buy snacks, buy gifts, buy flowers, birthdays, seven nights, any holiday you can think of. By exporting money, time, energy to get his girlfriend’s approval, show true love, let his girlfriend be favoured.

In love, especially when love is sweet, women get the most favours, the most emotional value. Therefore, love is the best way for women to obtain emotional value, women like the feeling of love.

In my opinion, it is not so much a woman’s feeling of love as a woman’s love of the emotional value offered by her boyfriend, because there is no feeling of love except emotional value.

If the boyfriend can’t provide emotional value or provides less emotional value, the woman will interpret it as not loving her because she doesn’t feel the concern from her boyfriend.

“Older woman younger man meme—-young men: killers of middle aged women”

To ask for emotional value, the girlfriend will make a fuss, to get the boyfriend’s attention, let the boyfriend realize that emotional value is missing, hurry to coax her, to care for her, to send gifts. When the boyfriend in time to convey emotional value, the relationship will gradually repair, two people and as good as the beginning.

In love, a man’s love costs a lot because he has been exporting.

Some women expressed their unconvinced, said that women in love to invest in the cost is also very large, how to explain?

Don’t do bar essence, do simple addition and subtract. In love, in the vast majority of cases, the boyfriend’s output minus the girlfriend’s input, equal to a positive number. That is to say, although the girlfriend also paid a lot of costs, but compared with the boyfriend, much smaller.

Love for several years, a child couple to repair the results of the certificate, license marriage. After marriage, the emotional value provided by the husband continued to decrease, the woman again put on a state of love, and make a fuss, found useless. Also make and can not change the emotional value of the husband, bring is endless quarrels.

“Older woman younger man meme—-young men: killers of middle aged women”

After countless trials of quarrels, women understand that the emotional value of boyfriends in love is gone forever. In the face of this situation, most women can only sigh: blame themselves blind!

In fact, it is not that she is blind, but most men are the same after marriage, providing less and less emotional value, no matter who she marries, which man, have to face the same situation.

But a woman’s demand for emotional value is never-ending, and so is the feeling of being loved after marriage. Marital husband can’t provide, what about extramarital?

Lack of emotional value is an important reason for a woman to cheat after marriage, and to continue to pursue emotional value in the form of extramarital love. And unseeded married women are equally eager for emotional value.

Therefore, the lack of emotional value is the first psychological loophole for middle-aged women.

The second psychological loophole for middle-aged women is the lack of sex, resulting in asexual marriage.

Falling in love, seven times a night, a boyfriend like a never-fed hungry wolf can be married, especially after four years of marriage, many couples choose to sleep in a room. For the husband, the wife’s mystery and freshness completely no longer exist, every evening, wants to quarrel with his wife first, avoid sleeping together at night.

The sexual needs of men and women are fundamentally different. In time, men around the age of 18 sexual demand reached a peak state, want to be dissatisfied, after the age of 20 sexual demand began to decline, continue to decline, the longer the male sexual demand is less.

Women’s sexual needs don’t start until they’re 30 years old, and they continue to rise. There is a saying, 30 like a wolf, 40 like a tiger, describe a woman’s sexual needs. You get a taste of how terrible a woman’s sexual needs are, and the older you get, the more you want them.

After marriage, men’s declining sexual demand and women’s rising sexual demand have produced a contradiction, this contradiction is physiological, it is difficult to reconcile.

If it’s men who take advantage of women when they fall in love, after a few years of marriage, women take advantage of men. Who has the sexual needs, who has the sexual needs, who is the cheap side, regardless of the men and women?

After marriage men continue to decline the demand for sex, leading to the division of sleep, separation is widespread, forming a large-scale asexual marriage of women. On the one hand, women’s sexual needs continue to rise, on the other hand, asexual marriage, so that middle-aged woman after marriage in the state of lack of sex life.

The lack of sex after marriage is the second psychological loophole for middle-aged women, and it is also an important reason for women to cheat.

Since middle-aged women have two psychological loopholes, lack of emotional value and lack of sex, it would not be too difficult to design a scam against these two psychological loopholes. Pig-killing plates, for example, are scams designed specifically for middle-aged women.

Scams can change a thousand ways, but there’s never going to be these two kinds of psychology. Young men are not a scam, but young men who happen to meet these two kinds of psychology, want not to cheat are difficult.

Young man, young handsome and full of vitality, full of passion, good face worth a good body, very eye-catching. From the beginning, young men are lethal to women, women have a natural good feeling for young men, as long as handsome enough, the rest can be ignored.

It’s not that middle-aged women don’t have resistance to young men, it’s that all women don’t have resistance to young men.

The question is, why have young men become the hardest-hit area for middle-aged women? Because middle-aged women have silver! Middle-age women after years of baptism, hardening in the workplace, more than ten years of hard work, accumulated a lot of wealth.

Where there is money, fraudsters are the most.

Young beautiful women only favour rich uncles, do they like uncles? Don’t make any noise! They just like money and have nothing to do with uncles. Young men and these young beauties belong to the same camp, intended to make money.

Middle-age women are not resistant to young men, have a natural feeling of good feelings, young men only need to shush cold ask warm, show enough care and love, to provide middle-aged women with the most missing emotional value, that woman’s chances of falling greatly increased.

Once a woman falls, it is found that young men really think differently, not only face value eye care, good life but also love to add, ask middle-aged women how to refuse this temptation?

You know, the face value, emotional value and sex life provided by young men are exactly what middle-aged women need most. Like when you’re thirsty and you smoke, someone gives you a bottle of mineral water, don’t you drink it?

When a young woman likes a young man and loves a young man, trouble comes.

Come on, can you borrow some money? Would you like to buy a car? Buy a house without a down payment, do you a favour? Big gifts to send, small gifts to send, do not give temper, break up.

Young men are never short of women, but middle-aged women are short of young men! Man’s desire is like falling into a bottomless hole in an empty mountain, not the whole miserable you, why do young men have to close? How much money do you have to pay!

Many women in the trap of young men, divorced, money is gone, and finally, people are empty, nothing.

How can the young man get out of the middle-aged woman’s confusion? Here’s the point!

There is an old saying in China that people know themselves. Read this sentence three times and taste what it means.

Men belong to pure visual animals, good face value, good body, and young girl, even if nothing, there is always a group of men kneeling to lick her. This law, no matter what man, no matter what age, always will be like this.

Middle-aged women, even if properly maintained, beauty, plastic surgery, cosmetics, can be compared with 18-year-old young girls, not in a grade. I don’t have to say this sentence, women can best understand the meaning of it.

Face easy old, this is the iron law, relying on cosmetics to modify the traces of the years is also very good, skin watery, blowing can break, a woman’s life dream. But it wouldn’t be good to think you’re really back at 18 because you’ve got a few bottles of makeup or a micro seal.

Youth lasts forever, just legend.

In fact, many middle-aged women’s skin loose, folds, body, has long been not the appearance of youth, the years are a pig-killing knife, even beautiful women are not mistaken.

For middle-aged women, young men can’t avoid it, how can they go up? IQ is a good thing, once you forget, you have to pay IQ tax.

Young men, young goddesses have been treated as treasures, strange goods can live, for fear of accidentally lost. How likely is it that a fancy man in her twenties might like a middle-aged woman?

Don’t forget, men always like younger girls than him, even brothers and sisters love a lot of men are difficult to accept.

Young men deliberately approach middle-aged women with only one purpose: to figure wealth! 

Some people say, will it be colour? I think, for ordinary men and middle-aged women, the picture is possible, but young men are more special because there is no shortage of women around the fresh meat.

For example, like a tall, hot-faced model, like a bearded uncle, do you think the model is a figure of money or true love? Judge for yourself!

Middle-age women are the mainstay of today’s society, most of them belong to the post-70s or early 80s women, that is a lack of love, love experience is relatively small, as long as a little better for them, they think it is love, which is caused by historical reasons.

Relatively speaking, after 90 and 00 is much more than after 70 love experience. That’s why middle-aged women are the hardest hit by young men’s scams.

I know that a lot of people after 90 or 00 understand this article is very hard, they do not understand, lack of emotional value and lack of sex life is so important? Feel that making money is the most important thing.

I want to make it clear that what is missing in life is what matters.

For the post-90s and post-00s, they lack money, their desire for success outweighs everything else, and their emotional values and sex lives are really not lacking. For successful middle-aged women, motorhome savings are not short, only emotional value and sex life is the hidden disease in their lives.

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