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Don’t call this meeting a date.

A lot of girls think a lot before they meet their ex-boyfriends, and it’s not desirable to fantasize about the prospect of dating together. Don’t assume it’s a simple date, mistake it for two people who can be as close as ever. You need to treat this meeting as a meeting with an ordinary friend and reduce the pressure on the other person who has reduced the sense of demand before he is willing to get closer to you.

1. Meet and chat with your ex-boyfriend

Meet and chat topics are very important, you can choose some easy topics. You can say their own work, their own time experienced things, there is to reflect on the previous love process mistakes, nor do you want to apologize, and a feeling of after-knowledge, to apologize but to make the atmosphere embarrassing. If he wants to say something, just listen patiently and agree.

“Get ex boyfriend back—-what should girls pay attention to when they meet their ex boyfriends”

Don’t talk about breaking up

Girls and ex-boyfriends meet, at first may get along well, but chatting will be involved in the original break-up thing, this time the relationship fell to freezing point again. Want to have a brand-new beginning, do not turn out the past unpleasant things, after all, the past things can not come back, you have to do is to cherish the present, seize the opportunity to save the boyfriend’s heart. 

“Get ex boyfriend back—-what should girls pay attention to when they meet their ex boyfriends”

3. Have a good ending after the meeting

After the girl and ex-boyfriend meet, you can end a handshake, of course, the weather is so cold hug is the best, you can stand up and open your hand, since the previous couple, I think a hug is not very difficult.

If you want to save your ex-boyfriend, he did not offer to send you, you do not ask so high, are adults, you go home will not lose. Then go home and remember to take the initiative to give a phone call: today with you feel very comfortable, let me very happy. Simple, calm, calm.

Don’t have sex, do you want to save love, or find gunners? Girls have to hold on a little, and there will be time after the future.

Girls to save their boyfriends to meet a lot of attention, girls to maintain a good attitude, their best side to show, re-attract ex-boyfriends, so that he is willing to further develop with you.

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