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Some girls feel abandoned after falling in love, if determined to find the former compound, with short low self-esteem, this time the whole person presented a state is very sad, to give the predecessor a feeling that you give him the power to kill.

People’s psychology is very delicate, when a person holds power in his hands, he will certainly want to taste the pleasure of rejecting others, so to save the predecessor’s most taboo is to let the predecessor feel that he is the person who can decide whether or not to compound.

“Get ex boyfriend back”

So the question is, how can you let your ex-boyfriend know you’re “interesting” to him, but don’t let him think you’re waiting for him to pick the little poor?

Today we’re going to find out how to “snr” our ex-boyfriend in the recovery.

1, break his psychological prejudgment

Based on the understanding of each other’s personality and behaviour habits, couples who spend a lot of time together will judge how the other person will react in the face of a situation, for example, you will know if it rains suddenly after work, your boyfriend will take a bus home directly or work overtime at the company to wait for the rain to stop.

So after a breakup, your boyfriend will also anticipate your impending reaction, for example, he thinks you’re a dependent, sticky girl, and he’ll be prepared for you to question him about “how the promises you’ve made don’t count.”

“Get ex boyfriend back”

What you need to do is break the other person’s prejudgment of you to mobilize his curiosity and make him pay more attention to you involuntarily.

If you can’t figure out what your ex-boyfriend will say about you, you just need to know what you’re most impulsive to do after a breakup, and then resist the urge to do the opposite.

Instinctually wanting to do is to represent your way of thinking and behaviour habits, and your consistent way of thinking and behaviour habits are the basis for your predecessor’s prejudgment of you, so doing something “unlike what you would do” can successfully attract the attention of your ex-boyfriend.

For example, you would like to block his door to talk to him, to blame him, to cry, to theory, don’t go, don’t contact him for the time being, quietly watch the play at home to divert attention or go out with friends to break their hearts.

2, guide him to distract you

After the first step, you have successfully mobilized your ex-boyfriend’s desire to explore you, when you want him to think more about you in his daily life, let him do anything will be distracted by you.

The simplest way is “want to say and stop”, the specific method of operation is to send a message to him, such as “hey right, just want to tell you something, a busy forget, you are free now.”

No matter what he replies to after this message, you don’t reply, he’ll be thinking about what you’re going to say to him the next day, how you suddenly don’t talk, what the hell are you busy with… Of course, in hindsight, you casually find an excuse to round the past, but your goal has been achieved.

Similarly, you can use this approach from time to time throughout the recovery process, such as taking the initiative to end the conversation, chatting to half and not replying, suggesting that you’ll ask him to meet but be slow to make arrangements.

Overall to the ex-boyfriend’s feeling is that you are active, not humble, down generous, but the initiative is also in your hands, you do not passively wait for his arrangements, on the contrary, he has been guessing your mind.

“Get ex boyfriend back”

3. Play the role of throwing out the problem rather than solving the problem

Many girls mistakenly think that the initiative to save the ex-boyfriend on behalf of the initiative to solve the problems between two people, in fact, it is often because the woman is always fighting to solve the problem led to the relationship instability because men like to play by themselves as the terminator of the problem, they do not like the woman’s “main thing” state.

There are even girls who see each other as a problem per se, and this sense of opposition creates a sense of confrontation that men want to avoid.

So don’t say, “Let’s talk about it, how I think it should be, how should you do it…” instead, “I’m confused, I’m always not realistic about a situation, I don’t know what’s right, I need to hear your opinion.” 

Adjusting the two sides from the opposite side to the united front, and let the ex-boyfriend play the role of problem-solving, you will appear much more lovely, he will be more willing to communicate with you, unknowingly “boyfriend force” will be stimulated, the chemical reaction between the two people has begun to play the role of a compound catalyst.

About how to save the ex-boyfriend, these three steps we must remember and make good use of, the process of recovery can actually not be painful, depending on your operating mentality and mode of operation.

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