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With the continuous development of society, people’s thinking is no longer as conservative as before, more and more people’s definition of love has changed. They think that love and age have nothing to do with, so there has been a grandchild love, milk grandchild love, brother-in-law love and so on love. Everyone from exclusion to acceptance, and even send blessings, today to tell you a “brother and sister love”.

The 42-year-old aunt was successfully pursued by the 20-year-old “little fresh meat”, and now the twins have been born smoothly

The sexy woman in the photo looks like she’s thirty years old, but the real age is 42. She and her little meat husband are 20 years apart, but it doesn’t seem to have a sense of discordance, but more than a match.

“Older woman younger man meme—-sister-brother relationship”

The two of them met at the gym, which became a place for each other to start because they both loved to exercise. Small fresh meat not only did not abandon the old aunt’s age but more and more feel that she has a taste, mature with a trace of sexy, carefully look at the words, 42 years old can practice such a good body, really hard work, no wonder small fresh meat so persistent.

In fact, because of their age, the man’s parents repeatedly blocked but have not been able to split the two loving hearts. Parents have no choice but to compromise, now two people to successfully give birth to twins love crystallization, the surrounding people are good envy. In fact, it is really not easy for older mothers to give birth to twins smoothly.

How do older women prepare for pregnancy correctly?

“Older woman younger man meme—-sister-brother relationship”

1, a comprehensive inspection

Due to age problems, pregnant elderly women have decreased physical fitness and need couples to go to the hospital together for pre-pregnancy check-ups. Especially female examination, many genetic causes are inherited through the mother, such as hepatitis B, high blood sugar, high blood lipids will bring some harm to the baby. A thorough examination is not only good for the baby but also good for the majority, at least health is better than everything else.

2, do more exercise

Older women’s metabolism is weaker than that of younger mothers, and more exercise can alleviate the deterioration of the body’s functions, which is good for pregnancy preparation. If necessary, your other half can join the movement, which increases the likely rate of conception.

“Older woman younger man meme—-sister-brother relationship”

3, advance folic acid

Folic acid is very important for pregnant women, it can not only prevent neural tube malformation, but also prevent congenital heart disease, but also prevent cleft lip in the fetus. So eating folic acid in advance is a favourable umbrella for the fetus, and it is best for pregnant women to start eating folic acid three months in advance.

4, have a good mentality

A good mentality is also an important way to conceive, if the pressure during pregnancy is too high, it will affect the body’s endocrine disorders, affect the development of follicles, greatly reduce the rate of conception. Why doctors always have to remind pregnant women, let it go, do not take it too seriously, is because the more relaxed the higher pregnancy rate.

4 bad habits older women need to break

1, smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking not only affect the health of the mother, even if the successful conception will also affect the development of the baby. Couples with these bad habits are advised to give up drinking and smoking a year early to get their bodies back to their best and get pregnant again.

2, the rest of the confusion

Older women must be regular in preparation for pregnancy, refuse to stay up late, refuse to sleep, get up early, go to bed early, and develop a regular healthy rest, not only to improve metabolic rate but also to improve metabolic rate the mental state will be better.

3, the law of diet

Nutritional intake is very important for pregnant women, only a pregnant mother’s body is strong, to give birth to a healthy baby. Three meals a day must ensure healthy food, like too spicy, too salty, too oily food preparation mother is best to stay away.

4, do not dye hair perm

Do not dye hair during pregnancy, dyed hair in the potion has a large number of chemicals, not only to cause harm to the body but also lead to fetal malformation, not even fetal heart. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, do not dye hair perm.

In fact, the best age for women to prepare for pregnancy is between 23-29 years old, if you really miss the best age for childbirth, pregnant mothers should not worry too much. As long as you have the healthiest “body” and “Body and mind”, older women can also have healthy babies.

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