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Recently, a Thai rich woman was caught in the fire. Her name is Leena jungjanya, a well-known female entrepreneur.

The 58-year-old lady has a legendary resume. She not only opened a beauty shop but also has a lawyer’s license. She has run for the mayor of Bangkok three times and has become a powerful figure in business and politics…

What really made her angry was a marriage advertisement.

Not long ago, she divorced her eighth husband because she was “unable to meet her sexual needs.”. According to the intimate photos taken by them shortly before their divorce, we can see that this “ex-husband” is a real young man.

“Older woman younger man meme—-how about old rich women and young men in their old age”

That’s not enough? Is there any mistake???

Soon, Miss really sticky teeth with the ninth husband’s “marriage notice” reply – no mistake.

She listed five conditions:

1.25 years old



Make love 28 times a day

It was an uproar to see the request of the 50-year-old rich woman. The media helped her calculate that on average, she had sex every 51 minutes.

If there are any qualified men, you are welcome to come directly to me for an interview. To be my man, you don’t need to work, as long as you can “satisfy” me.

Maybe it’s to challenge me. Despite the harsh conditions, the notice attracted more than 50000 young Thai men to sign up.

Soon, really sticky teeth picked out their own “the right man”, also generous to take him to show love.

The new husband, Lanxi, is 24 years old. Strip in public on the show, let the rich woman love.

The age gap of 34 does not seem to affect their feelings at all. Lanxi acts like a meek Lamb on the show, helping the rich woman to clean her clothes, wipe her tears and kneel.

“Older woman younger man meme—-how about old rich women and young men in their old age”

Lanxi calls real sticky teeth “Mom”, but in fact, his mother is 14 years younger than her. However, Lanxi said that he was interested in the old (rich) woman’s intelligence, not her money.

But for really sticky teeth, even if it’s her money, it doesn’t matter, as long as you can “meet” the conditions.

It’s a common phenomenon in rich women’s world that their appetite grows with age. Next, I’ll talk about two elders who are really clinging to their teeth.

There is a well-known socialite in the rich world, Jocelyn Wildenstein, known as “catgirl”.

Joslin, 76, was born into a middle-class family in Lausanne, Switzerland. By chance, she met Alec Wildenstein, a wealthy American businessman.

Eric was fascinated by joseline’s beauty and soon they got married.

After they got married, they lived in a 6600 acre newly married mansion. However, when he got married, Joslin, who was 38 years old, began to worry about getting old and being rejected by her husband after giving birth to two children.

She focused on cosmetic surgery. Because her husband likes cats, so she decided to put herself in the direction of a cat girl. What she imagined in her mind might be like this.

It turns out like this.

Her husband objected from the beginning and couldn’t understand why she did it. But Joslin decided that it was because he didn’t look like a cat. So step by step, she turned herself into a monster.

So much so that when she caught her husband in bed, her husband thought it was a stranger who broke in and nearly took a gun to break her out…

The angry Joslin filed for divorce and huge compensation. Scared, Eric agreed and gave her $2.5 billion – as long as I don’t see you again, I can do anything.

With a break-up fee of $2.5 billion, Joslin has become one of the world’s richest women. Despite such a distorted face, countless young men are flocking to it.

In the young men, she seems to have found confidence again. Later, she had a seemingly reliable relationship with Lloyd clay, a 20-year-old design lion.

As a result, they went to court at the end of last year because they were caught by the cat girl.

Now, the title of “catgirl” is worthy of the name…

Finally, this is the Duchess of alba, the eldest sister in the rich world.

She used to be the richest woman in Spain, with properties all over the country.

She is also the world’s most noble title of women, a total of 57 titles. The media has seriously discussed before if she meets the queen of England, who should salute? You can see the status.

Don’t look at the face deformed by Botox. When she was young, Picasso was chasing after her.

Although she has been known as “the rebel of the aristocracy”, no one thought that she could shock the world at the age of 85.

In 2011, the 85-year-old Duchess held a grand wedding with Alfonso, a civil servant 24 years younger than herself.

Grandma is hale and hearty. She dances barefoot at the wedding and feels she can live another 500 years.

In fact, from the Spanish royal family to grandma’s children, they are very opposed to marriage. They think that this young civil servant is just an old man, just interested in her money.

Therefore, before marriage, grandma simply gave all her property to her children, leaving nothing for herself or her newly married husband, to prove that they are true love.

However, true love is not equal to years. Three years later, she died of pneumonia at the age of 88.

The legendary Duchess, probably, would not regret that he had made such a terrible decision as his life was near the end of his life. Even if there are only three years of a happy time, it is better than loneliness.

It may not be a coincidence that the female rich have such a consistent appetite for young men.

Older and older, but found that his money can not spend several years, or better change a happy old age?

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