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Many boys have a certain love sister plot, especially during puberty, it is easy to compare their big girl heart. Most boys don’t care about age after a heartbeat, but girls do. Girls are born more mature than boys, and they are clear that there are few future relationships in which women are older than men, so they usually refuse confessions from people who are smaller than themselves.

First of all, you need to understand why girls are reluctant to accept boys younger than themselves. Once a man is smaller than his own woman, it is natural that his woman will feel unreliable.

“Older woman younger man meme—-how do boys chase girls who are older than themselves_ Skills of chasing mature girls”

Girls are born more mature than boys, in the boy’s confession, girls have already considered the future between you two in a flash. Not to say family resistance, girls will grow up faster than boys in the future, can you guarantee that you will not fall in love with others at that time? And young boys are easy to be tempted by mature women but wait until a little older, more stable heart, will like younger girls than their own, by then, the defendant white this position is more embarrassing. The more things you experience, the more attractive men are, and the more capital they have, the higher the emotional flow.

In the eyes of girls, it is clear that such men can bear to pamper themselves, and young boys who have never entered society are more likely to argue with themselves, compared to older men. So considering all of the above, girls will not easily accept boys smaller than their own.

So how do you attack your older goddess?

(1) The concept of “brainwashing” maturity

If you’re much younger than your goddess, all you can do is replace the “mature men who take care of people” mentality in their hearts, so you should often “brainwash” her.

“Older woman younger man meme—-how do boys chase girls who are older than themselves_ Skills of chasing mature girls”

If you and your goddess have known each other for a long time, and you have shown many childish behaviours and actions in front of her many times, I’m sorry, I can’t save you, you’d better give up.

Many boys do not know how to behave not childish, and even some people think that with girls to get along with humour, then humour will sell germination, so it will not appear childish?

I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying that men who work hard are the most handsome.

Career is an essential part of every man, if you work hard to be seen by your goddess, she will think you are responsible for the work, then nature will be responsible for their own life and wife, the degree of good feelings so rising. 

Not all men who know humour are naive. Mature men’s humour will be divided into occasions and events, but childish men’s humour only by their own feelings, high and low opinion.

“Older woman younger man meme—-how do boys chase girls who are older than themselves_ Skills of chasing mature girls”

(2) Attitude towards women

Mature women are more rational, so the pursuit of boys will also be more rational. If your attitude towards her is that everything goes with her and you’re intoxicated with her, then I’m sorry, you’ve been pss. All women want to be protected by men who are better off with a little bit of bullying. That’s how they feel safe.

All you have to do is show that you are mature enough that your psychological age is far older than her and treat her like a child.

In the hearts of older single young women, men are not reliable, they have to rely on their own.

So when you like this kind of woman, you must make it clear to her that you are a man who keeps your promises, that you can trust you, that you promise her things must be done, no matter how subtle, as long as you promise you can’t forget and repent.

In the pursuit of her, to play the role of multiple angles. If you are her father, love her unconditionally, be her friend, listen to her voice, be her boss and leader, command her, let her know your authority, and her pistachios, make her happy every day.

All in all, in pursuit of a girl older than you, then you must be more mature than she has experienced.

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