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1, attract the other person is always your self-confidence and the personality charm, rather than just to him / her good, it is best not to unconditionally do anything for any person do not long-term unilateral giving feelings are mutual feelings are the need to operate and give back no feedback then I will resign.

2, don’t live for one person Love is not the whole of your life most of the time or lonely

3, communication methods get along with time and other issues before determining the relationship should be discussed please carefully consider whether your two ideas are appropriate personality love purposes, their respective needs and other factors comprehensive consideration Please carefully establish the relationship between men and women friends Some people are only suitable to do “ordinary friends” (meet not necessarily say hello pretend not to see that kind) some people also only deserve ambiguous please don’t take ambiguity as love

“Leaving a bad relationship—-what lessons have you learned from a failed relationship?”

4, don’t miss any thoughts, you don’t think he /she separated from you you become better than before, he/she will regret not going with you after all inappropriate or inappropriate, some people are wrong in the beginning, can’t go on maybe not your fault, you shouldn’t be together.

 5, love to control the rhythm, feelings should be step by step is good, love is not two people hip-hop haha, but in the process of getting along with each other, familiar with their spleen, not too hasty.

6, love if more than three days, not a particularly busy thing, a word did not say to you, a sentence is not linked, play lost. After that there is no need to contact, delete each other. Never see you again.

7, love is indeed cruel feelings are always unfair certainly one party to pay more energy more you think for him / she did a lot of each other will be very moved in fact are you voluntarily blame others.

8, love is very strange, often love more of the party, but there is no voice, the more investment on the side is the party that loses. Whoever touches the feelings loses, and the winner is often the one who pulls out first.

9, the love period will indeed pass, the love period of the couple is always a whole day glued together, the eyes are the advantages of each other, experienced the run-in period, the flat period of love is only after precipitation, is considered to stand the test, is not frivolous. After all, hormones, dopamine-backed love is too easy to get.

10. Maybe you’re in love with the feeling he/she brings to you, not him/her

11. No matter how much you put into your feelings, don’t give up your life pursuits and beliefs. No one can be anyone’s whole unless you include your other person/she in your life’s future plans.

12, don’t give heart easily, even if you think the other side is suitable again, don’t invest 100%, on the surface please act out of 200 percent love to, the other side in the depths of the heart actually only 50 percent, please leave 50 percent to yourself.

“Leaving a bad relationship—-what lessons have you learned from a failed relationship?”

13, when you feel a feeling tired, began to question whether the other side still love themselves so much, has begun to weigh their own pay and harvest, the problem has emerged, and the problem is not small.

14, the other side likes you, in fact, you have an answer in mind, believe your intuition, you feel that the other side is not so like is not so like It is what it is.

15, everything else can rely on hard work, love is not the same, only by luck, most of the time between two people a lifetime, may only have one chance. So like someone very much, please don’t miss him, timely and brave expression of your likes and love.

16. Don’t put all your feelings on one person. Really not worth her / him, not your world, not all your love is only an accessory to your life, additives, don’t forget you also have friends and parents.

17, don’t be too idle to take feelings as the whole of life sooner or later will put the spirit on the other side, please take care of their own lives to cultivate a fixed interest in love is just the icing on the cake

18, don’t put all the feelings on a person really not worth her / he is not your whole world not all your love is only an accessory to your life Additive Don’t forget you still have friends parents 34, in the feelings already contain the risk of harm to each other, when you like a person, you give the other person the right to hurt you, strong like a person will make you lose the charm that once made him move.

19, must not be composite. This should be your life guidelines, because the next break-up reason is the same as the beginning, the only difference is that this time you will be more heart-trenching. Don’t try to think that you can change a person, a relationship broken, divided together, can only show that you are too embarrassed with each other.

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