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As long as women make choices as they please, most of the old women’s innermost thoughts, all do not like young men, but some women are powerless.

“Older woman younger man meme—-4 reasons: old women like young men”

First, to meet vanity

Vanity regardless of the old woman or young woman will have, so women but where there is a choice will choose as young a man as possible, will make themselves deeply satisfied and will let honey envy, jealousy or hate, especially the elderly woman, will attract young strong men, confirm that their charm still exists, married to young men is an important channel to confirm that still have charm, and even old women will be compared, often whose boyfriends or husbands are younger, Whoever wins.

Second, the marriage market sinks

Rich and atmospheric men of the same age, will marry young and beautiful women, as for the stretched old bachelor, the elderly woman will never paste, regardless of the family thick or thin will not marry the shy old bachelor in the bag, so the young strong young man in his ties will become the first choice, is the so-called: would rather bully the white-headed, young poor, if the 50-something man is still not ambitious, since he already knows fate, life will also be basically fixed, but the young man will also have the potential, Even young men with low starting points are willing to marry an old woman with an unlimited future and hope. 

“Older woman younger man meme—-4 reasons: old women like young men”

Third, the comer does not refuse

Can an older man withstand an emotional attack by a young woman? Presumably, eighty-nine years old men will be model, in fact, old women will be the same, now like old women young men are not in the minority, as to like the cause will be all kinds of, even if the rejection is half pushed, the elderly woman will think that since they can marry young men also means earned, with the fact that is the winner of life, young men release the temptation, far beyond the old woman’s self-control, will not be able to help themselves.

Fourth, make up for the sense of security

The older a woman is, the less secure she becomes, and increasingly needs men to provide protection, such as if an elderly woman marries an elderly man, an elderly woman is afraid of taking unilateral care of or unilaterally protecting an elderly man, after all, the average life expectancy of a man has proved to be lower than the average life expectancy of a woman, young men because of both old and strong, both to take care of the elderly woman and to protect the elderly woman.

Conclusion: Women can now still have a job and career, economic autonomy, daily life in the emotional field will not be bound, in fact, men can change their thinking can understand, ask a few old men who do not like flowers like jade women? Men and women are essentially the same, no one should say who.

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