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Some people say that the heart can not stand the test, a try is full of holes.

In fact, the feelings are the same. Because of the trial, it is likely to mean loss.

Last night, good friend Lily said she was out of love, it was her break-up. Asked why she just wanted to test her boyfriend in this way.

Before that, she had joked a few times.

Because she began to feel that her boyfriend no longer loves her as much as before, the time spent with her every day is decreasing, the return of information is also perfunctory.

 ”Leaving a bad relationship—-don’t use leaving to test a relationship”

Lily says she remembers the first time she mentioned breaking up during a fight when her boyfriend looked panicked and offered to apologize to her, buy her gifts and send her a big message to coax her. During that time, almost everything followed her satisfactory.


She also tasted the sweetness, two people again have contradictions or quarrels, will not be able to help make a “break-up” this trick, to coerce her boyfriend to bow to himself to admit mistakes.


And although Lily is well aware that the other side has been trying to make changes for her, preparing for the future.

 ”Leaving a bad relationship—-don’t use leaving to test a relationship”

But when the boyfriend because of work, even the weekend did not have time to accompany themselves, when the boyfriend made her angry, but with her analysis of right and wrong, reasonable, Lily will still lose reason, began to suspect that the love is missing.

She began to get used to using this “separate and calm” approach to test her boyfriend’s sincerity.


What she didn’t expect was that this time her boyfriend didn’t stay, but instead complied with her breakup request.


In fact, I can understand that Every time Lily bluffs about “separation”, she just wants her boyfriend to pay more attention to himself.


But I still want to say that two people love each other, the most important thing is trust. And when you use separate to test each other, then the trust will be uncensored by you hand-crushed.

If the relationship between two people needs to be solid through constant trial and testing, is there any need for the relationship to exist?

Just ask the other side to give you a sense of security, perhaps never thought that the other side also needs your sense of security.

Over and over again, the test only adds weight to the balance of the other side’s inner imbalance. And when trust collapses, the other side doesn’t care about losing you. 

But in fact, if you repeatedly “break up” on the lips, to get the love and security you want. Then sooner or later, it will all be lost differently.


No one in this world will ever pay for your impulses, even the one you love.

A friend said: “In fact, girls often say break up, as if playing a ‘he doesn’t like me, he will leave me’ game.”

To prove the idea inside, they test it many times with “leave” until they prove it’s right.

 ”Leaving a bad relationship—-don’t use leaving to test a relationship”

For the time being, whether the other side loves you or not, as long as you choose to test feelings in this way, then the result must be a loss. ”

I don’t know if people who say “forget it” in their feelings are really, as friends say, thinking about game life.

But what I agree with is that the result of the trial will certainly be ugly.

A healthy relationship should be about believing that you can go on together, not wondering when the other person will leave you.

And when you start distrusting a person, no matter what the other person does, you’ll feel that the other person has something else to hide, and it’s definitely not that simple.

So when you wonder if the other person really loves you or cares about you, the most effective test is actually time.

Because time will tell you the truest answer.

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