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1. What is an emotional cognitive breakup and why you’re over-tested. You know people’s emotions have memories, people’s emotions are not quietly come, quietly go, do not take away a cloud. You quarrel, he is also good, you also, if every emotion is not channelled, but by self-digestion way to ease, then the emotion will produce memory, memory more will become an emotional cognition. It’s not just the emotions themselves. For example, the emotion is an inso-minded child, every time he plays lying on the ground to eat sugar, you do not give, so many times, this child will slowly become mature, no longer play tricks with you, began to have their own thinking. In a relationship, once one of the people’s emotions becomes mature, it means that he began to become independent and cold, he is not so in need of your emotional interaction, no longer willing to play with you, that is basically not far from breaking up. So a lot of break-ups, in fact, is not to change themselves and each other’s shortcomings, compared to this accumulation of more difficult change the traits, you now most urgent need to change is the other side’s emotional memory. This is also the reason for the waste test. When the other person’s emotions are resolved in your own way and way of thinking, your emotions have a negative curing perception of you. So when you break up and the other person is emotional again, you can’t deal with it the way you used to. It’s about addressing his emotions in the right way, in a way he’s never had before. That’s how the so-called waste test came about.

“Get ex boyfriend back—-trying to recover the former”

2. Why do men eat green tea sister that set. Green tea sister shortcomings I do not say, the advantages can be said. In fact, green tea means you can control your temper, only want sugar and make sure you can get sugar. will lose his temper. Tempers can always go to the right place and time. So a lot of marriages are saved, and the frogs have been boiled in warm water, really because they are really too passive. Although the adult problem-solving style, all take into account the face. But cold and bleak recovery, but also can let men feel the boredom and boring marriage. There is no right temper, only gentle courting, in fact, men will not cherish. Now men are not like in the past, Chaim oil salt sauce vinegar tea plain life on it, now men in addition to stabilizing them also need stimulation. Also need you to play cold “heartbeat”, so that he can not help.

3. Pull black, delete, don’t reply? How do you re-kill each other’s circle of friends? A person can blacken people’s contact information, must face is no small pressure and embarrassing situation. No one would somehow put themselves on a blacklist. So don’t feel like you haven’t done anything wrong, you must have given it to each other

“Get ex boyfriend back—-trying to recover the former”

What relieves this stress? It’s soft-hearted. Because people are soft-hearted, they will feel the pressure in disguise can also bear. I even feel that it’s right to take on the pressure. Therefore, “rationalizing self-description” is essential for the other person to understand you and to be patient with you. What face dignity after the recovery is slowly taught, but when it is time to say soft words, soft words to the extreme are smart girls. Remember, women with Jock just is the last card, don’t even the last this gentle feel should not give.

4. The focus of adjusting the high and low is the sense of demand to adjust the focus of the high and low, or to see who you have a higher sense of demand, that is, in the popular sense who is more inseparable from who, then who is low. Ask yourself, do you make him feel that you are the only one, the only one who understands him, understand him, is not only here to get a sense of security. Because can not be separated from you, this time the other side will compromise, will endure, will be willing to change themselves, and then try to solve the problem with communication, this time you are high, so can not be separated from you to adjust the core of high and low. Soft will only hand over the high to each other, the other side will only think, either this thing is really wrong in you, or is because

You need to slowly, step by step to reduce unprincipled concessions, there are contradictions, you can first say where they are wrong, the other side is wrong where, and then two people can correct together, the past things let him go. That makes him more acceptable to your ideas, but also to look at his own problems. Then there is the usual time, which can be very gentle. But once it touches your principles or bottom line, and he’s certainly done something wrong, you’re going to lose your temper. Let him know that he has hit the bottom line. Sisters do not fear conflict, if there is no conflict, you do not know each other’s bottom line is what, you do not solve the contradiction process, it is difficult to really understand each other’s three views are like. Without quarrels, without experiencing painful things together, it’s hard to touch the softest and most vulnerable part of each other’s hearts, and that relationship doesn’t make much difference to your roommate.

“Get ex boyfriend back—-trying to recover the former”

5. Is your rationalization really enough in place? In the recovery, if you passive waste test good, the other side’s “willy” will stop for a period of time, because you have passed this test, dispel his part of the concerns, so will switch to a different form of testing you, such as repressing you (challenging test), and then such as active waste testing. So if his waiting state lasts a long time, it may be that you sometimes show kneeling licking, let him think you are a girl without a frame, can treat you casually, so he took out the child’s special way feeling. So you must do a good job of rationalization in time, through the previous failure of love, some explanation of the other side of some harm, according to your contradictions to do some excuses, do some promotion so that you can timely take the initiative to define the relationship, become the person who controls the relationship initiative.

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