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Called a child by a girl? Or are girls treated like little brothers? Girls use age as an excuse to say you’re not right?

I understand you very well, you like a girl older than herself, her maturity, gentleness, feminine are attracting you, you very much hope to get her love. But when she says you’re too young, the age problem is like a mountain, pressing on your back and making you breathless, and you don’t know how to deal with it.

“Older woman younger man meme—-how to pursue girls older than themselves”

After reading this article, you can learn specific skills and coping measures, know how to pursue older girls? Let age no longer be an excuse.

“How to pursue older girls? Age is no longer an excuse”

1. Women feel inferior to their age

This actually need not say more, otherwise, so many skincare products, beauty products, those masks, creams, eye creams, are for whom to use? Women, of course.

Now the pace of life is so fast, so that many single men and women have no time to take into account their emotional problems, and in the end can only be through dating to quickly end the single career. But dating doesn’t mean it’s sure to succeed, I’ve been dating before, you can see how frustrated it is. Is also inadvertently read the teacher’s sister’s book – the North Palace Yuze counter-attack, only to let oneself have an earth-shaking change. A week later successfully out of order, the first month about five or six girls, not to mention how cool. If there are single brothers who can also learn to change their own, there are e-books on the Internet, Beijing Yuze counter-attack, check it is easy to find.

“Older woman younger man meme—-how to pursue girls older than themselves”

The most afraid of ageing in the world are women. Because women’s attractiveness is completely different from men’s. Men’s attraction lies in their ability and the qualities of male leaders, as the saying goes, “the older a man is, the more delicious”, that’s the truth;

“How to pursue older girls? Age is no longer an excuse”

And the attraction of a woman is in looks and figure, which is printed in our human genes, when you see a beautiful woman, a man’s mate selection gene, will immediately make a judgment (this process does not go through brain thinking):

The woman’s smooth skin and no wrinkles indicate that she is young and sexually active (16-24 years old);

This woman’s skin is very good, with no spots, indicating that she is in good health;

This woman has a big chest, which means that she has a good ability to breastfeed;

This woman’s pelvic pelvis is wide and her buttocks are cocked, indicating that she has a higher rate of birth success;

This woman has good hair, indicating that her body protein levels are good, suitable for breeding offspring …

A man’s mate selection system determines almost instantly whether the woman is attractive, and then the man decides whether to pursue the woman.

In short, a woman’s attractiveness is almost inversely in line with her age. Generally speaking, women feel they are beginning to age as soon as they are 22 years old (though not so), and they become more sensitive to age and less self-esteem about their age.

If a woman likes a boy younger than herself, her heart is tangled. On the one hand, she wants to be with the boy, but on the other hand, she worries that she is old and that the boy won’t like her.

A small editor once chatted about such an online girlfriend from the probe, when the girl from thousands of miles away to find a small editor, the girl finally put the difficult words out.

“Older woman younger man meme—-how to pursue girls older than themselves”

Through the girl said, “Honey, there’s a problem I have to tell you.” “I seem to be bigger than you. ” We can see her mental activity. If you are a clever man, you can certainly see that when a girl says these two words, she is extremely unconfident.

“How to pursue older girls? Age is no longer an excuse”

2. A woman’s criteria for choosing a mate are set up for people she doesn’t like

Perhaps you’ve heard this before, “Women’s criteria for choosing a mate are set for people they don’t like.” ”

You come to think about it, what are the criteria for choosing a woman’s mate? …… Tall, handsome, rich, and so on. These standards, many girls often talk about, but, is this really the case?

The editor first asked you a question, do you have any buddies around you, and do not meet the criteria for choosing a girl, but have a girlfriend?

The answer is, we often have such boys around, not high, not handsome, not much money, but very flattering girls like.

One more question, have any boys around you found a girl bigger than yourself?

Of course, we have a lot of such around, and in the stars, artists, there are many couples, are also women than men.

In this way, “women’s criteria for choosing a mate are set up for people who do not like” this sentence, as if there is a certain truth. Why is this so?

Ready to accept the truth?

Many times, our human values, our morals, and our instincts are quite the opposite. Women often fall in love with men who don’t meet their criteria for choosing a mate, because attraction is emotional, not logical.

So tell you, men and women have completely different attraction systems, and this attraction system, which has evolved over millions of years, is deeply imprinted in our genes, that is – men’s attractiveness is based on behavioural cues, women’s attraction is based on visual cues.

Let’s start with the case of “men are attracted to women”. Men are attracted to women with good visual cues, as we said earlier, that is, by beautiful, well-shaped women. When you see a beautiful woman, you feel emotionally attracted for almost a moment.

But the funny thing is that men often don’t admit to being so superficial. A man’s mouth will say, “We don’t care about looks, I want my partner to be gentle, considerate and sensible.” “Most men’s criteria for choosing a mate are the same. But what if there was a gentle, considerate, sensible, flower-like girl to be with you? Would you like it? You won’t like it at all.

Women are the same. Women are attracted to men with good behavioural leads, i.e. by funny, opinionable, capable men. For example, if a woman dates a funny cool man for two hours, she may like the man, and a girl meets a boring, serious honest person four times because the honest man’s behaviour clues are not good enough, so a woman can’t make a feeling.

Again, good behaviour clues of men, often silk mouth said the kind of “scum man”, because they do not care about the worldly views, have their own clear boundaries, do not please others, will always hope to meet the silk feel uncomfortable;

However, the society’s judgment of women is too serious, resulting in women will not say that they like the bad men with opinions, on the contrary, they will follow the social morality, said their criteria for choosing a mate is this, “he as long as honest, down-to-earth, grow a little higher, Ken is good to me, have a stable job on it.” “Doesn’t that sound familiar?” Do you really believe in the criteria for choosing a mate in a woman’s mouth?

Believe that you are reading the article, mostly in line with the woman’s mouth said “mate selection criteria”, but you like the girl still do not like you, if the woman’s selection criteria are true, then most of the world’s good men should harvest perfect love! The opposite is true.

Now you understand that the criteria for choosing a mate are the rules that we logically and rationally set for ourselves and that people of different moral environments and cultures have different criteria for choosing a mate. In short, all you have to do is remember one word:

If a woman doesn’t like you, even if you meet the woman’s criteria for choosing a mate, a woman will reject you, and if a woman likes you, even if you don’t meet the woman’s criteria for choosing a mate, she wants to be with you.

Therefore, to catch up with a girl, let this girl likes you, just to meet the woman’s mouth said the criteria for choosing a mate is useless, you must through the correct way to attract the girl, her inner waves, fawns bumping.

3. You must attract her as quickly as possible, not try to meet her standards

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced something like this: you and a girl have a good feeling for each other, you’ve made a statement to her, you want her to be your girlfriend, and she turned you down. What the hell is going on?

Using the concepts we’ve talked about above, you should understand that when you’re with a girl, you’re feeling good about each other, and this stage is emotional attraction. Once you’ve told her that you want her to be your girlfriend, she’ll immediately fall into logical thinking and begin to assess with reason whether you’ve met her criteria for choosing a mate. Even if she has a good feeling for you, but because the good feeling is not strong enough that she can not leave you. As a result, you will most likely be rejected for not meeting her criteria for choosing a mate.

In the first half of spending time with girls, this question is particularly noteworthy, please try to think about the following questions:

If a girl doesn’t like you, when she chats with you, she knows you are shorter than her, what will she do?

There’s a good chance she’ll turn you down.

A girl, she doesn’t like you, she knows you are younger than her age, and she thinks intellectually that finding a boyfriend shouldn’t look for something smaller than herself, what will she do?

She’ll drop you almost immediately and won’t give you a chance to get along anymore.

3. A girl’s criteria for choosing a mate is to find more than 175 boyfriends, she chats with you, is attracted to you, likes you, one day you tell her that you only have 174. Will she leave you?

No, she’ll rationalize it as “the person I like about you, not your height” or “the criteria for choosing a mate are for people I don’t like, I like you, the standards aren’t that important.” “Then stay with you.”

A girl thinks rationally that she shouldn’t look for a boy younger than herself. She chatted with you, was attracted to you, fell in love with you, and then you told her that you were four years younger than her. Will she leave you?

There is a good chance that she will not leave you, she will fall into a deep tangle, on the one hand, she rationally thinks that should not find a boy smaller than herself, on the other hand, she likes you emotionally. In the end, reason will succumb to emotion, and she will continue to be with you. (People’s reason tends to succumb to emotions). 

Through the above 4 questions, I believe you have a very clear understanding of the “how to pursue older girls” problem. In short, it’s the same sentence: if a woman doesn’t like you, even if you meet the criteria for choosing a woman’s mate, a woman will reject you, and if a woman likes you, even if she doesn’t meet the woman’s criteria for choosing a mate, she still wants to be with you.

So, when you meet a girl older than you, you need to do the following:

You must attract her as quickly as possible in the right way to attract her and make her feel good about you.

2. Before she likes you, avoid talking about sensitive topics such as age! Don’t talk about sensitive topics such as age! Don’t talk about sensitive topics such as age! The important thing is to say it three times!!!

3. Even if you are careful to avoid it, what if a girl still asks about your age?

Quite simply, the girl asked you, “How old are you?” “You can ask the girl, “What do you think?” “No matter how old the girl guesses you, you answer her, “We’re actually about the same age.” “Then change the next topic right away and avoid the mine zone!”

4. Until you judge that girls like you very much, you can talk boldly about any topic, taboos are not important.

That’s how to pursue older girls and sister-type girls.

To get a good brother-in-law love, you must be better than the older boys around the girl emotional security, this article, to a certain extent, can help you quickly improve your love thinking and men’s and women’s ability to get along. But if you want to protect your love and really succeed in catching up with the girl you like perfectly, it’s not enough to have this article, you need to learn systematic girl-chasing thinking and methods.

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