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Society is more acceptable to men and women.

In heterosexual relationships, matching relationships between men and women occupy the mainstream. Because it’s mainstream, it’s a norm, so people simply accept it. Brother and sister love such a statement, is very rare, and brother and sister love, but no one knows.

“Older woman younger man meme—-deception behind sister brother love”

A woman is two months bigger than a man and can be dubbed a brother-in-law. If a woman is six or seven years older than a man, it is easy to get a lot of interest. If something like this happens around them, a lot of people can’t help but take a stand. It doesn’t have to be said that those voices of support and approval alone illustrate the unusual relationship between women and men. Who would say something that everyone accepts?

“Older woman younger man meme—-deception behind sister brother love”

The film’s heroes, Ellen and Sandy, are judged by the variety of people around them.

Alan’s friend joked, ‘Oh, a 60-year-old woman with a hundred kids?!

Alan helpless correction: forty years old, two children…

Sandy’s messy, unresolved husband, who had just been injured in a boxing match, was mistaken for Sandy’s lover when he saw Allen lying on the couch at Sandy’s house, and threw him over: “Are you starting to take in street kids?” ”

Even Sandy’s friend, a New York woman who was open and inclusive in love and sex, nicknamed Allen “the kid.”

Alan ran to dinner with Sandy’s colleagues. These media elites, who belong to the most open and inclusive groups in society, have not been able to properly hide their surprise.

“Older woman younger man meme—-deception behind sister brother love”


Not to mention Alan’s parents. Their children fell in love with a woman who was fifteen years older and had two children. On Alan’s birthday, two women handed the gift to Alan at the same time, and awkwardly backed down. Sandy means you’re his mother. Then Alan’s mother said, “You’re his boss. ”

In modern society, age has become one of the most easily assessed resources. Being young means having a lot of time and resources, and getting older is a sign that resources are drying up. Age discrimination is one of the most widespread at present.

When age discrimination is met with gender discrimination, the situation of those discriminated against is very difficult. Ageist believes that getting older is a process of gradual disqualification, and sexist people believe that women are inferior to men.

When you get to Sandy and Alan, it becomes a question for Sandy: You old woman, why do you have little fresh meat?

If you change gender and let Sandy be a man and Alan a woman, the situation is likely to reverse. At least, those media elites will certainly not be surprised. Rich and talented 40- and 50-year-old male anchor, about twenty-something sister scene, they see more.

The tangles and courage of the authorities

External evaluation, social norms of the constant reminder, will give women big men and young lovers a lot of pressure. When Xue Jia ning and Hu Ge broke up, a big reason is tangled in the age difference.

Sandy suffered the same ordeal. With Ellen, she’s happy and able to express herself. However, whether there could be a future, she dared not think.

After telling Ellen of her unwanted pregnancy, she calmly said she understood when she saw him sitting by the bed, whispering that she didn’t know what to do. Because she had no plans to stay with her for long, and deep down, Ellen was a child.

When she finally realized that Ellen was too happy to express it, she smiled with surprise, satisfaction and happiness.

She tried to avoid the age difference and tried to remember it from time to time. But the news of the out-of-court pregnancy forced her to face up to the fact of the age difference.

She nearly broke down, and said for a long time: You are so young, but also live with your parents, and I am your boss! I’m thinking about having your baby… You shouldn’t fall in love with someone like me, you have two kids, you’re old…

At this moment, she should not bar each other as big as her, even bigger than her! Because this is love ah, can meet but can not ask for things. But age is there, providing material for a vicious interpretation of this love.

At this time, the courage of the other side is crucial. Alan is the brave man who approaches Sandy, takes her to see her parents, and is witty at dinner to defuse embarrassment…

Sandy collapsed during an extraterrestrial pregnancy and when he turned away from him, he realized that Sandy was still a child. Later, he walked a lot, went through a lot, adopted a child, and showed up with a child in front of Sandy, with a mature man’s face: “I’m thirty years old!” ”

Many times, when a man, falling in love with a woman older than himself, is likely to pray that he is older than the woman, so that he will not encounter any resistance to her care.

However, age replacement is not possible. So a lot of people will try to get themselves to grow quickly to match maturity.

But who says older people must be more mature than younger ones? Everyone has their own growth time zone, doesn’t he? The younger ones, the older ones, look beautiful.

Some emotional bloggers so-called sister-in-law love psychological basis, such as women are born with maternal, men’s maternal plot, etc., are Ayawawa peripheral products, can not believe.

The most critical is not the outside evaluation, the guidance of bloggers, but two people together, how to get along the most appropriate. Therefore, a lively and lovely, slightly ignorant man, with a mature and stable, reasonable woman together, but also very good-looking.

Unfortunately, most people don’t think so, they give brother and sister love too much speculation and imagination.

What exactly is that brother-in-law’s love?

It is a kind of love mode of old women and men, but unfortunately, by the males and capitalism, collusion kidnapped.

In the concept of masculinity, men should have control, especially in relationships and families. Female big men small love mode, women because of older, often more mature, richer social experience, career more stable or strong. In this case, the man is more susceptible to the influence of the woman in terms of social cognition, and the woman is more likely to play the role of creator and mentor.

This is exactly what the male system is most afraid of happening because the strong men are weak, the man loses control.

Ingoing out and shouting opposition alone can be noisy and cause people’s disgust. Male is very shrewd, it pulls its own hands to cultivate capitalism, the female big man small love mode to chase and intercept.

So capitalism tells you that it’s shameful to grow old, especially women. You lose your sexual attraction, you lose the value of the marriage market. 

And the more women are afraid of getting older, the more effective men’s power and capitalism are in controlling women. In the end, you can put women directly into the ice cellar: Look, you’re old enough to have nothing to do with medicine or technology, please give up. Sandy was cold when she learned she was pregnant outside the palace.

The film’s setting of characters is very interesting. Sandy’s ex-husband is a typical representative of the system of collusion between male power and capitalism. He has a successful career, suit leather, arranging, to people’s finger-pointing, has the ability to make Sandy completely speechless.

Alan is almost the opposite of Sandy’s ex-husband, who is anti-feminist and anti-capitalist. Warm and delicate, used to give in, like children, like to do work that can help others. His rejection of so-called high-level jobs implies a rejection of the capitalist system.

Sandy’s departure from her ex-husband and eventual departure to Allen meant a break from the male-rights system and a revolt against age under the definition of capitalism.

Age is a kind of collective calculation, which is convenient for demographic statistics. It is also important to the individual, but not to the point where it can make decisions about the division and co-assembly of a loved one.

On the face of it, the core of brother-in-law’s love is the age difference. In fact, it is the collusion between male power and capitalism. This is exactly what we need to be alert and defiant too.

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