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I believe that the world as long as it is because like to be together couples, the original is not to break up together.

The beginning of the relationship is sweet, the other side of everything in your eyes is very good. Instantly you know she has some little ways and a small temper, all feel acceptable and patient.

Maybe it’s because of her temper, or maybe it’s because you’re not considerate enough, and over time, you’re finally separated. Three ways to tell you how to chase a girl who is bigger than herself?

Mature women are sometimes very attractive to boys. These sisters, not as wealthy as little girls will be considerate. When you are in trouble, you don’t just say what to do? Instead, comfort yourself and make practical suggestions.

“Older woman younger man meme—-3 ways to tell you how to chase a girl older than yourself”

By contrast, the sisters are so exciting.

Such a good sister, the natural suitors are many: here is the same age as the sister of men, there are older than the sister of men, are competitors.

How to stand out among the many competitors and make yourself a happy person? The following points are key.

Can be separated, so that girls have no complaints in their hearts, but just feel sorry for the two inappropriate boys how to do it?

“Older woman younger man meme—-3 ways to tell you how to chase a girl older than yourself”

1. Be yourself

Scientific research shows that the psychological age of men and women, women’s psychological age is on average about 3 years older than men’s. In other words, even for peers, women are generally more psychologically mature than men.

So, you don’t have to pretend to be mature and deep in front of your sister. Your little tricks will be torn apart at a glance in my sister’s eyes.

When you are still trying to perform the “mature man” play code, the sister smiled on the surface, in fact, the heart has long been clear, know that you are all pretending, just embarrassed to expose you, give you face.

With luck, my sister will feel like she’s watching a play and laughing. With bad luck, the more you play, the more points you’ll get in her heart.

The more points you deduct, the more you’re out.

The right thing to do is to be yourself and not think about how mature you should be. You know, it’s true and false. Even if you can carry it for a while, can you keep it?

Deal with things according to your personality and thoughts, don’t be distracted by “what a mature man should be” and make decisions and practices that aren’t your own.

Truth has power.

“Older woman younger man meme—-3 ways to tell you how to chase a girl older than yourself”

2. Intimacy must be based on sincerity

Whenever you say something to her, it must be true. Because of the white lies, the parties will be angry when they know the truth.

Besides, in daily life, there is no need to hide anything. Once you don’t tell the truth, you’ll need countless lies to round it up.

Lie too much, you won’t remember every lie yourself. The beauty of the lie stack is the mirage, and a single push will collapse in an instant.

More importantly, the observation of a woman who is older and more mature than you are is very delicate, especially at the beginning of contact, she will pay attention to what you say and do, as a basis to judge what kind of person you are?

When your lies overlap, and then you remember not quite clearly, she can find loopholes. No better impression can withstand the impact of a collapse, and your relationship is likely to end there.

Be open to yourself and be frank with her, no matter what the future is, at least worthy of your heart.

3. You can increase your consumption without using it

Because older than their own, work experience than their own rich, sister’s position and income will generally be higher than their own. Boys will feel that usually, sisters are in and out of the higher consumption of places, natural dating also has to be basically flat.

Every time I go to high-end places to spend high, I feel a little meat pain. Go more times, really feel a little hard. When my sister comes to ask you, look at the balance on the card and refuse the invitation. 

In fact, girls on the choice of consumption location will not be particularly high, generally clean and tidy. They’re more concerned with who they’re dating, even more so for their sisters.

It’s enough to occasionally go to places where you’re spending too much, and you should focus more on scheduling your trip. Know your sister’s interests in advance, do more homework, take her to a favourite place to date when there is talk and laugh is the point.

Sister because of the older relationship, the way to see a lot. As time goes on, more effective sets will be seen through.

So you put all sorts of thoughts in front of her, don’t hide anything, and get along with her in the way you really are.

Even the occasional clumsiness, occasional ugliness, and occasional shame may be what you really charm in her eyes. Unabashedly expose your shortcomings in front of her, show your temperament, let her feel that your heart is the ablest to hit her inner strength.

Because real feelings can impress people!

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